The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

It felt like years before I woke up. My heart hammered hard and threatened to explode any time. I took the glass off my side table and chugged the water down my parched throat. My own screams from the dream continued to pierce and echo through my ears even when it was absolutely silent in my room.

“Marissa?” Mom yelled from afar. Her voice gave me a sort of relief. I was still alive and not trapped in the dream.

Jumping forward, I got off the bed and removed my clothes quickly as I had no idea what they were covered in—blood, fire, sweat? I ran into the bathroom before my Mom entered my room. She must’ve heard me screaming or something at least.

Another scream bursted out of me and I fell backwards on the tiled floor when I found the mirror covered in blood again. This time, the writing was different and fresh since the blood was dripping down.

Hell is waiting for you.’

My hands trembled. It wasn’t long before Mom came inside the bathroom and saw everything. She took a step backwards and color drained of her face.

“Oh, my God.” She leaned in forward and took a sniff. “It’s blood. Who’s blood is this, Marissa?” She was quick to ask me the real questions.

I rubbed my ass while getting off the floor. “I don’t know and I can’t take this joke anymore.” I stated, grabbing a robe and wearing it. Last time, I wiped away what was written but this time I was going to do so.

I called the police straight, as I should’ve done before. It wasn’t my friends, or Hannah, I knew it for sure now. If it was Dad playing these games on me, then the police would find out about it.

The Hilford PD sent in two officers at my home, while I was still shaking with fear of what I had went through again. This was a sick joke and whoever was playing it was definitely insane.

But why?

Why me?

Mom was terrified as well, “I just came home a minute ago.” She whispered, clothed in her work uniform.

“Did you see anyone?” I asked her quietly while the officers worked on taking the blood off my bathroom mirror.

“No, I didn’t see anyone. How long has this been happening?” She held my elbow tight. A grimace spread across her face.

The hair over my skin rose and I shuddered, “Since yesterday night. There was something else written though but the writing was the same.”

“Is everything okay, Marissa?”

I shook my head, staring into a blank wall while more vexation fueled into me. “I don’t know, Mom.”

The nightmare I had seen was among the hideous ones ever. I had never felt something so real yet just a dream. The woman, the blank man, the crying baby, the tree—I shook again and dashed away from my room to grab a breath of air.

The officers came out of my room after swabbing the blood and the door locks. One of them stepped forward and said, “The doors don’t show any sign of intrusion and this…” he raised his hand and showed me the blood they had swapped. “From the scent of it, we can tell it’s a rogue’s fresh blood. We will run a few tests on this and that can tell who’s blood it is to be exact.”

My stomach twisted and burned at the sight of blood. All I wanted to do was puke my guts out.

“Why would anyone do this?” I sighed hard.

“Since you’ve told us this isn’t the first time this has happened, we can tell that someone’s out for vengeance. If you’re comfortable, we can share this with the Beta—”

“No, no!” I started, crossing my arms over my chest. “Please don’t tell him.” I knew what would happen if my Dad got to know about this.

“All right, Miss. We will run the test on this and the other swabs we have taken. Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of this quick. But if you need police protection, we will have to go to higher authorities.” The officer continued.

Higher authorities meant the Beta.

“No, no, it’s fine now. Thank you for coming.”

The officer nodded and the two of them walked out of the door. I pressed my back against the door and shut my eyes tight while taking a deep breath. Mom came around and comforted me, her eyes were filled with worries and they were searching for answers.

“I shouldn’t have called them…” I snugged in her chest and murmured under my breath. The warmth of her body was pleasing to my running thoughts.

“No, darling, it’s good you did.”

“I just hope they won’t tell Dad.” My eyes lowered and soon it went blank.

“I’m sure they won’t.”

Dad was obsessed with Mom and not in a nice kind of way. He controlled her, physically abused her and called her names for most of their marriage. When they got separated, he harassed her a thousand times and threatened to kill her if she didn’t come with him. After a lot of arguments and fights, they settled down to be separate from each other since Dad didn’t want to divorce her.

The separation was working out for Mom but they were days he’d barge in and yell at her, sometimes even me. It was no longer often as he was with another woman but that day wasn’t far he’d come back and start controlling Mom again.

“I’ll fix up a quick breakfast. You should go get ready and head for school.” I heard her soft voice ringing in my ears after all the violent sounds.

I quietly stood back up on my feet and stepped over to my room that I had began dreading from. Splattering a little warm water over my face brightened my senses. For a few long minutes, I gazed at my face, watched my eyes sinking deeper with the sleepless night and hectic day.

Oh, God, what have I done?

I gave myself a small smile of hope before going for school. The sun rose from the corner of the town, lightening up the sky. The clouds were heavy today and the winds were strong. Strange. After all that fire from the night, I actually preferred the cold and braced it for as long as I could.

It was much better than to be burned.

Hannah marched up to me from the gates when she found me. “Hello!” She panted. “I just got your message. Everything okay?”

“Yeah. For now.” I snorted.

“Really?” She questioned in disbelief. “I want to know who’s fucking around with you so we can both beat ’em up.” She gave me a little jerk and I grew concerned about her morning behavior.

“No, it’s fine. I told the police, hopefully, they’ll be able to catch whoever did this.” I said while laughing at my friend.

I took in a shuddering breath while stopping at the entrance of the hall where the assembly’s were usually conducted every morning. As we were in our sixth form, we had our special places in the front since our graduation was just a term away.

“Guess who’s here?” Hannah asked, sitting down.

I lowered to the seat beside her while my eyes were lingering across the hall, hoping to find whoever she was pointing at.

“Lucas?” My heart dropped when I saw him. He was standing by a teacher and talking to her about something. When did he even return? What was he doing here? Could he be—?

“No. I was talking about the Alpha.” Hannah grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the seat. “Wait. Is Lucas here?” She looked at the direction I was looking at.



When Hannah’s response settled in my head, I switched the directions and looked to the other side of the hall where my mouth swung wide open at the appearance of the Alpha.



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