The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 40

With a pounding heart, I grabbed the bloody sheets on Mr. Barry’s bed and discarded them. When leaving the house, I made sure to clear any traces of me. The sky started showering soon. I drove quicker and reached the landfill in less than an hour. Soaked in rain water, Mr. Barry’s dead body was dumped in the middle of garbage, just where he belonged.

The next morning, I went to school and acted like everything was good. No one could charge me for murder until they had evidence and by the time they would, Xalorad would be back and I would nothing to worry about.

Entering the empty classroom, I removed my rain coat and hung it over the stand before going and sitting beside Hannah. It was rather gloomy today morning. The showers were heavy and there was stillness hanging inside the school. We had no classes today as the first round of tournament was going to began in a couple of hours.

All the participants were asked to leave their classes until they were asked to gather. I waited for that call.

“How are you?” Hannah asked, nudging her elbow into my stomach. I had started day dreaming, wondering how Mr. Barry’s body would look in a few hours.

“I’m good.” I rubbed my palm against my neck and replied.

“Are you excited for the first round? They are going to take us, just like last year to that creepy area.” She continued, shaking at the thought. It was indeed horrific but I felt the slightest of fear.

I had killed a man.

I opened my mouth to say something but shut it down when I found Lucas. He stopped by the door way, his bag hanging over his shoulder. When his eyes clicked with mine, he rushed inside. My stomach rumbled and I looked away, acting all straight.

“Are you okay?” He stood over me with concern in his eyes.

There was someone else on duty today morning, another man. He was standing outside the class, I could see his shadow.

“Why wouldn’t she be?” Hannah spoke before I could. She lowered her gaze upon me. “Did something happen?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” I stated, raising my hands. The bruise on my face was covered with the lightest foundation I could find. Everything was going smooth since last night until Lucas came in and bought tension in the air.

His questioning glance didn’t leave my face. “Someone told me an hour ago that Mr. Barry hasn’t attended the pack meeting today morning and he’s neither here at the school grounds. Without an Alpha or a Beta present, the first round of the tournament isn’t going to take place, not today.” He explained, occasionally looking at Hannah and then at me.

Fuck. I should’ve thought about that.

“What? Oh my god, I was so prepared!” Hannah exclaimed, her loud, excited voice screeching in my ears. “Everyone is prepared.” She motioned her hand to the hallway outside where student’s—participants had started gathering.

Flicking my hand in the air, I asked, “Isn’t there a way to contact Xalorad?”

“He’s in hell—as you say so and I doubt any messages go there. The pack trustees might try to do something to deliver a message but at this time, it’s almost impossible, especially with Mr. Barry’s disappearing since last night.”

“Dis—disappearing?” I collected my brows together and squinted my eyes. “Where would he go?”

“Exactly. Well, the Hilford PD is on it, locating his last location. We will know soon where he has disappeared too.” Lucas continued. He rolled the bag over his shoulder and sat down in front of me. “Is there something you want to tell me, Marissa?”

I contained myself and shook my head, “No.”


“Am I just the one confused here?” Hannah shouted in exhaustion. She sat back on the chair and folded her arms across her chest.

Four eyes glared at me, waiting for me to say something. I got up, walked over to the door and closed it shut before returning back to them. I was a little unsure on how I would be wording this but I went straight on the fact and before it could process through my head, I spilled it out.

“I killed Barry last night.”

“What?” Hannah and Lucas both said in a union as their eyes bulged out in surprise.

I pulled down my sleeves and fiddled with my fingers as my body shivered. “H—he wasn’t my Father,” With each word, I told myself to stop but I couldn’t. I had already exposed myself. “And after what he did yesterday, I was angry and I went to his house and killed him.”

When I said the truth out loud, the awful stinging in my heart finally stopped. It was the right thing to do.

“What happened yesterday?” Hannah asked.

“He came home and—” It was hard finding the words to describe what happened before I killed him. It was Mr. Barry’s own actions that drove me to kill him or I wouldn’t have. He gave me the jump start and I took it, for the first time ever.

“And he hit a few times—more than a few times.” Lucas completed, telling her what I couldn’t tell.

“Oh, then it’s fine. Good job.” She patted my back. “Are you doing good now? I’ve a few pills in my bag, they’ll kill any pain you have.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at her response. She spread her arms and invited me to her embrace. I let myself loose and hugged her tight, finding my self in a much better place after. There was some at least who found killing Mr. Barry right.

Lucas still tried to grasp on the truth. The expressions on his face were changing after every second. One minute he was concerned and the other minute he was shocked.

I parted away from Hannah and placed a hand over Lucas’. “It felt like the right thing to do then.”

“Where’s his body?” He asked, breaking through his stance.

“In a landfill site outside the town.”

Suddenly, he jumped on his feet and grabbed his bag. My heart quickened for a second and I assumed he was going to go tell everyone about what I had done but something else caught my eye.

“I’m going over to the Hillford PD and see what’s happening there. Until then, you and everyone else will persuade the principal to began with the tournament. The search of a missing person usually starts after forty eight hours but since it’s the Beta of the pack, they’ll start quicker. By the time they’ll connect the dots, you’ll be in the zone and they wouldn’t be able to reach you,” He stopped to take a breath. “You’ll have enough time to contact with your mate and tell him the truth.”

“Lucas, wait!” I stood back up and stopped him from leaving. His face was filled with grim. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. “I’m sorry.”

He rubbed my back softly, “It’s okay, Marissa. You did the right thing but everyone’s not going to see that.”

“Everyone doesn’t knows.”

His eyes glinted with something. He leaned and kissed my head before parting ways. “Take care and try to get out of here soon.”

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