The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 34

An hour flight later and after booking a hotel somewhere in the east, I found myself sitting by a swimming pool in my swimsuit and get the rays of sun over my body. I turned around, moving onto my back after getting it tanned. I reached for the martini resting on the table and placed the straw between my lips before taking a sip of it.

“So, you’re telling me I was worried about Hannah for no reason?” Lucas asked, getting up on his arms. “And that you got forcefully marked by a Goddess whose name is Missy?”

“Yes, and yes, although, her name is Artemis. But, yeah, that’s my current life. All I can do is wait for some miracle to appear so I can revert the mark and get marked by my true mate. That would be the end of secrecy—”

“And everyone would know that you belong to the Alpha…” He completed my words. “And he’d belong to you.”

I drew my sunglasses down and nodded, “That’s right!”

I had to tell him, there was no reason to hide it any longer. Lucas was understanding and I trusted him, just as I did with Hannah when I told her everything. There were a few people I rather tell the truth than allow them to judge me. I wanted to tell Mom as well but there was no use now.

I took a good glance at Lucas and raised my martini at him. He was simply confused, his expression blank as he met with my eyes. The creases in his forehead began getting deeper and deeper.

“Oh, come on. It’s not really that scary! I mean, one day or the other I was going to find my mate, whether it was some demon or not.” I joked while saying the last few words but Lucas didn’t take it as one. He was still in serious confusion.

“I’m hoping mine could be a God!” Hannah on the the end of the pool turned around on her back and shouted. “Sometimes, I even pray for it. Who wouldn’t want someone strong in this world?”

A high-pitched laughed broke from me and I almost dropped my martini on the ground. Gathering my self, I placed a hand over my mouth and stopped my self from cackling in front of Lucas who had his hard expression still on and intact.

“Praying? You are desperate, Hannah!” I exclaimed, lifting and putting my entire weight on my elbow as it was going to bear it.

“Says the woman who stole the Alpha and cuffed him away from a thousand other girls.” She snapped at me, honesty in her words.

My cheeks turned a little red and I smiled before resting back down. “Well, can’t help with that, now can I?” I wanted to ignore everything and act like everything was going well, perfect. When I hopped on that flight here, I closed my eyes and did some brain exercise’s to forget anything happened earlier.

Lucas turned his attention away from Hannah and at me. He placed a hand underneath his chin while leaning against the bed. His face told me that he had a thousand more questions to ask, to know.

“So, the Alpha’s gone now?”

“Yes,” I replied, “For a while.”

“And when he returns?”

“Then he returns with good news.” I winked at him, not going in to many details about the good things that were going to happen once Xalorad came back from hell. I just couldn’t wait for this all to be over.

Lucas managed to keep surprise off his face for a minute or two. “Oh, and what about your Da—Mr. Barry?”

“I don’t give a shit about him, Lucas.” I replied, keeping my shades on and my eyes at the warm sky above me. “And I’m sure he already knows, if not, I’ll be the first one to tell him once things are settled.”

“I suppose he’ll no longer be a Beta after that.”

My breath caught in my throat and I turned to my side, placing my leg across the other one and getting my sides tanned. Interest ignited in Lucas’ curious eyes as he wondered. I was not sure myself of what I would do once the full truth was out in the public and once Xalorad had marked me.

I hadn’t even thought about it.

Holding the glass in my one hand, I licked my lips and lifted my head to meet with Lucas’ gaze. “You and I both know that Mr. Barry doesn’t deserves to be a Beta, or anything in high power. He’s a scum, Lucas, the worse of all—garbage and he’s going to find himself in a landfill sight once everything is in the public.”

Lucas raised his martini, “I couldn’t agree more.” He smiled at me while he clinked our glasses together. “Just make sure that your Mom safe whenever you plan on doing something with Barry.” Clearing his throat, he continued.

“Of course!”

After draining most of the drink, I placed it down and laid back on the bed. It was a beautiful warm city where we ended up in—beaches, clubs and a lot of parties that I could wait to attend and get wasted. There was second of silence between us before Lucas reached out and almost touched my leg.

“No touching!” I slapped his hand, reminding him I was someone else’s.

“There is a bug on your leg.” He pointed at the little beetle crawling down my skin.

“Oh my fucking God. Get if off me, Lucas!” I shouted, jumping up. A literal tremor went through my body while I watched the beetle run across my skin as if it was his soil. “Lucas!”

“Okay, okay!” He stood up and pressed his palm to my leg while I continued to shout like a mad woman. After a hundred torturous seconds, the beetle decided to move to his palm and leave my body alone.

“Throw it!” I exclaimed, pulling my legs up to my chest.

“But it’s cute.” He played with the fucking beetle and it wasn’t too long before Hannah joined him. They both laughed at me.

“Lucas! Throw it.”

“Chill.” He whispered, walking past me.

I turned my head around quicker than anything and watched Lucas carefully place the bug on the grass area around us. I shivered and gagged in disgust before looking down on the ground surrounding me.

What was next?


Hannah and Lucas delicately played around with the bug for a whole another minute before returning to me. They laughed at me while I shied away in embarrassment. It was just a beetle.


“You know the tournament is going to start in two days, right?” He asked as if I didn’t know that. “You’ve to be a bit more stronger, Marissa or you going to get out in the first ten minutes itself.”

“I know.” I rolled my eyes at him and shoved back my sunglasses to enjoy the rest of the morning without anymore trouble. I had only one day in my hands before I had to go back, settle things with Mom and then head for the tournament at school.

I really needed to enjoy this day.

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