The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 43

With a blink, Artemis was gone. I looked around my surroundings, noticing this wasn’t a nightmare nor a dream. It was real. She was real this time. My blood ran cold and I choked out a cry while slapping my hand in front of my mouth. Whatever she said was real.

Xalorad’s was going to mate with someone else under his Father’s commands. Of course. I was nothing in front of a thousand other women who were much stronger. What was I even thinking? What did I even put myself into?

I lowered my eyes on the ground where the marking was. I followed the marking, it was going to lead me to the exit. I couldn’t stand being here for another second, alone with my thoughts. I needed to get out, go anywhere but here. It didn’t matter whether Artemis was playing mind games with me or not. What she said was the bitter truth I needed to hear long before.

He was a demon, a hybrid. His Father ruled the underworld while his Mother was previously an Alpha. I was nothing except for a wolf with no knowledge of who my real Father was.

There was no match.


My chest felt as if it would burst any second. I ran quicker and made my way out of the zone by following the markings.

It led me to a clearing where I found judges, officials and police cars. The moment I stepped out, two police officers approached me and by their steady gazes, I could understand what they wanted. My eyes flickered to Lucas who was standing near the cars, waiting for me, waiting for the first round of the tournament to end.

It didn’t end but I walked out, not because I was afraid but because I was shattered.

It was midnight when the police officers turned me around and arrested me, causing a panic among the people around me who were confused with their move.

“You’re under arrest for murdering Barry Harmon.” One of them said.

I didn’t say anything. I had nothing to say. The cold shackles touched me and I felt nothing, no pain, no sorrow. They tied my wrists together behind my back and dragged me away, away from the judges that gawked at me.

“I’m sorry,” Lucas whispered.

I narrowed my gaze and turned away from him. There was nothing that could happen now. The officers pushed me inside one of the cars. I turned a deaf ear against the voices around me and the flashes of the police cars blurred in front of my vision.

The cars started leaving, one by one. When the car I was seated in moved, a tear fell down my cheeks. The panic rioting inside me came to an end. I was guilty of two things.

Being a fool.

And killing Barry.

The officers took me to the Hillford Police Station where they threw me inside a confined cell and left. I wasn’t alone. There were a couple women around me, all older and I suppose they were waiting for their hearing for whatever crime they did.

I didn’t need a hearing. I know what I did. I knew I was going to get punished for killing Barry and it was okay.

I pressed my head against the wall, hitting it slowly to get rid of the headache I had gotten. Time passed by like a wind. After a long hour, I shifted around and saw the half-moon looking back at me by the small window at the top of the cell.

It shone at me and I scoffed, turning away.

Why was I ever mated to someone who I didn’t have a match with? Why did the Moon Goddess did this dirty with me? I made a fool out of my self, thinking I was something when I wasn’t.

But what if I was?

I stopped being a gibbering wreck for a second and tried to make sense of things. My real Dad—whoever he was, was an Alpha, as Mom told me. And being fated to someone was lucky. Not everyday wolves were being fated to another one. It was rare that Moon Goddess paired me with someone and she did it only because she saw something, something I still hadn’t seen.

Why was I loosing my chance?

A voice pulled me out of my thoughts. It was the shifting of locks and keys. I rose my head and found Lucas standing beside an officer who opened the cell and let him in.

“Only ten minutes.” The officer said, locking up the cell again and disappearing to the other side of the room.

“I’m sorry, Marissa. I did everything I could.” He sat down beside me. “They found Barry’s body and they went through your house and found the knife that was used to kill him. They spoke with your Mom as well. She’s here but they won’t let her see you.”

“Good. I don’t want her to see me.” I was torn and with what I had done, I couldn’t see Mom ever again, especially now that she knew I killed Barry.


“Lucas,” I grabbed his hand. “I need you to kill me.”

“What?” He jumped back. A haze of fear following his eyes quick. “What?” He repeated.

“Look, it’s not going to make sense but I need you to kill me, right now, with anything.”

“No!” He snapped.

“Lucas, please, I need to go to hell. It is not too late but if it gets to late then I’m going rot here for the rest of my life while my mate is forced to mate with another woman.” I explained, in the best possible I could.

“Are you out of your mind?”

I groaned, pressing my cold palms against my face and taking a deep breath. “Please, just kill me. I will come back.”

“I’m not going to take a risk again, Marissa.”

“I beg you!”


I kept quiet for a second. The clock was ticking. It had been more than an hour since I saw Artemis and she told me Xalorad was getting prepared then to speak with his Father. If I had just enough time, I could get there and stop him.

I looked straight in Lucas’ eyes and explained, “I just need to go to Hell and I will come back, I promise. Just do me a favor and kill me, Lucas.”


“Fine. Watch then,”

The police officer came back and unlocked the cell. “Times up, boy.” He said, opening the door.

I took my chance and shifted as quickly as I could. My bones cracked, my clothes tore and my body twisted. The second I shifted, the police officer gasped and pulled out his gun on me. He backed away while the loaded gun pointed at me.

“Don’t take another step or I’ll shoot you.” He threatened, his voice quivering with panic.

“Marissa, don’t!” Lucas exclaimed, stretching his hand out to me. “Don’t do this, for fuck’s sake.” He growled.

This was it.

Either I was a still a fool or I got myself killed for something. Regardless of the officer’s threat, I lunged at him, shocking the fear into his soul. Shots fired in the air and instead of one, I felt two, one coming from another officer by the corner. The voices of the bullets pushing out of the gun split the silence like a knife.

It was one of those slow-mo movies I used to see when I was a child. I took a deep, punctured breath before everything turned black and my soul shambled away from my body, leaving nothing behind.

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