The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 51

He slammed his lips on me. It was quick and abrupt. It had been less than a minute that we left the fiery dungeons of hell that held the Moon Goddess hostile and more than five minutes since Artemis’ claim over my body was removed. The little bond we had was crushed, in pieces. I was no longer connected to her.

At all.

My body soothed against Xalorad’s as his lips met with me and then his hips. It was a feral kiss, by our restless wolves. I curled my fingers around his and he held my hands high up in the air. I had lost my senses, had no conscious of where I was or what I was doing.

I stumbled over one of the steps of the stairs and almost fell backwards against the railing.

Railing. Railed.

Just in time, I clutched his broad shoulders and fell onto him instead of the ground. He held me tighter this time, pressing hard on my waist. I could sense his wolf overpowering him as his claws tore through my flesh and dipped into my skin.

The feeling—it was uncontrollable.

There was a rush of blood through my veins. My wolf was purring while trying to meld with his. It was a strong, inevitable emotion busting inside my head, body and soul.

Our lips parted for a second. I snatched in a quick breath and my eyes connected with Xalorad’s. It was too hard to look away. I felt frozen in time—I wanted to live this moment forever or for how long it could last. I never wanted this to end.

“Kiss me, again.” I said, my breaths shallow and unsteady.

He didn’t object. The corners of his mouth lifted into a warm smile before he leaned and kissed me again. My blood boiled, literally. I rubbed my body against him, spreading the scent of my wolf onto his clothes and his flesh.

The link between us was explosive and it was finally coming to the surface.

Xalorad weaved his fingers through my hair, as impatient as me. We were still on the staircase outside the dungeon, being watched by the guards. It was fairly dark down here so I doubted any of them could see anything—only hear.

He pulled his mouth away from mine and reached the nape of my neck, where I craved him to be. “Where do you want me to mark you?” He asked, breathing heavily against my skin.

“Wherever it lands.” I replied quickly, unable to take this anymore. I waited for this moment for more than weeks and it was finally here. I didn’t care where Xalorad marked, I just wanted it.

I needed it.

Instead of sinking his teeth into my flesh right away, he brushed the tendrils behind my ears and flicked his gaze over to me.

My insides stirred, my wolf grumbled. “What’s wrong?”

I watched him draw a deep breath as his expression darkened, “I don’t want to mark you here, Marissa. You deserve to be treated differently.” He replied.

My heart fluttered at his words, “But I want to be marked here, right now and you promised you would.” I said, softly while smoothing my hands over his arms. I wanted to hurry this because I was afraid of Xalorad changing his mind or something worse happening.

I didn’t exactly have the trust over men after having Mr. Barry as a father.

He chuckled, “As you say so.”

Relief washed over me as he set me against the nearest wall and moved my hair away from my neck. Tingles shot through my body as it melted under his touch. He unbuttoned the first few buttons of my shirt, exposing my breasts while his eyes searched for a spot to place his mark on.

I tensed up immediately when he lowered his head to my chest and kissed the skin above my breast. I believed he could hear and feel my heart thumping hard, my nerves racing, my body shaking and my hair rising with his nearness.

A frustrated frown appeared on my forehead. I closed my lids and held his hands tightly, waiting for the first impact of marking. I hadn’t felt anything when Artemis marked me, maybe it was because she forced it upon me and I was drunk that night.

But tonight, I wanted to feel the pain and glee of being marked by my fated mate.

Xalorad came closer, his large body covering mine. He placed a hand over my hips and the other one against my neck. A moan rang out of me and into the silence when he licked and kissed my skin before his teeth began nipping.

My heart dropped and I collapsed back onto the wall as his canines sank into my skin, pushing in deep. ”Fuck.” I hissed, opening my eyes and staring at the darkness in front of me.

My head felt light and my eyelids heavy. It lasted for less than a minute. The waves passed through my body. My wolf jumped in satisfaction. As he pulled out his mouth, another thread of pain ripped on my skin before it ended.

That was what I thought. I believed the marking was all of it but it wasn’t. The mating still needed to be completed. The heat inside my body was triple times more than it was before, it was burning my throat and my skin all together.

I looked at Xalorad for a second before loosing conscious and dropping down.

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