The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4


It was the first time I heard his name in a couple months. “Lucas?” My brows furrowed. “No. The last I heard about him was that he was out of town and I don’t think so he has returned yet.”

Hannah nodded, “Yeah, plus he’s too sweet to mess with you.” She spoke facts.

Lucas was the first boy I dated, we last only for a few months as our relationship was on and off. I gave my virginity to him with great expectations but it turned out to be the dullest moment of my life. I still cared for him and we only broke up because we weren’t working out.

He was the sweetest person I had ever met, very caring and gentle at all times. He left town shortly after our break up and I hadn’t heard from him since then. I guess, I broke his heart or something.

When I snapped out of my thoughts, I found Hannah’s grey eyes beaming back at me. “What about your Dad?” She asked, her tone shaking a little.

I had to admit, it was a shock to hear his name or be referred to that man as Dad.

“No. He wouldn’t do that either. I know he’s the worst person out there but this isn’t not his act. I would’ve known if he came home.” I replied, jaw clenched at his remembrance.

Mr. Barry was what my Dad preferred everyone calling him, even me. Mom and him separated during my early teens. She tried to get a divorce but he didn’t give her one and usually came around to trouble us both whenever he wanted too since he was among the high-ranking wolves—the Beta of the pack and we couldn’t complain to anyone.

“Are you sure? It could be him, he always does these sort of things.” Hannah clapped her hand over my back and continued. “You should’ve told your Mom.”

“I didn’t want to worry her. This could all be a joke from someone…” It could be and the last thing my Mom needed to know was that someone was smearing blood over my bathroom mirror.

“And if it isn’t? If this isn’t a joke?”

“Then,” I sighed, “I’ll see to it.”

Hannah jumped off her couch and went into the kitchen. She came out with a couple chocolates and juices to brighten up the morning. She shot me a smile and sat right back down beside me. Amongst all the friends I had, Hannah was the closet, everyone else were just on and off.

“Let’s forgot what happened earlier,” she handed me a bar of chocolate before leaning back on the couch. “You need to tell me how it went. I’m all ears.”

I blushed hard, “I can’t.”

“Why not?” She pouted.

“Because it’s a secret and I cannot share anything that happened last night with anyone—not even with you.” I patted her shoulder and she slapped my hand away.

“That’s bitchy. I want some details too. Was the Alpha good? Did you two fuck? Did you see stars?” The excitement in her eyes was brief when I didn’t say anything much.

“Yes, Hannah, I saw the stars and the entire starry night but that’s all. You’re not getting anything else out of me!” I exclaimed, bringing my lips to the glass and taking a gulp off the cold juice she had pulled out of the refrigerator. It was an apple juice, just what I needed to get back my energy.

“Was he rough?” She winked.

I choked on the juice, “Hannah! I’m not going to tell you that.” It was not only because of the agreement but also because I didn’t want to share this kind of stuff with my best friend.

“Ugh, whatever.”

The second she went silent, I began day dreaming and imagined it again. The eternal pleasure. It was so good, so satisfying that my bar for men was set too high now. I shook myself out of the trance when Hannah began hitting my shoulder repeatedly.

“Hello? Are you going to stay here the whole day? This was my weekend, I wanted to sleep for six hours more before the tortuous school began again.” She nagged, throwing her hands on the air out of frustration.

We were in our sixth form, also known as the twelfth grade of our school and the bundle of work we had was more than ever. It was stressful already that the season for competitions and school events also began.

There was a small music fest a few days back and Hannah fucked our day up by singing, since then, she had been hiding away from the girls we went with.

“Yeah, I’m going to stay here. Your Dad isn’t home anyway and when he comes, I’ll run out!” I mumbled, stretching across the couch and switching on the TV to clear my thoughts.

Hannah growled at me and I gave her a pout. “Please? Just a day?” I flickered my lashes at her a couple times. It always worked out. “I won’t disturb you. You can go continue your beauty sleep.” Just after I realized that she did crash in my house the last whole week, I nudged my foot by her stomach. “Let’s not forget what you were doing at my house.” I reminded her.

She chuckled, “Fine, fine. I apologized for it!”

“Still! You ruined my room.”

After hanging out at Hannah’s, I returned home late at night, at the same time her Dad came back. I never had a good relation with any of the Dad’s around here, they all had a grudge against me, even my own.

Mom was out at work again but she was going to return at five in the morning. Soon. I made up my bed, cleaned up the kitchen and warmed up some dinner for myself before falling asleep. The second I did so, the terror began.

My skin crawled. There was a face in front of me, someone who I couldn’t recognize at all. Seconds passed. He didn’t move, just stared down upon me. When I looked closer, I noticed he didn’t have a face, it was blurred—blank.

Here I was again.

My feet was burning over the hot ground I stood. There were a few bodies around me, dead, or so what I could tell as they were on fire as well. A woman, wearing a blue cloth came forward, walking ahead of the blank, manly figure. The woman’s face was divine and her hair was white as snow.

‘She isn’t supposed to be here.’ The woman said, her voice coated with milk and sweetness. ‘She will be trapped here forever. You’ve to release her.’

A deaf, sparkling fire rose around me in a circle. It flickered right out of the ground and the faces ahead of me disappeared. I gasped, and took a step back before the sound of a baby crying got to me.

When I looked up, I found myself in a forest, maybe woods but it was dark and reminded me of the time I visited a volcano with Hannah a couple years back. The heat, the fire, it was getting to me.

When the circle of fire faded, I panicked and ran away from wherever I was standing and into the oblivion. I wanted to go back home, back to where I could see my Mom and Hannah. Whatever this place was, I didn’t want to be here.

I guess a part of me knew I was dreaming but it felt too real.

After running for a couple minutes, I stumbled by a large, oak tree, and placed my hand over its thick trunk. Only then, my gaze fell upon the mark on my wrist. Whatever it was, it was imprinted on my skin with either a hot metal or a fire itself.

I screamed, loud while sweating like I had spend a few hours in sauna. My throat dried and I sucked hard. Lifting my head, I found the branches of the tree on fire as well, along with everything else around me.

I went deaf for a split second with my own endless screams. Blood pounded through my head and tears welled down my cheeks. Another figure flashed in front of me and suddenly, I found a grave under my feet.

I tried to shut up for a second to give myself time to read what was written on the grave. When I kneeled down over the wet soil and touched the gravestone, a hand plunged out from there and grabbed.


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