The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 46

It was a struggle to have a conversation with a pair of demons, one of them that had just tried to burn me for my sins and another one who had saved me. What was I supposed to even say? It took an awkward turn real quick. I followed them when they asked me. I was unsure of the time that had passed by. Since how many hours was I dead for? The last thing I remembered was getting shot by one of the officers at the station and Lucas weeping over my dead body.

Even though I told him I was going to return.

I rose my palm and brushed it across my collarbone where I felt the wound of the bullet. It was shot straight into my chest. “Why is this here?” I questioned, panicking from within. I wasn’t going to carry a gunshot wound for the rest of my life.

It was ugly.

Alexander, as I presumed, turned around and gave me a glance. “It’s how you died.” He said with a straight face with no emotions on it. Did demons even have emotions?

“Oh, so isn’t it going to go away?”

“No, not here.”

My feet burned as I walked over the hot ground. It was painful and a pair of shoes was really going to help me but I didn’t ask, out of fear of being thrown back into the depths of hell. My imagination correlated with the reality of hell, there was barely any difference I could spot.

Hell—just a big land merged with fire with barely any buildings or houses. The sky above me was golden and darkening each time a scream spilt through the silence. There were screams and cries, a lot of them. The voices made my heart quicken and my body quiver out of fear. Was it this terrifying? I felt sorrow behind the closed doors of bricked chambers where sinners were punished by demons. Each scream forced me to wince and jump a little off the ground while the two demons in front of strolled carelessly.

A building came in my view, a rather large one, reaching till the sky. It was the only one around I could see from miles. The demons walked in and so did I.

“Where are we going?” I asked, pulling my hands out of my pockets as they were getting a little too hot in there.

The demons picked up their pace and it was almost difficult to follow them. They didn’t respond to me. Ignorant. At the other end of the building, there was an entrance and Xalorad walked through it, a few more demons following him.

I stopped for a second and heaved in a heavy breath before I started moving immediately. Finally. A soft, warm smile spread through my face when I saw him, after days of being away. My shoulders softened along with my body whilst my heart nearly stopped. The heat pooled everywhere, inside me and out of me.

I couldn’t believe the things I had done to reach here, to see him, to be with my mate. The past few days had been a struggle, I had taken chances, I had played with my own luck, I had fixed my mistakes—something I never did before Xalorad came into my life.

I wrapped my arms around him, my fingertips traced across his body while he embraced me back. It was numbing feeling of comfort that I felt in that second. I never wanted it to go away.

When I moved back, his hand slipped behind my head and he kissed me. My pulse raced and a silent laugh choked out of me. I did it. My inner self spoke to me, appeased by what I had done, what I had achieved. I could’ve sat home, I could’ve bore Mr. Barry’s beating for another decade, I could’ve seen my Mother cry a thousand times more, I could’ve waited, I could’ve lost my chance in being with my mate—but I didn’t.

I took the bullet, literally and no longer felt like a weak piece of meat thrown around.

As his lips parted away from mine, he whispered, “You came just in time,” His eyes lowered to my chest where he found the wound. “But you really didn’t have to do anything. I could’ve handled it.” His thumb moved across the wound and he continued.

“I wanted to do it.” I said, smiling.

“Who did you kill me? And who killed you?” He started.

I swallowed hard. This was the problem. “Well, do you really have to know?” I blinked a few times, hiding the fact that I killed his Beta. That was a hard information for any Alpha to take.

“Yes but before that, we will have to leave from here,” His hands slid off my body and his neck turned to his men. “There are too many demons here that work for my Father who I haven’t told the truth yet and I don’t want all your diligence to go to waste so we will have to leave.” He spoke slow and every word that rolled off his tongue allured me deeper.

I sighed out of relief, “Oh, okay.”

“Come with me.” He wrapped his hand around mine and took me out of the building and towards another one of those lava pits.

“Uh, uh, no, I’m not going inside!” I jumped back, pulling myself away from the fire that was going to burn me to the point where my ashes wouldn’t be found.

“It’s not going to hurt, not when you’re with me,” Xalorad said, turning to me. “The pit is a portal that would take us to the castle where my quarters would be the safest and the closest place to Selene.” He explained, making a little sense.

“And what if I burn?” I questioned, cocking a brow.

He snaked an arm across my waist and lowered his mouth to my ear. “Then I’ll quench the flames. Don’t worry.” He whispered.

My lips parted in surprise and I fought back a blush. I could feel my pulse quickening once again. It was hard to believe how tender he was with me in these terms.


“Fine, fine.” I mumbled, still afraid of the pit.

In the silence, he noticed my fear and instead of throwing me inside the pit of fire like a normal person would do, Xalorad carried me, holding me his powerful arms and drifting through the lands of hell.

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