The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 44

Xalorad’s POV

Dark mist surrounded me. I walked through it, reaching the east wing of the castle where my Father usually spent his evenings, watching the sinners burn while having his dinner.

Johnathan’s shadow followed me everywhere. He was not at rest since the day I came here. “Is there is a reason to why you’re here, Mr. Xal?” He asked, quietly, hinting himself behind me.

I rolled my eyes. “It’s none of business, Johnathan. Why don’t you go do something? Maybe put yourself on fire?” I forced my lips into a stiff smile.

He laughed in response, “I’m on fire either way.”

I patted his shoulder and said, “Take a break.”

When I entered my Father’s favorite room, I found him waiting for me. The past three days I had spent my evenings beside him, watching and hearing mortals scream. When I was finally on his side, on his good side, I decided to take the leap and inform him about my mate.

I couldn’t do it earlier, especially when he was in rage with me. The anger needed to settle down before I could break the news for him.

“Come, join me, son.” Father said, looking over his shoulder.

Johnathan stopped by the door. He wasn’t allowed to enter in with Father’s permission. The guards by the door closed it when I went in. And then, it just me and my Father.

I let my self loose. My shoulder slumped and I asked, “What are we having today? A mortal limb. Not the best if you ask.”

A burst of fire fled from the fireplace, swarming around me before dissolving into the thin air. Playing with fire was one of Father’s best acts. He loved scaring anyone. I learned to control my fear at a very young age, any of his actions no longer affected me. My mind adjusted to any kind of violence in a second, without feeling any guilt.

I stepped forward and sat down beside him. The dining table ahead of me was filled with food of different cuisines and while it looked appealing to my eyes, I wasn’t hungry.

“There is something you want to tell me?” Father asked, crossing his hands over the table and stopping his play for a moment. “Something that’s keeping you here for more than just a day? I’ve seen your mortals, they are worried and they are waiting for you return. So, tell me, Xalorad, why are you here?”

I didn’t blabber right away. Days and sleepless nights have went by since I decided to tell him.

As I parted my mouth, a wave of heat struck me, numbing my head. I let out a low gasp, turning my eyes away from my Father and staring right through the fire. Startled, my thoughts shifted and the words that wanted to leave my mouth changed.

“Nothing. It’s just—after the separation, Mother finally came out from the dark hole a few days ago and she wants to sort out a few things that were ignored during the whole year.” I said, switching my response. It wasn’t a lie anyway.

My Mother wanted to speak to him, settle down things. She had spent a year away in the dark after the separation and she was ready now to take the next step and move on. But before that, she had to speak with Father, assure he was all right with any choices she made in the future, one of those choices being with another man.

“Oh,” Father’s face turned blank. “Well, I’ll talk to her, soon.” He nodded, narrowing his eyes down to the food.

My words bought a hollowness to his expression. He was uncomfortable now and I could see that through his face.

I stood up, my hands still flattened against the table. “I should go then.”

“You aren’t staying?”

“I will, for a while longer but I’ve to return to take care of my pack in a few days. I hope you’re understanding, Father.”

His demonic eyes turned at me. He gave me a smile that was short-lived. “Of course. I’ll see you at morning.”


I scurried out of the room as quickly as I could, before he could catch the confusion in my eyes. The second I stepped out, I faced Johnathan and his pointy nose on my back once again. I ignored him for as long as I could while making my way to my quarters to act as if I was retiring and calling it a night.

The wave of heat I had felt earlier meant something as if the flames of hell were finally licking a soul that belonged here and that was bonded with mine.

When I reached my room, I motioned at my men standing by the doors and under my command, they grabbed Johnathan and put him into a sleep. He rested on the ground with his eyes shut closed.

“Take him far away from here. He shouldn’t be anywhere near the castle or this circle of hell.” I instructed my men and they followed by dragging his rotten body away from me and banishing to another circle of hell where he could wake up and find his way back.

That was going to take him at least a few days.

I walked in my room and met with Alexander, one of my few men in hell that obeyed me instead of my Father. They believed in the new Lord rather than the old one.

“Who has been bought here in the past ten minutes?” I asked.

“A thousand people,” Alexander chuckled. “Is there someone certain you’re looking for?”

“Yes, a girl from my pack. Her name is Marissa.”

“Give me a second.” Alexander closed his eyes and when he opened them again, they were empty, pitch black as his soul had gone to search for what I had asked. He drifted through the circles of hell, finding my mate.

I sighed, taking a look around. My body tensed and I curled my hands behind my back while walking back and forth and waiting for Alexander to return.

It was a minute later when Alexander’s soul shifted back to his body and the red color of his eyes returned. “Violence. A murderer. She’s in the seventh circle, waiting for her punishment.”

“Well, bring a stop to it, immediately!” I exclaimed, rushing out of my quarters while my instincts proved me right once again.

Marissa was here.

In hell.

The question was, who did she kill?

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