The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 49

An hour after wrecking the bed, Xalorad and I acted like nothing happened. I took a short and a quick shower inside one of the bathrooms around whilst he arranged to meet with the Moon Goddess, the one who’d remove Artemis’ mark from my neck, body and soul. It was kind of odd how she wasn’t here, disturbing us once again. Wherever that bitch was, I was more than thankful.

As I left the bathroom covered, the sight of the bedroom came in my view. Xalorad wasn’t back yet but being alone gave me a second to turn red and be ashamed for the bed we had ruined. When did it even happen? I didn’t hear snaps or maybe I was to deaf in pleasure to hear anything.

I turned my head to the open door and pulled my towel closer to my chest. There were two men standing outside, their backs on my side. I quickly grabbed—stole a new pair of clothes and put them on my body before any of them got a glimpse.

My hair was wet, soaked in the shower water that was fairly warm. My expectations of hell were completely different. I thought I was going to bathe in fire or something like that.

Chewing my lips, I sat down on a couch and waited patiently for Xalorad to return. Until he didn’t, I couldn’t leave the room in danger of finding his Father who was the King of Hell. And, unless I wanted to stay here forever, I needed to listen and obey.

He returned moments later, with one of the demons I had encountered with earlier. I assumed his name was Alexander—the one who was trying to save me while Kyle was pushing me into hell.

“We don’t have much time. We have to see Selene and then leave immediately before my Father is awake.” Xalorad said, wrapping his hand around my arm and tugging me up. I could fear the little panic growing in his voice.

“But I can’t leave until I’m marked, right?” I asked, staring at him with wide eyes. Whilst, I came here on my wish, I could only leave from here after I was marked by Xalorad.

As I focused on him, he gave me a definite look back. “You and I both know that’s only going to take a second.”


“Oh,” My lips parted and I tried my best to not act shaken which I was. “Yeah, okay.” I nodded, walking along with him. He walked an inch in front of me, his back muscles captured my undivided attention and I swallowed hard while shaking my head. “So, if you don’t mind telling me, why wouldn’t you Father let you—”

Xalorad didn’t give me a chance to complete my question. It was almost as if he knew what I was going to ask. “He doesn’t wants me to mate with someone who had been destined to me. It would repeat history once again.” He explained, snaking his hand over my back and moving me onto the stairs. “But, don’t worry, I love going against his wishes and seeing him tremble.” I could feel him smiling behind me, maybe grinning.


“Yes,” He stopped me in the middle of the stairs.

It was dark, pitch-black. I could only hear my own heavy breathing, echoing in the silence. The grounds were warm rather than hot and there was a little light that shone at the end. I couldn’t tell where I was or what exactly this place was. It felt like stones, a lot of them—maybe a passage, a tunnel, a dungeon.

His cold fingers brushed against my neck and I quivered, “Now, be absolutely quiet when we go inside. We don’t want to wake anyone up except for Selene. The prisoners down here will swallow a human in whole without a single thought.” There was severity in his rough voice, enough to make me tremble.

What was this place?

“And if you desire to sleep for a second more in your life then you should probably close your eyes than see the prisoners bare-face.” He continued.

A thousand protests landed on my lips and I wanted to scream and run but I was already in too deep and I didn’t want to make a single sound to wake whoever the prisoner’s were. I slammed my eyes shut, tight and clutched Xalorad’s hand so he could guide me in wherever we were walking towards too.

My breathing lowered for a second, until I heard a loud thud of a massive piece of stone ramming the ground. I didn’t dare to open my eyes. I ignored the sound and followed Xalorad as his strong arms continued to pull me in.

The unusual voices left me gasping and shaking. It started from sounds of stones, doors creaking, flames gushing to throaty murmurs, rocky steps of whichever creatures were down here.

I pressed myself closer to Xalorad while narrowing my head and keeping my eyes close.

“You can open your eyes.” He said, dropping his grip on me.

I peeled my eyes open to a gigantic door in front of me. It was taller than anything I had ever seen before. A scream almost followed its way out of my mouth when a blob of fire unleashed itself around me. I jumped back, slapping my hand over my mouth while Xalorad pushed open the door.

“Come in. It’s safe inside.” He offered me his hand and in that second, I questioned everything.

What was I doing with my life?

Ignoring the voices in my head, I took his hand and went inside. It was a lair—an enchanted, cold lair with blue light streaming across the walls. The tension raging inside my head came to an end and I took a small breath while my nerves calmed themselves down.

“Don’t let anyone in. If anyone questions, lead them somewhere else.” Xalorad said to one of his men standing behind. As soon as the man nodded, he pushed the door shut and returned his attention to me.

There was a woman sitting on a rock, her blue gown flowing across by itself while her eyes were upon us—me. She had a bright smile on her face. Her features were perfect that I found myself staring at her for long. She was the true meaning of divine creation. Her hair flowed down her shoulders and into the air. It seemed like silk, like a piece of luxurious cloth. Her face was slightly pink, her eyes wide and blue.

Suddenly, the need for bowing flooded into my wolf. It was the Moon Goddess, the one who created us, the one we prayed too. Selene. My knee met the floor and I lowered my head in respect. I couldn’t help it, it was a direct order from my wolf who had taken control of me.

When she got up, I took a step back. “My little child,” She whispered, to me and not to Xalorad. I took a larger step back. My heart rammed inside my chest as she spread her hands and touched my face. “The Wolf Seer.”

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