The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 37

“I’m fine, Lucas!” I said, for the hundredth time while picking up the broken pieces of the glass from the floor. It was harder to do anything with this much pain. It was all over my body. “I just need to be alone.”

“Are you out of your mind or what?” He snapped, standing above me.

I sighed and got off the ground, “I’m not out of my mind but I’m not going to go rush into a hospital and get myself checked out knowing my Mom is working there and the second the word gets out, Xalorad’s going to know as well and it’s just going to get more dirty than this!” I stopped to take a breath as my lungs were out of air. “So excuse me, Lucas, if I don’t want to be alone for a minute.”

“You know I’ve to tell him.”

I froze at his response. “No.” My lips barely moved when I spoke. “You can’t tell him.”

“I’ve too!”

I dropped the rag on the ground and ran towards him. Tension fell over my body as I wrapped my hand around his arm. There were more tears in my eyes, threatening to spill out.

“Please,” I shivered with the panic. “If you don’t want my mother to die than please, I beg you, don’t tell him.” I begged, holding myself together while my vision blurred.

“No one will get hurt, Marissa. We aren’t just talking about me or you or some other wolf, we are talking about an Alpha who’ll protect you and your mother if you just let him know.” He took a step closer and held my elbows, not touching the bruise on my upper arm. “All you have to do is let him in the truth.”

I had to hold him back from telling Xalorad and the only way to do this was by lying to Lucas.

“Okay,” I nodded. “I’ll tell him…when he returns.”


“Please, until then, don’t speak a word about this to him.” I asked him one last favor.

“Okay.” He agreed at last.

“Thank you.” I parted myself away from him and returned to the kitchen to clean it up before Mom returned. She couldn’t see this either. No one could.

When I leaned on my knees, Lucas came by my side and took away the bag of glass. “I’ll take care of this. You should take some medicine and go to sleep.”

“Okay.” I whispered, getting back up and going to the stairs with my eyes still wide open with what I had just been through.

I needed a minute to adjust myself, to believe what happened. My entire childhood, Mr. Barry was there, hurting me and my Mom whenever he could. At those nights when he used to abuse me, I never allowed myself to believe it was real, my pain was real and over that, my mind didn’t let me heal, it acted the same way every time this happened.

Today, an hour ago, I felt like I was a child, in the same position as I was those many years ago. I could fight, I had strength too, I had the power too but in that minute, my body was taut and my head was blank.

Halfway going through the steps, I paused and looked over my shoulder, finding the same house, the same walls I grew up in. Through a third eye, I could see Mr. Barry’s shadow self running around, chasing Mom, beating her, yelling at her, shouting at her while I would be hidden at the top of the stairs.

It was the same thing, the same shit after so many years.

But there was something different now. Mr. Barry wasn’t my father and that itself was going to change so many things. I respected for only his title and because he was my father.

“Go rest!” Lucas shouted from down the stairs.

“Yeah. Just lock up the house before leaving,” I pointed towards the door and he nodded.

Entering my room, I closed the door behind and turned the key to lock it tightly. I switched on the lights and sat down on the bed with my laptop on my lap. Turning it on, I began with my research but before that, I popped a few pain killers in my mouth to handle the pain.

The screen turned bright, words popped up in front of me, followed by images of dumpsters, lakes and abandoned places where someone could bury a body without hinting the police. I was interested, more than I thought. The entire time I was reading and typing, I didn’t blink nor move my eyes away from the screen.

I slammed the laptop shut when I felt like I had seen enough, learned enough. When I closed my burning eyes, images of Mr. Barry went through my head. Sliding the laptop off my lap, I went to the door and opened it slightly just to see if Lucas was gone and he was.

I went down the stairs, a little mortified by the silence as my screams were still ringing inside my head after an hour had already passed by. I peeked out of the window and found Lucas’ car on the other end of the street, watching out for me, just as he was supposed to do.

My eyes trailed across the set of knifes Mom had bought just a few months back. She kept them on the counter and never used them as according to her—expensive knifes are just a show piece, they aren’t used to cut meat or vegetables.

Despite her saying, I pulled the largest one out and tested the blade on a paper resting by the side. It cut through perfectly. I tested the knife on a couple things more—vegetables, rubber and then meat. It worked.

Each time I used it, the feeling sent a rush through my body while I imagined something else underneath the blade. I breathed hard and found some courage to grab a camping bag from the garage where Mom had stored other things including oil, matches, more knives and a lot worse things.

Once I was done preparing, I sat in front of the window inside my kitchen and drank some latte blended with vodka while watching Lucas outside. He stayed till the sun set and then, he drove off and another man arrived at his place. The man was large, bulkier and had a couple tats on his face.

A quick look and I never looked back.

They were protecting me from Artemis. I admit, I needed protection from her but not anyone else.

I poured the fresh orange juice into a glass and placed it on a tray alongside some croissants before heading out to the scary guard outside my house.

“I thought you’d be hungry.” I said with a smile as I gave him the food.

“Thank you.” He replied, taking it away from me.

“So—” I licked my lips and continued. “I’m just going to go sleep now. My Mom’s going to be back in a few hours, she would be wearing her scrubs and she has the key to the house so please, don’t attack her, maybe?”

The man laughed while chewing down on the croissant. “Well, thanks for letting me know.”

I pulled the sleeves of my shirt further nodded and exhaled in relief, “Okay, I’m going to go inside. Uh, goodnight.”

I had to inform the guard that Mom would be arriving anytime soon. They were probably ordered to attack anyone that would be suspicious without limits. I just simply gave them a heads up, incase they took my Mom as Artemis.

Reaching my door, I ran inside and grabbed the camping before dragging it across the house. I tied up my shoes and threw on a jacket while looking outside from the backyard. Just like every house in this town, there were two entrances, one from the front and other one from the back. The guard was parked at the front of the house whilst there was no one at the back.

Before I left, I locked up my room from the outside. Air burst out of my lungs when I stepped out in the cold. The sky above me was filled with thousands of stars, glimmering in the night. I fastened the bag on my back and walked down the streets with my phone in my hands.

‘You should come back, I’m going to kill someone and I think I am ready to die too.’

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