The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 36

After Mom left for work, I went into the kitchen to finish off the dishes she had been washing and drying. Occasionally, I peeked out of the window in front of me and looked for Lucas. Hannah’s house wasn’t far, just a ten or fifteen minute drive away from mine. When I saw nothing, I lowered my gaze and continued with washing the dishes.

There was a little spark of excitement running through my veins. I didn’t belong to Mr. Barry’s bloodline and his dirty blood wasn’t inside me. I didn’t care who the Alpha my Mom slept with eighteen years ago but at least it wasn’t Mr. Barry. Her confirmation a few minutes ago bought me the relief I was looking for and I couldn’t wait to learn about it more.

Who was my Dad?

My smile faded and I snapped out of my thoughts I felt someone behind me. His footsteps were a literal threat to my ears and when they bounced off the tiling of the house, my heart shook in fear. I stopped running my hand through the last set of bowls and raised my head, staring at the glass window.

His car was parked outside, close to my face while I found hear him breathing behind me, down my neck. A shudder went through me. The water from the tap flooded into the sink like it was never-ending.

Please no.

I pushed the tap close and turned around while still holding the glass bowl in my hands incase I needed it to slam it into someone’s head. When I met with his eyes, I knew he wasn’t here for Mom.

He was here for me.

“S—she’s gone.” I whispered, curling my fingers harder around the bowl while my entire body shook.

Mr. Barry tore his eyes away from me and glanced at the plates drying on the counter in front of him. With a swish of his rough hands, a couple of them came down, shattering into a thousand pieces of sharp glasses, some that went into my feet.

I hissed and closed my eyes tight when I felt one of the glass piece cutting the top of my feet.

“You’ve grown up so much, Marissa,” He took my name with his filthy mouth and came closer, pressing his boots against the glass. It didn’t affect him, nothing really did. “So much that you’re going and sleeping with the Alpha.”

When I opened my eyes, he was standing above me. I could feel the heat of his anger, of his never-ending rage upon me. A tear beaded down my cheeks following another one. My chest collapsed inside me. My throat didn’t make a single voice in the silence until his palm meet with my cheeks. I screamed a little, hoping it would attract anyone around me but it didn’t.

I wasn’t in public, or the police station where people would come and help me. I was alone, in my house and with a man I presumed who was my Dad for years.

There was another scream when Mr. Barry’s hand flew in the air. And then another one. I lost count. My body restrained to fight back. It was my nerves, running wild again and my little scared head, unable to do anything in this situation.

When he stopped for a second, he grabbed the closest vase inside the kitchen and threw it down on the floor while I whimpered. I stepped back, out of the kitchen while he tore everything in front of my eyes.

There was no way out of this.

“You like being a whore, don’t you?” He asked, rushing to my side and grabbing my throat before pushing me to the wall.

“Please,” I cried.

“Shut up, Marissa, shut up.” He screamed on my face, his spit collecting around my cheeks as he was that close to me.

I closed my mouth, tightening my lips with such force that my face ached. I felt a warm drop of my blood trailing down my jaw from the impact of the slaps he had given me. I didn’t know what he wanted but I knew he wasn’t going to leave me alone.

“You can fool everyone around you but you can never fool me. You know, I never thought you’d turn our like your mother after everything but then I forget that her blood runs inside you, makes you the whore you are.” He said slowly before applying pressure on my throat and pushing me down to the ground like I was nothing.

I was actually nothing for him.

“Tsk, tsk, you have caused too many problems.” He shook his head while his eyes searched around the house, looking for something tall and hard.

When his eyes fell upon the metal rod standing by the wall, he grabbed it quickly. My heart raced and I cried loudly while sliding my hand on the ground to get up.

I didn’t get a chance to run.

He was too quick.

Too brutal.

“No,” I screamed while my lungs filled up with air.

My. Barry struck the metal rod against my legs while I tried to run away. The pain almost knocked me out. Blood rushed to my legs while I grabbed them and held myself together tightly. More tears flowed down my cheeks, my breaths grew raspier while I sobbed.

My body jumped and I threw my hands in the air in defense when he raised the rod again. “Please, don’t, please.” I choked out. “Please, please. I won’t cause any problem, I won’t do anything.”

“And you think I’m going to believe that?” He looked at me with his manic, emotionless eyes and when I didn’t respond, he beat me again, this time around my shoulder.

I screamed once more, holding my shoulder. The rod dropped on the ground in front of me and Mr. Barry came forward, grabbing the ends of my hair and titling my head. The pain was inevitable, skimming through my body like blood.

“If I ever see you again around the Alpha, I’ll make sure to kill you and then your whore of a mother.” He leaned down and spat at my face before letting me go. “Take my word. Don’t make another mistake.” He pulled the door open and walked out without saying or doing anything more.

I lowered my screams and my sobs. A flood of heavy tears drew down my cheeks. I cried for another long minute on the ground before gathering myself and getting up. The second I did, I stumbled by the counter and the sharp edge knocked against my stomach, causing more pain.

My head dropped and I grabbed the counter to keep myself up. From the corner of my eyes, I saw Lucas’ car pull up on the street.


I wiped away my wet cheeks and ran my fingers through my hair before pulling down the sleeves of the shirt and fixing up myself before he saw any of it. I couldn’t drag him into this, I couldn’t drag anyone into this.

Mr. Barry was stern in his words. If he wanted to kill someone, he would. He never had anything to loose except for his life.

The door pushed open and Lucas walked inside with my phone in his hand. “Marissa?” He looked around before his eyes landed upon me. “Oh, fuck.”

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