The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 47

My ass met with a bed, my body not burned by the flames of hell even though I went through it. It almost seemed like the fire kissed me and turned cold. I admit, it was a little scary and surprising, an adventure I had never been on before.

I held up my arms in the air as Xalorad dropped me to the bed. He leaned down, putting his hands on my waist before kissing me on my lips. Breathless and without a thought, I gave in. He clenched his hands, tightening his grip while I wove my fingers through his hair. The kiss was hard, shattering, igniting a forgetful need inside me.

He swallowed my moan and our tongues slipped against each other. His hand drifted away from my waist and reached up to my face, his finger, slowly tracing across my cheeks and jaw till it brushed against the cut near my hair.

I hissed, pulling away. Why was I feeling any pain? Hell was supposed to take it all away. I thought that. There was a cut on my face after Mr. Barry hit me and I couldn’t feel it until now.

At my discomfort, Xalorad leaned back, placing his hand on either side of my head while his eyes moved across my face. A frown appeared over his lips and his brows collected in wrath. “Did someone hit you?” He asked after a moment of complete silence.

I covered my face with my hand and played it off before he saw anything else, “No.” I let out a forced laugh.

He moved further back while his eyes shot daggers at me. Reaching out, he moved away my hands and my face slightly shivered as his glare lowered to my neck, finding the imprints of Mr. Barry’s ruthless hands. There were faint but still there.

I had thrown on a kilo of makeup before the tournament but I supposed it all came off when I was running through the arena and sweating like crazy before my death.

“Who hurt you?” His voice was firm. “Don’t lie.”

I pulled my hair over my shoulder and sat up straight. “It’s nothing and whoever did, he’s dead now.”

Xalorad twitched and I couldn’t quite whether it was anger or confusion or maybe both. “He? Who’s he?”

I sucked in air and replied, “Barry. We didn’t have a good relation and I just couldn’t take it anymore so I killed him. I’m sorry,” The truth was going to come out in one way or another. It was better if he heard it from me than seeing Mr. Barry in the deepest level of hell and trying to figure out what got him here.

Xalorad knew he was my Father, a few people did but no one knew about the horrifying truth about him. They saw him a great Beta, a powerful and a helpful one than a married abusive fuck that removed his anger of his wife and child.

His jaw clenched, “What?” His face covered in confusion. “How long?”

I squinted my eyes, “How long since I killed him or how long since he abused me?” The fear I had against Barry was long gone, it disappeared on the same night I threw him in a landfill site. That writhing, afraid part of me died along with him.

“How long did he abuse you?”

“Oh, since I was young—but it was mostly Mom. She got it more rough than me. I suppose when it was the time when Barry figured I wasn’t his child.” I explained and found him only getting more frustrated.


“Yeah, my Mom slept with someone else, I don’t know who but then later she married Barry and then had me in a few months to their wedding.” I still wanted to find out the man that was my real Father. I was just a bit curious to know about him, to know where he was, who he was but that all needed to wait.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” He came closer.

“Uh, because he is—was your Beta and he gave me too many threats,” I rolled my eyes, not even shedding a single tear while talking about him or the trauma he put me through. “It’s fine now, he’s dead and I’m happy. Though, I’m sorry for killing your Beta. I’m sure you’ll find a new one.” I smiled, reaching for his hand.

“Marissa,” His stern tone stopped me from blabbering. I pushed my mouth close and took a deep breath. It wasn’t until then I noticed a little pain in my chest and my eyes teared up immediately at the thought of Mr. Barry.

Xalorad looped his arm around me and I cried, “It’s really okay, isn’t it?” I didn’t want to feeling anything, pain or sorrow for all the years of abuse. It was over and I wanted to forget it, like it was all a bad dream.”

“You don’t have to be okay, Marissa.” He whispered, patting my back.

“But, I am. I enjoyed it, killing him. It suddenly took away everything,” I moved back, wiping my tears and refused my spiraling feelings. Killing someone guilty was truly a pleasure. No wonder Xalorad wanted me to try it out.

“When did you kill him?”

I began spilling, “Two nights ago. It was fun. He was sleeping and there was no one in the house. After I did kill him, I threw him in a landfill site and then the tournament happened.”

He was curious to hear more. “Then?”

“Midway through the tournament, I saw a weird dream and when I woke up, I saw Artemis. She laughed at me, telling me it was time I began forgetting about as the second you’d tell your Father about us, he’d do something wrong and all that stuff—” I wavered my hands in the air, remembering the pieces.

“She told you that?” Xalorad cut me off and growled.

“Yeah, I thought she was being serious so I left the tournament and the police found out I was the one who killed Barry so they took me to jail. There, I attacked an officer and he shot me.” I moved the hair away from my neck and feel the deep wound of the shot that penetrated through my chest. “It really hurt.” I giggled.

“You know Artmeis was playing with you. I’ve to bow to my Father for as long as he reign’s but it would be over the second I’d mark you. You did not have to do all this.” Xalorad stated.

“Oh, well, I’m here,” I pushed my shoulders up and shrugged. “I hope you aren’t mad.” My voice went low when I found him quite, staring at me.

“No, no, I’m not, not at you at least,” He got off the bed and fixed himself while I wondered whether I actually pissed him off or not. But when he came down and grabbed the back of my neck and kissed me, I realized he wasn’t. “I’ve to handle one small thing. Make yourself comfortable. I’ll be back.” He said.

My hand caught his arm before he parted ways. “It’s about Mr. Barry, isn’t it?”

He nodded, “Yes. I just have to make sure he’s getting the punishment he deserves.”

When Xalorad smiled at me, I smiled back and it was one sick, wicked smile we shared. It almost seemed like we were thinking about the same thing at the same time.

Such a bond.

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