The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 56

After putting Hannah to sleep and somehow comforting her that Artemis would come back, I left her place and headed out to where Xalorad was still waiting for me. This was going to be hard but it had to be done. Panic welled inside my throat, forming a knot as I approached him. How was I going to term this?

“Hannah marked Artemis.” I blurted out without taking a breath. The longer I kept this to myself the worse it could’ve gotten.

The grin of finally getting rid of her fell of Xalorad’s face and he asked, “What?!”

“They were seeing each other—maybe that’s why Artemis moved from my way and maybe once she felt that we both weren’t tied anymore, she mated with Hannah.” I was still stunned and those were a lot of maybe’s. No one knew what went down between them while I was gone or when I was away.

“You have to be kidding me.” Xalorad groaned and rubbed his forehead aggressively. A low, threatening growl rolled off his throat and he turned around, “Get in.”

The command made me feel differently and it landed right between my legs. My wolf was going in heat, calling his wolf until he hadn’t claimed be fully. And knowing me, I needed his knot as well.

I went inside the car and while he drove, I thought about Hannah, “Is it even possible? Hannah marking her?” I asked, breaking the silence that was filled with sexual tension than anything else.

“It is. Although not common.” He lifted his head and looked at me as if I had done something wrong. “You kissed her—that was my cousin.” He stared.

Maybe it was his wolf.

“It was just a kiss and she looked pretty. I swear I would never do that again!” I made myself clear while I felt his anger surging through the air.

He parted his gaze away from mine and set his attention on the road. The silence fell between us and I said nothing more. It was a drunk mistake. Why was he angry? It wasn’t like I had a full makeup session with Artemis—now that I rethink about that night, I might just have before I begged her to mark me.


I didn’t know what was more horrible. I kept my eyes on the road, unaware of where we were heading too. The sun was falling and realized that I had spent most of the day running here and there, explaining myself to Mom and Hannah. All while dragging Xalorad along with me.

The next time I looked outside, I found the warehouse staring back at me, watching me get nervous. What were we doing here? I just returned from hell, I wasn’t ready to go back there right away.

The car came to a halt. Xalorad stepped out while I stayed seated, to afraid to go back. He came to my side and opened up the door.

I shivered, “I don’t want to go back.”

“We aren’t going to hell, atleast not me. Can’t say much about what’s going to happen to you?” He replied before bending and taking hold of my hand and pulling me out of the car. There was a warning in his tone.

It took me a while to understand what he meant. And when I did, my stomach was fluttering while my body was being prepared to be sacrificed.

He closed my hands behind my back, giving me a signal that I understood well enough. His hard body met with mine and as I felt his heat I smiled, mischievously. Taking a step further, I decided to fuel his anger and heat.

“Am I getting punished?” l asked, my tone as innocent and soft as it could get.

“Oh, you sure are.” He mumbled, dragging me inside the dungeon. The grip on my hands was rough and it made me want to tease him more.

The longing rose and I taunted, “Is it bad that I made out with Artemis? Her lips were really soft, though.” I really didn’t know why I was putting myself in trouble.

He breathed harder behind me before pushing me inside the cold dungeon and grabbing my face tight enough that I felt his fingertips digging into my skin. “I don’t know, Marissa. Was it bad?” The sound of my name slipping from his mouth stole my breath away.

I looked into his eyes and decided to play a little while longer. “It wasn’t bad at all. I don’t sound like a brat.” I replied, struggling against him.

“You surely sound like one.” He growled, closing his hand on my face tighter before snaking them across my neck and gripping my hair.

His lips almost touched mine as he pulled my hair back. “Maybe you should teach me how to be not one.” I focused on my words but it was hard when his scent-his manly scent was hitting me.

“Or maybe I should punish you for being one.”

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