The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 38

I barely had any idea where Mr. Barry lived. It was somewhere in the same community as where Xalorad lived, probably near the manor. I held my phone tight in my hands after sending the message to him. I was going to kill two birds with one stone tonight and both of the birds were going to end my problems for good.

“Hey!” Hannah shouted on the other end as I picked up her fourth call. “Where are you? I’m getting bored at the house.”

“Uh, I’m just going to go sleep. Had a long day.” I replied while breathing in cold air.

“Did you talk your Mom? How did things go?”

“Yeah, yeah, it was good. She was understanding and she apologized. I think everything is going to be fine after tonight.” I was acting like someone who was completely innocent—I was, but it was going to change tonight when I’d imprint a black mark over my heart and change my life around.

“Oh, hopefully. I just have so much work to do. The assignments are getting out of hand. Do you want to grab a coffee or something?”

When I reached a supermarket by the corner of the street, I raised my hand at the cab that was crossing the road and it stopped.

“No, Hannah, I’ve to go sleep. I’ll talk to you later.” I said, closing the call and getting inside the cab.

“Where to?” The driver asked.

For a minute there, I acted like I was searching for something on my phone like a little anxious woman. “Uh, I can’t really find the address. It’s somewhere around 22nd street, where the high-ranking wolves reside.”

“Which one are you looking at?”

“Mr. Barry’s accommodation. I’m supposed to deliver a few papers to him but I can’t find his address.” I continued playing with my phone and acting like as if I was still searching for his address.

“Oh, all right, no problem. I’ll take you there.” The driver said, getting back on the road. “A lot of women go there day and night. I’ve mastered his address.” He laughed while shaking his head.

I tuned in with his laughter, knowing what he meant. Houses flashed in the edge of my sight and then some trees. We passed a couple more roads and after a lot of turns, we entered the Swamp community where high-ranking wolves were given a land and a house. Lucas lived somewhere nearby since his Dad was rich-rich and his family had great connections. Peasants like us lived on the other side of the town.

“Here we are.”

The driver pulled up by Mr. Barry’s house where he’d bring mistresses in day and night, where he’d live like a King after ruining our lives.

“Thank you.”

After clearing the bill, I went outside and waited for the cab to leave. Once it did, I went around the gates, finding a way inside to the house. One of the doors were open and there were no guards guarding the place or Mr. Barry.

I went in with my grip tight on the bag behind my back. It was a large house that bastard owned while we were living literally in a broken one. The lights to the house where all of except one golden one that shone over the luxurious furniture.

I went in, looking back and front, ensuring I was safe. Once I was in the inside, I pulled out the knife and kept it in my pocket and a gun in the other one.

“How can I help you?” A woman asked.

Her voice echoed in my ears and I almost screamed in fear but then calmed down when I saw her attire. She was a maid working inside the house.

“Oh, I’m looking for Mr. Barry. I’m Marissa, his daughter!” I pushed my hand out and waved at her while setting a happy face over my features. I needed to believable even though I never ever wanted to claim myself as his daughter again.

Not that it was true anyway.

“Oh, okay. He’s asleep right now in his room but I’m sure he’d be happy to see you. Do you want me to wake him up?” She asked, setting aside the laundry in her hands.

“No, no, I’ll do that myself.” I smiled. “Where is his room?”

“Upstairs, to the left.”

“Thank you.” I replied, sweetly while taking slow steps towards the stairs and acting like I had been in this house a hundred times, as his daughter. Only if people knew the truth about Mr. Barry, they would stay clear of him and the abusive fuck he was.

But no one knew. It was the sad fact of this world that anyone could hide their true faces whenever they wanted too. Mr. Barry was awarded, gifted, appreciated for the things he had done as a Beta and just as a member of the town. No one knew what he hid behind his mask.

I latched away my innocence onto something else for tonight, it couldn’t control me—my rules, my values, I needed to get past them, just for this once. I went across the stunningly decorated spiral stairs inside the house and studied everything about me. It was luxurious, the way Mr. Barry lived, selfishly.

I pulled my lip into my mouth and stopped moving. The sounds of my steps scurrying across the house came to an end and silence spread. I focused on any unusual sounds around me, sounds of women, maids or even someone breathing that could cause a problem to my plan.

My eyes darted in the shadows and I found no one. I was in clear. I found the door that had his name on it, in gold. When I reached it, I trailed my fingers across it.

Mr. Barry.

My hand fell over the handle of the door and it took me only a second to twist it open. The door didn’t creak as it wasn’t made out of old wood. It slid in my hands easily and opened up. I walked in. A thrill served me from within as I closed the door behind and stood by it.

My chest rose and dropped. I found him, on his bed, sleeping with so much ease that I was jealous. How could he? How could he sleep after doing everything? Who allowed him to sleep? My wolf roared from within and anger went through my veins when I saw his face under the moonlight dispersing from the windows by his bed.

I bent down a little and placed the bag on the floor. Before I did anything, I looked for keys and found a ton of them sitting inside a glass bowl, all of them staring back at me. One of the keys belonged to his car and another one to the door.

I locked up the door and threw the car keys inside my pockets as I was going to need them soon.

I wasn’t afraid. I wasn’t scared of seeing him, of watching him sleep. The entire time I stood above him, I didn’t feel anything. I held my Mom’s kitchen knife hard in my hands for a second before plunging it deep inside his throat and taking away his life in once.

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