The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 39

Mr Barry gasped, his hands made a little movement, reaching for the knife but it was too late. I pulled out the knife and pushed it back inside, this time I aimed for his heart and then again at his neck. It took me several tries before he was dead and just to be sure, I stabbed him a couple more times.

Once he was dead, I placed the knife inside the bag and went out. Just before heading downstairs, I managed to lock his room up with the key I had.

The same woman from earlier saw me again and she came to me. “Was Mr. Barry awake?” She asked, holding another bucket of clothes in her hands.

“No, he was asleep but I woke him up. He’s taking a shower right now and then we are going to leave for a roadtrip,” I replied, crossing my arms as one of my hand’s was covered in blood. “You understand right—father, daughter bonding trip?” I let out a little laugh.

She smiled and nodded, “Of course! If there is anything you need help with, let me know.”

“Oh, he told me to ask you to leave, take a break as we will be gone for a couple of days.” I said after a second of silence. I needed some time to think what I had to say to the maid before she caught me lying. It wasn’t like I murdered someone everyday.

The maid looked surprised, “Oh, that’s a first time I’ve heard that.” She lowered the basket in her hands and continued. “Well, I should leave then. Enjoy your road trip!” She exclaimed.

“Goodnight!” I waved my hand as she grabbed her things.

I took a deep breath and waited for a few minutes on the nearest couch inside the house. The maid left immediately when I asked her too. I supposed Mr. Barry was a bitch enough to never give her breaks. Either way, he was dead and so was my innocence.

I wandered around the house, looking for anyone else but I found no one. Opening the fridge, I found a few sweets inside that made my stomach grumble in hunger. Grabbing the plate of cake, I sat over the counter and ate it all up. It gave me the energy I was looking for.

Dumping the body upstairs was definitely going to be hard.

Once I was done having my dinner, I cleaned the plates and put them back on their places before going upstairs. By now, the body had started decomposing but it was going to take a while as it was cold inside the house.

I wrapped Mr. Barry inside a black trash bag but it wasn’t enough, I needed to do it again and again and make the tape I bought along with me useful.

“Ugh, you’re so fat.” I kicked my leg on his while trying to get the last limb of him inside the trash bag. It took me a lot of time to wrap him up but once I was done, I was the happiest person alive.

The scent of death crept around me and my stomach twisted in disgust. After a lot of effect and muscle ache, I was finally able to drag Mr. Barry downstairs and into one of his own large, four wheeler truck that probably had more horsepower than my shitty one.

I laid on the rack while taking deep breaths and slowing down my heart beat. The sky above me looked beautiful, even more after killing Mr. Barry. My lips twisted into a smile and I released a muffled laughter.

“Laughing after killing your own Dad is sick, even for me.” A voice made its way to my ears.

I jolted up and gasped at the woman standing in front of me. It was her, the bitch, Artemis. Fuck. “What are you doing here?” I asked, getting off the rack and closing up the truck as if that was going to hide the six-feet body of Mr. Barry inside.

“I don’t know, Marissa. I’m just enjoying the weather. Isn’t it so beautiful?” She asked, spreading her arms across herself and turning her head back. “Joking. I was stalking you but I believe you have some of your own issues to solve.” She looked over my shoulder, gesturing at the body behind me.

“Don’t tell anyone.”

It wasn’t like people were going to believe a Goddess from hell anyway. There was a fatwa against her in this town by Xalorad.

“Why would I?” She walked around me in circles. “You’re just so dumb and for a second there, I thought we could be good together but now I realize the mistakes I’ve made by marking you. My choice is horrible—” She planted her slender finger on my chest and clicked her tongue. “But you and Xalorad would fit together, just the perfection combination of stupidity.”

My mouth hung open. I didn’t know what to say or respond.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean by that I’m done. You’re free from my wrath. I won’t trouble you anymore, darling.” She continued before turning her back on me.

Wait. I was waiting for something to happen but nothing did.

“Oh, just some advice, your old man’s sheets are soaked with blood upstairs. You might want to remove and get rid of them before someone came here and decided to pay him a visit. And, the closest landfill is thirty minutes away from here. If I were you, I would have already started driving. Smell of death spreads quicker than anything and everyone around you if one sniffy wolf.”

I grabbed her hand and stopped her from walking away from me. “Does this mean that you won’t be telling anyone?” I needed to know.

Artemis placed her hand above mine. The expression she had over her face seemed so sincere. She gave me a slow smile before shaking her head.

“It’s not my place to tell anyone.” She replied, speaking to me in a soft tone as if her demonic throat was no longer working as it did on that night when I lost Gerald’s collar. It was the same little bitch with a different face and voice.


“Xalorad has gone to Uncle Hades and you have ruined your virtue by killing someone. There is nothing I can do now and while playing with you was so fun, I’ll let this one go. It was hard, even for me to watch that man enter your house earlier.” She patted on my hand and then flew away with the wind, leaving me completely surprised.

And they called her the Goddess of Virtue. It made absolute sense why she no longer found me interested. I had marked my soul by committing a murder.

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