The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 54

When I returned back to the land of living, I was inside the dungeon, the one under the warehouse. I expected to blow up in front of Hannah and scare the shit out her but none of that happened.

My fingertips ran through my arms as I huddled my self. It was cold. I could hear the droplets of water splashing above the dungeon and thunder cackling in the sky. There was a storm here, taking place in my town whilst I was enjoying the warmth of hell.


“Why are we here?” I questioned, breaking my silence. I could speak, I could smell and I could touch, which meant I was alive, even after I died. Even though it didn’t made any sense, I went along with it.

Xalorad stood by a wall where a small table was hooked again. He rattled through a couple of keys before pulling one out and turning around to me. “Because the dungeon’s a portal, to hell and back.”

“Oh…” I knew I should have been terrified of what I was putting myself through, of what danger I had scarified myself too, of what creature I had mated with but I wasn’t, not at all. There wasn’t a single fiber in my body that shook at his presence.

Lost in my own thoughts, I didn’t his attention upon me until he wrapped his hand around my throat and raised my head to snap me out of whatever trance I was in. A pulse rose between my legs at the sudden movement and I let out a long breath.

“No more day-dreaming.” He sounded concerned, I supposed it had to do something with the talks of the Moon Goddess we had earlier. The truth shook me as well and now, I had to be conscious about everything I saw or felt.

I giggled a little, “I am just dreaming about the things that surfaced on the same ground I’m standing on.” It was the same place where I had been fucked by him weeks ago and if it weren’t for that night, I would’ve been in a completely different place, probably somewhere worse.

“Well, then, keep dreaming.” He gave me a tight squeeze around my neck before letting me free of his hold.

The sides of my lips twisted into a smile before I followed Xalorad outside the dungeon. The rain water struck directly at my face as we left the warehouse. It was morning here and the bright light almost blinded me after being in dark for so long.

I was just getting used to of the dark.

From the cars passing by, I could tell it was a weekday, maybe a Wednesday—that would mark three days in hell for me and three days of being dead. There were puddles of water on the edges of the streets and some of the roads were flooded. As the car’s passed, more rain-water splattered into the air. I could assume the storm had been happening for a few nights now.

My body trembled against the cold that struck on my bare legs. I wrapped my arms around my shoulders, confining the heat within me and hoping it would keep me warm till I could’ve a change of clothes. We didn’t stay under the rain for a long, it was less than a minute before I was inside the car with the heater blasting at my face.

“I have never been more grateful for the winters.” I said, looking out of the window. Suddenly, I started admiring the storm instead of running away from it.

Hell felt so hot and sticky. I was glad to be out of it, even it was for a few days—or months.

Xalorad chuckled, “Should I take that as an insult?”

“No. It was just too warm there.” I replied, turning my eyes at him.

“Sinners feel the heat.”

My jaw dropped at his statement. “I’m no sinner!”

“You killed someone. I think your saint rule book has smudged a little.” He gave me a smirk.

I could agree. I did kill someone, even if it was Mr. Barry. I was a killer—a terrible one but I still was. There was no part of me that was left untarnished. I needed to stop assuming I was a saint when I wasn’t and accept the achievements I had made by being a killer.

Before going to Hannah’s, I asked Xalorad to stop by my house so I could how my mother was taking it all in. I couldn’t see her sad and knowing how much my death would affect made it all worse. It was easy for me to reserve the damage without wasting anymore time.

Upon entering the house, I shivered, remembering my last moments in here. The things I moved on daily basis were returned back to their places. It was quiet and cold inside and when I didn’t see my mother around, I went to her room.

Her door was shut. I curled my hand around the doorknob and imagined the worst of all. What if she did something? I was the only one in her life and with Mr. Barry gone, she only had me, her daughter.

My eyes itched a little and without letting out a tear, I opened the door of her room and went inside to find her on the bed. She wasn’t sleeping, just resting and as soon as she saw me, she jolted up right and screamed.

“Mom,” I pulled my hands out and reached for her.

She screamed again, “You are dead!”

“Mom, I’m not—I mean, I was but I’m not anymore.” I tried to explain my self but I couldn’t find the terms.

“I just had your funeral. Don’t do this with me!” She cried, grabbing her phone off the table and pressing three digits of emergency. There was no color on her face. It seemed like she had seen a ghost.

Oh, fuck.

Why didn’t I think of any consequences when I’d be returning back to the real world? Everyone was probably thinking I was dead, including Lucas and Hannah.

I ran to my mother and snatched her phone away before she made a silly call to the police station. “I’m not a ghost, Mom. I’m alive.” I repeated.

“I saw you dead!”

“I know, I died, I got myself shot but I came back. It’s a long story but believe me, I’m here.” I pressed my hand against her shoulder, touching her so she could feel me, feel that I was alive and real.

Her wide eyes snapped to my hand and instead of getting all of this over with, she screamed again and jerked out of the bed as some horrifying creature touched her. “I don’t believe you. Get out of my house!”

“Nice, Mom.” I rolled my eyes. “That’s what you say to your dead daughter?”

Xalorad thrusted himself inside the room and cleared his throat, “She’s real, trust me.” He said, bringing the panic down.

My mother was more confused than ever. She glanced at Xalorad and then back at me. “If this is a joke—”

“It’s not, Mom.”

I took a careful step towards her and she calmed down. Her eyes ran across my body and then through my face before tears welled inside them. As she realized the truth, she jumped forward and wrapped me in her arms.

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