The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 48

As promised, he returned in a few minutes. In the meantime he was gone, I cleaned up myself, wore new clothes and tamed my wild hair down. Artemis’ mark still lied on my neck, waiting to be removed. Fire raced through my body once I saw the chiseled perfection standing in front of me again.

His fingers looped around my hair and our eyes locked. I could tell by now that Mr. Barry wasn’t going to have a good time in hell—he deserved it—to burn just like me and Mom did, for years.

I crawled over Xalorad’s lap and his hands held my waist tightly while I adjusted. Anyone could see that amusement between us from a distance. The smile never wore off my face and neither his.

His palms skimmed across the shorts I had on, “I see you have found my clothes.” He said.

“I could stay naked if you want me too,” I replied, a hint of seduction lacing in my tone.

His hands left my body and reached my face, his dingers caressing my lower cheeks. “You have been such a good girl,” He whispered and a thousand chills ran through in that instant second.

“I have?” I wanted to be sure whether I was being good or cruel. My recent actions were telling me otherwise.

“Yes. More than ever. I’m proud of you and what you’ve done.” He praised me as if I was some kind of Goddess. Tucking a piece of hair behind my ears, he asked, “Tell me, Marissa, what do you want and I’ll give you.”

“Anything?” I rose my brow while the corners of my lips turned into a grin.


I didn’t think much. I knew what I wanted but it was a long list. “Well, for starters, I want the mark.” My throat grew thick with desire and my wolf purred at the acceptance. It was the first time I asked for it and said it out loud for everyone to hear.

Xalorad didn’t flinch while responding, “Done.”

“And,” I lowered my gaze to his chest out hesitation to what I was going to ask for. “I want to Mr. Barry to rot.”

“That’s already done,” He smiled, raising my head up with his fingers. “Anything else?”

“I want you.”

“Done. Though, that was barely anything.” Before I could respond, he planted his lips on mine and stole my breath away.

I slithered my body over him like a snake out of it’s cage and looking for some food. His tongue slipped in hungrily, dominating my mouth while my senses reeled in curiosity. His hands played over my body before he pulled away my clothes to the ground and broke the wet kiss.

“And I would prefer if you are naked around me.” He stated, replying to one of my questions from earlier before turning me over to the soft bed.

His touch on my pussy this time was surprisingly gentle and even though I craved to be rammed against the wall and fucked till my knees lost control, I didn’t mind this once. After everything that happened in the past few days, I really wanted Xalorad to just be gentle and tamed.

He slid his muscled thigh between my legs and parted them before running his hands through my body and feeding my needs.

His fingers found my entrance and before entering, he stroked my clit while his other hand did it’s magic on my breasts, fondling, pinching, twisting and playing with my nipples.

The subtle nerve in my pussy throbbed with pleasure and I threw my head back while my eyes rolled. I could feel his stiffness rubbing against my thighs, forcing me to further melt and turn liquid. The anticipation almost felt like a punishment than a reward. My body gave out a small twitch as his fingers worked inside my cunt. He grabbed my threatening hands and locked them over my stomach before giving me a wild ride.

“Something tells me you have missed me a lot more than I expected,” Xalorad taunted, getting a small glimpse of his fingers as they rocked out of me, wet and covered in my juices. While rubbing my clit in rapid, aggressive circular motions, I squeezed my eyes shut and felt his mouth lowering to my neck, his hot breath fanning against my flesh. “I could sink my teeth inside you right now but the only difference that would make that you’d be in a lot more pain.”

I moaned hard at the sound of that. Pain. Mark. That was all I wanted but first, we needed to get rid of Artemis’ mark before anything. I didn’t want anyone else’s imprint on my body than Xalorad’s.

I took a sharp intake of breath and rose my hips to his hand that cupped my pussy. He placed small, punishing kisses over my neck—playing with my death and the urge of marking inside my wolf quickened.

It went both ways.

I heard a low growl before he pulled away and grabbed a handful of my hair while zipping himself open. My mouth watered as his cock sprang out, thick and naked and the only piece of meat my body was going to take tonight.

The only reason I came here to hell. That sounded wild.

He pushed his cock towards my clit, rubbing the tip of it against mine. The wait, the eagerness, the anticipation made me want to scream. I tried, several times to pull my hands away form his grip but it was too hostile.

My muscles ended, my body cornered with wanted pleasure while I laid on the bed hopeless and breathing hard. He pinched the soft flesh of my clit and I hissed while my incises twisted. My nipples turned stiff and sore with the heat swarming around me.

He pressed his cock hard against my dying cunt. So close. This was fucking lethal. Tingles shot down my aching pussy when his cock slid inside. Juices flooded down my legs, dampening the sheets underneath as if they were dry to began with.

He gripped my ass, pounding me hard and quick before I even got a second to catch my breath. The grunts I heard grew louder, merging with mine. His strokes became harder and harder. I lost all my control. He used strength to enter my body, bury himself deep in, hitting my cervix a few times.

I was panting, clinging onto my flesh for support while the pressure inside me bought to a quick orgasm. Curses fell out of my mouth. I didn’t care. I was already in hell and I was getting more than I was when I was alive.

A tightness wrapped around my throat when Xalorad choked me, reaching the end of boundaries. My legs tightened and my knees buckled as I pulled them up. My feet barely met with the sheets, they dangled over as the rawness inside me threw my sanity away, again.

My vision faded and I locked my jaw while my fingers curled around the sheets tight. I felt my heart beating inside my ears as quick as his cock was impaling me. He firmly banded an arm around my waist, pulling me against himself before placing his mouth over mine and bringing an end to our needs.

The build up inside me exploded at the same second his cock gushed. He locked himself around me, looking straight into my miserable eyes. Tears raced down my cheeks and I let out muffled screams while slipping into another trance of great pleasure.

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