The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 50

I knew what a seer meant, obviously. We were taught about it long ago, in one of our history and mythology classes. But, it was the first time I heard the term wolf seer bounce off someone’s mouth—directed to me. I laughed a little as my shoulders hunched forward, “What?” I wanted to confirm what the Moon Goddess was addressing me as.

A wolf what?

The woman looked beyond me, at Xalorad. “You haven’t told her?” She rose her brow before setting her glare back at me.

Told me what?

A pair of hands snaked around my upper arms, slowly moving down to my hands before I heard him respond, “I suppose you could tell her yourself.”

“Right...” The Moon Goddess smiled. “A seer is someone who sees and predicts, who possesses spontaneous powers and a seer of wolves is somewhat similar, except for it protects a pack, sees the difficulties coming soon, observes and predicts the future.” She explained, well enough.

I understood—most of it but the confused, disturbed look didn’t wear off my face even with her explanation. The only thing I could predict was my own miserable actions and life. Unless the nightmares meant something.

“So, I’m a seer?” I staggered, catching a breath.

“Yes. There aren’t many seers and for a fact, they are quite uncommon and never heard off. I do not have control over seer’s of wolves even when I create them with my own bare hands. Predicting the future and possessing these powers is natural, it comes to only those who truly deserve it.” She continued, whispering in her low, soft voice while raising my chin with her hands. “You’re gifted with a fortune you never even knew about.”

“But, my parents—” Hell, no one in family, dating centuries back were seers. We never even heard about one.

“It’s not hereditary, my child.”

“Oh,” I blinked a couple times, gathering my thoughts. “So, those dreams I thought were nightmares were somehow visions?”

“Some of them were visions while other’s were nightmares forced into your head by that sour goddess,” Selene shook her head while lowering her eyes as they brimmed with distress. “But whatever it was, it triggered the seer inside of you.”

Sour goddess. There was only one. Artemis.

I had nothing else to say. I was shocked. There was a rope of new information fiddling through my head, causing a minor headache. I was a seer, I could see visions, I could predict the future—but how? I didn’t want to ask the Moon Goddess anymore questions and as she said, this was something that wasn’t under her control.

Selene turned around and walked away, doing something else while my head felt like as if it was going to freeze.

My heart was heavy for a second till I felt Xalorad’s hands over my shoulders, ”My little seer." He practically grinned in amusement while his body met with mine from behind. “What do you see in our future?” He asked, sarcasm in his tone.

I tuned in to his humor and whispered, “I see a new mark on my neck.”

“Well, I see that too.” His eyes left my face and fell upon the Moon Goddess who was mixing something inside a wooden pot. He gave me a small push and I went over to her and away from him who stood by the end of the lair.

I stood in front of the Moon Goddess while her entire attention was upon the liquid inside the rounded pot. As she was done flickering her hands over it, she offered it to me.

“It’s my blood. It should remove the mark.” She said.

I gathered my palms together and took the pot from her hands before bringing it to my lips and taking a sniff. I was still a little uncertain and it showed on my face.

“Has this—has a wolf been marked by a Goddess before?” I questioned, raising my eyebrow while I looked up from the blood inside the pot. I knew there were many Gods and Goddess but I never heard about one mating with a wolf.

“A few times,” She replied, not taking her sight off my face. “It’s a risk, a very big one and the result of that risk is right behind you.” It was below a whisper, I could barely hear her.

I turned my neck around light and found Xalorad—a son of a female Alpha and the God of hell. That made some sense.

“But it turns out to be for the good. The two worlds should be always connected in some way,” She smiled at me and then motioned me to take the drink inside the pot.

I was going to become the next result. It was the Moon Goddess herself who paired me with Xalorad, a hybrid and once the marking would be complete, it would be disastrous, for all of us.

I hesitated for a second, thinking about it again. How bad would it be if I mated with Xalorad? I knew I was going to be in sixth heaven, enjoying my life but what about this world? What would happen to it? Would there be another clash?

I didn’t think anymore. It wasn’t my duty. Without another thought, I raised the pot and the cold liquid ran inside my throat. It tasted bitter and when I drank it all, I shivered out of the metallic flavor still inside my mouth.

The Moon Goddess took the pot away from me and handed me a glass of water that washed away the flavor of her blood. As soon as I was done, I slapped my hand over my neck and tried to feel Artemis’ mark but it was no longer there.

A gasp followed out of me, “It’s gone—just like that?”

Selene nodded, “The connection between you and Artemis has been broken. Your wolf is pristine and unmarked like it was supposed to be when you met Xalorad.”

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