The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 52

I didn’t know if I was sleeping, I didn’t know if I was alive or dead but when I shot up from the bed, I woke up with fucking nightmare running through my head. Another one. When was this going to ever end? I didn’t want to see it over and over again. I dashed my head around to find Xalorad sitting on the side, waiting for me.

I took a large breath before placing my hand against my chest, “Oh,” I sighed, “Wow.” For a minute there, I forgot about the nightmare I had just seen and my heart bloomed with happiness along with my wolf that had been purring since the second I had gotten marked. It was there.

The mark.

“Satisfied?” Xalorad asked, sitting beside me. A rough hand reached forward and touched my cheek.

“Mhm, yes.” I grinned hard, wondering if my jaw could break with all the smiling I had been doing in the past couple of hours. “What happened, though?” The last thing I remembered was getting marked and then suddenly, I was dead.


“You blacked out. You should’ve rested,” He replied, caressing my skin.

My brain was still a little numb. “But am I not dead?” I wasn’t supposed to pass out or feel anything in hell except for pain. It was how it was described in books.

“When I marked you, it created a new leap between hell and the mortal world. You’ll feel the pressure in your head. It will last for a while but you are no longer dead. You can shift through the two worlds without a problem.” His explantation startled me.

I closed my mouth after realizing it had been open for too long and scratched the back of my head. “Oh, I—I think that enough knowledge for one day.” I barely understood what he meant. Leap? What was that?

He smiled at me, “It’s fine. You don’t have to understand anything.”

As I continued to look into his piercing eyes, a strange sensation whipped across my body. Strong arms pulled me over his lap, ridding of the uncertainty and the confusion inside me. I felt safe and secured in his presence and the longer I stayed, I warmed to the feeling of being marked, being claimed.

“When do you want to return?” He questioned.

My lips parted and I dropped my head as the nightmare became clear in my brain. The numbing went away for a second and I remembered every part of the nightmare I had gotten once again. It was the same one as before, where I was trying to save Hannah from Artemis but I couldn’t.

I shifted over Xalorad’s lap while making a few sense of things. What if they weren’t nightmares but visions? The words of the Moon Goddess’ echoed in my mind. I was seer, the seer of wolves, which meant I could see any danger approaching and I could predict the future through these visions.

“I’ve to go back. Now,” I whispered, color draining off my face and my hands turning cold.

“Now? That’s a little abrupt.”

“No, no, I have been seeing something. I don’t know what it is but I think it’s going to happen.” I mumbled, making no sense.

“What? What’s going to happen?” He turned and blinked at me while staying calm

“Artemis. She probably knows that I’ve gotten marked and even though she told me she’s no longer interested, I think she’s going to go for my friend.” I explained, inhaling sharply at the thought of Hannah being wrecked by my actions.

“No,” Xalorad scoffed. “What Artemis wanted, she couldn’t get. She’ll return back to her world in no time and leave us both alone. You don’t have to worry about her anymore.” He looked assured but I wasn’t.

The nightmares meant something. They were visions.

I hopped off his lap, panic running in my veins as I stood up on my feet, still a little light-headed. “She’s going to do something. I can feel it. Can I go back? Please?” I pleaded. It was in my gut too. I could tell some danger was approaching Hannah or had already approached her.

I had to go back.

Xalorad stood up instantly, “All right. We will go but there’s a small thing we have to do before you can leave.” He listened to me without questioning any further.

He wrapped his hand around mine and took me out of the room. I glanced around, admiring the sky of hell that had changed colors. How long was I out for? How many hours had it been? My consciousness was telling me more than a day had passed by since I got myself killed inside the police station.

My thoughts took a turn for worse when I remembered Mom and how sad she’d be after knowing I had died. I doubted Lucas would tell her I’d be coming back—he was unsure himself—I was too.

The castle was silent. I couldn’t hear the screams of sinners getting tortured neither I could see anyone around. Compared to yesterday, it was different. Did something change? Xalorad did tell me earlier that once he’d place his claim on a woman, any woman, he’d become the King and that his father would descend down from the throne immediately.

The silence explained itself. Was this it?

I followed Xalorad for a few minutes till we stepped on the hot grounds. Since I had a pair of slippers on, I could barely feel the heat of hell anymore. But, the heat of my wolf was spreading like a wildfire inside my body, begging to complete the mating. I wanted the same until I came aware of the visions I had been getting.

Xalorad’s hand left mine when we reached a demon sitting on the ground. He held a steel rod in his hand, it’s edge hot from what I could tell.

“Mark her.” Xalorad said, standing a few inches in front of me.

The demon looked up at me, his blazing eyes studying me for a second before diverting its attention back to Xalorad. “I cannot mark a stranger without the King’s commands.”

“My Father’s ruling is over. I’m your King and you’ll obey me from this second,” He replied, sounding a little harsh to my ears. Maybe I was used to him being too sweet with me all the time that I almost forgot who he truly was.

The demon nodded, obeying. Xalorad turned around and took my wrist. “It’s going to a hurt a little.” He whispered to me as he rolled up the sleeve of the shirt and offered my bare wrist to the demon.

The demon bought out the hot rod and before I knew, it edge of it was against my skin, burning my flesh, imprinting the mark of hell on my wrist. Unable to accept the pain, I screamed while dropping on my knees.

I snatched my hand away the second the demon lifted the rod. My wrist burned. I clenched my fist tight while a few tears rolled down my cheeks. This was nowhere near little pain.

“Why?” I asked, crying.

Xalorad rolled his hand over my wrist, the burning sensation cooled down immediately and the scorching pain disappeared. “The mark is a sign of belonging to hell. The demons will eat you up alive if they don’t see the mark,” He replied, pulling me closer. “Just some caution.” He placed a kiss at the back of my hand before loosing his grip on me.

“That was painful,” I sniffed and wiped away the few tears that rolled down my cheeks. I no longer felt anything on my wrist but that one second of pain was horrifying.

He chuckled before splaying his hand on my lower back and turning me around, “Let’s go see your friend.”

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