The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 45

Marissa’s POV

When I woke up, I was shackled but I wasn’t in Hillford Police Station anymore neither inside a cell. I was in hell, it’s heat burning inside me. The chains melted into my skin and the second I screamed, it got worse. The pain, it was unpleasant. I looked around, studying Hell, where I had gotten myself into.

It was similar to my dreams and nightmares except this time, I was really in pain. There was a pit in front of me, filled with flames and I was sliding right through it. I pushed my self back, holding onto the grounds I was sitting on.

I hadn’t thought this through. How was I going to save myself from the punishment of hell?

I clutched onto a large rock, pulling myself up and away from the fiery pit. I held onto it with my life while I screamed. My throat was dry as if I hadn’t had a sip of water for days and my body was searing with heat.

I screamed once more with the horror of seeing a demon in front of. My grip almost loosened it self when my eyes met with a demon’s. It was real. His face was carved with fire, horns poked out of his head as his wings opened in front of me. He bared his teeth to me. I cried loudly, thrashing my legs and moving away from the pit.

“No, no,” I pressed myself against the rock.

The demon came closer, the wrath of his wings flickering forced me away from the rock but I still budge. I wasn’t going inside a pit to rot in fire. The chains circled around my legs pulled me with a brutal force and I screamed louder.

“I’m not supposed to be here!” I yelled.

“Then, where? Paradise?” The demon laughed, standing above me. “For a killing a man.”

“He was a bitch.”

“He was a human. You had no right to take his life.”

“I did. He fucked up my life, almost killed me a hundred times. Why don’t you go punish him?” I growled, furrowing my brows together in anger.

“Oh, he’s already getting punished.” The demon bent down, leveling his terrifying eyes with mine.

I screamed once more. “I don’t want to go down there!” More tears flowed down my cheeks and I shook my head. Fear rippled through me.

“Pity,” The demon grabbed my hand, plucking it away from the rock like it was a leaf. My other hand slid down the rock with the sudden moisture forming underneath my palm. I felt impaled. “Goodbye.”

“No, no.” I struggled with pulling my hand away from the demon but he didn’t let me go.

When my grip loosened over the rock, I felt my feet touching the flames of the pit, the same flames that were begging me to go down there. I took a small glance at the pit and then turned back around to cling onto the demon. I wasn’t going down, not today, not ever and while I may have sinned, I had the right to do it, I had the right to kill Barry and I wasn’t guilty about taking his life.

He deserved it.

“Ah, it’s always the hard ones I get.” The demon shook his head in disappointment.

His expression darkened and he released one of my hands and I almost fell down. My scream echoed through hell. Fright paralyzed me and I felt my soul shiver.

“Kyle!” A man’s voice boomed in between my screams. “She’s a guest. Bring her to the clearing without any harm.”

The demon’s face in front of me turned into a pout. He took my other hand and pulled me up on my feet till I felt the ground underneath me once again. I ran away from the fiery pit, only to run into another demon, the one that had just spoken.

“Now we are having guests here?” The man behind me said, frustrated that he couldn’t push me inside the pit. “She’s a sinner, Alexander.”

“I’ve orders to keep her safe. Take off her chains.” The demon who saved me spoke again. “Now.”

Kyle flew over to me. His wings disappeared and he came over the ground where I stood. My breath hitched and I took a scary step back, away from him. He pulled out a bundle of keys and bent down. Suddenly, he tugged on my leg.

I screamed and fell on my back.

“It’s okay, he’s not going to harm you.” The other demon said, comforting me.

My heart was thumping like crazy. Sweat dripped down my forehead and my back while I looked at the demons in front of me, one of them nice and the other one horrible. Regardless, they both looked terrifying in their true demonic forms.

Kyle unlocked the heavy shackles on my legs and pulled them out, freeing me. “I was having so much fun. It’s not often you see women on the seventh circle of hell, pleading for their innocence.” He spoke to the other one while his face was filled with sorrow.

Another second and I expected him to cry. I pulled my legs away from him and got up. Cold air rushed to my body and the heat went away. My senses returned and a second later I realized I was naked.

“Where are my clothes?”

“There are no clothes in hell.” Kyle said.

The demon beside him came forward and handed me a coat. I draped it over my body and it was large enough to cover my bits from whichever demons were gawking at me, one of them being the same person that tried to throw me down the pit and make me burn inside the flames.

“So, demons, where is Xalorad?” I asked, with a bright smile over my face.

“Uh, uh, you don’t call him that.” One of them said, shaking their heads while his eyes bulged out in confusion and fear. “It’s disrespectful.” He continued.

God, where did I end up?

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