The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 57

Just hearing the word punishment rose a sensation in my stomach—a very familiar one. His words drove me to silence, one I wanted to be in.

“Isn’t that what you wanted?” He asked, giving me a curved, stiff smile. His sweet, warm breath lingering over my lips while he stared down at me.

Anything Xalorad was going to do to me was a going to turn me on anyway, whether it was a punishment or not. “Yes.” I replied while I felt the panic rising inside me.

He lowered his eyes and caressed my neck and shoulder before pulling down a sleeve of my coat and then the other one. My breasts rose and dropped while my gaze was set on him, on his face as I wondered for the hundredth time—who had I been paired with? Paired was an old story now, he had already marked me.

It still felt like a dream. Never in hundred years I thought I would be marked by an Alpha, nonetheless, my own, the same man me and every girl in this town had been crushing over since we all turned legal.

“Marissa,” I heard my name roll of his tongue as he was done peeling every piece of cloth off my body till there was nothing left. I felt bare and naked to his eyes. “I’m going to show you something you have never seen. I’m going to make you feel something you have never felt.” He trailed his lips across my neck and collarbone, leaving a few kisses along his mark.

My breaths came out in haste, my nipples turned hard and throbbed while my knees buckled underneath me. I went in closer to him as his kisses set my body on fire. I wanted to feel more of the flame. “Play with me.” I said, almost begging.

Xalorad turned me around and pulled my hands behind my back, fastening them over my ass. I arched back, rubbing my desperate body against his while he dipped his head down to my neck.

I heard the sound of him licking his lips before he whispered, “Let’s play a game,” He clenched his hands around mine and continued. “If you cum, you loose and if I do, I loose.”

“What’s the reward?” I slowly closed my lids while still grinding from behind, awakening the hidden devil in his pants.

“You’ll get whatever you want, without any limit but if you loose, I’ll have you in any way or form as I wish.” He explained while his finger stroked my ass. He was already getting prepared to win. “Do you want to go first or should I as this is going to be a long night?”

I sighed, “I’ll go first.” It would be easier for me to win if I didn’t have his fingers pumping inside my pussy in five minutes into the game.

Xalorad released me from his hold and while rubbing my sore wrists, I turned around and found him pulling out a yard of ropes. Wait. What? Where did that even come from?

“I can’t win if you tie me.” I disputed as it wouldn’t be fair if I couldn’t use all my body parts to make him cum.

He returned to me with the ropes dangling from his hands. He swirled me around suddenly and took hold of my hands. “Let’s not forget you still have to be punished. Take this as one.” He said before making me kneel in front of him.

My stomach knotted. My body felt like water, as if all of the ice had just melted away. When I felt the rope around my upper arm, I groaned and moved around just to trouble him. I had to say goodbye to any chances of winning but my ego didn’t let me.

I still could.

Xalorad tied the first knot below the back of my neck and for a second there I believed that was all—but it wasn’t. The rope went through my arms again before being knotted above my back. I swallowed hard and bent further down as he continued restraining my arms entirely.

Almost five minutes later, my arms were blinded to my back and my body was burning with discomfort. I could barely move my arms or my hands anymore.

Arching my hips in the air, I groaned, “This is unfair!”

Xalorad spread my legs apart and landed a smack on my ass. I hissed at him as the sting snaked through my body. “And so was kissing my cousin. Maybe you won’t do that ever again after today.” He chuckled, getting back on his feet after seeing me all miserable and irritated. He pulled me up on my knees along with him and continued, “But since you asked, I’ll let you go first.” He took my face in his hand and lifted it.

“You are going to loose.” I stated, thinking it would put some fear inside him and he’d eventually give up and let me win.

But instead, he gave me a small slap over my cheek and I wined, “Let’s see.”

My eyes froze to where his hands drifted too after leaving my face. The black belt hooped around his pants unbuckled. I sucked in air hard and held my breath while shuffling and preparing myself to deal with this.

Although, there was nothing I wanted or desired anymore.

I got everything, even if the thing was just one person.

But I still didn’t want to loose.

Xalorad took my hair in his hand and pushed my head back while stroking his cock against my neck. I grew anxious to taste him, to my run my tongue through his length and to gag on it.

“Let’s see how fierce you can get.” He snarked, raising his hand.

I had a desperate need to touch it with my hands but to my horrible luck, they were restrained to my back. The shaft grew, straining upwards. My mouth filled with water as I parted my lips to invite him in. The appetite we wolves had for sex after getting a mark was incomparable to anything in this world.

And I was starving.

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