The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 58

I moved forward, coming closer to his masculinity. The head of his cock met with my tongue and my legs tightened. His cock grew thicker and harder with the touch of my mouth. Xalorad stuffed my hair with his fingers, giving me something to fall back on since I couldn’t use my hands. I believed he loved controlling me in these small things.

I knew where his power lied and without wasting another second, I went in, taking his cock into my mouth fully. In rasping strokes, I devoured him, tasting his manliness run down my throat. It filled my mouth perfectly—as if it was only meant for me and no one else.

His body buckled when I went quicker, slightly choking on his tip as it slammed against my throat. As I moved back, he tugged on my hair and thrusted his cock deep down my throat. I didn’t resist, only gagged.

He was aiming towards loosing and I didn’t mind.

I forced my throat wider to take him deeper and he nearly growled. “Fuck.” Letting loose of my hair, he retreated while I grabbed a quick breath down my sore throat.

“That’s all?” I sniffed and gave him a wicked smile. My throat could do much worse things.

He brushed the loose hair away from my face and bent down. “That’s all for me.”

“That was barely a min—” I wanted to tease him and argue back but when he slapped his hand over my mouth, I couldn’t say anything anymore except for muffled phrases that didn’t make any sense.

“Your turn.” He stated, pushing me on the ground and getting on the top. Someone really wanted to win and that someone wasn’t me. What was Xalorad going to even get out of this?

“You were going to loose!” I exclaimed as he turned me over my stomach. The cold ground touching my warm skin made me quiver and for a second there, I thought of being in a bed but the last time we did something in a bed, it was wrecked.

I heard him shuffle above me but before I could look back, he had already returned. “And now you are.” He forced my legs apart and rose my hips.

I couldn’t see what he was doing but when I felt a cold substance against my asshole, I got a glimpse of what was going to happen. My body writhed as the cold lube met with my asshole that had never been fucked, let alone touched. I never thought I could feel anything through my ass but my assumptions changed that night itself.

Xalorad placed his palm against my lower back and warned me, “Don’t scream. It will only hurt for a bit.”

I shuffled my legs apart and a cold object slid inside my asshole. My pussy dripped with the sudden impact and I whimpered while raking my nails across my own skin. My back lowered as the toy went deeper into my ass, stretching it from the inside.

“Fuck, fuck,” I hissed, sliding forward and shaking a little.

“Don’t move.” Xalorad ordered, pushing his hand harder on my lower back and keeping me in place while the toy went inside me fully. My insides clenched and throbbed while my pussy drenched in my wetness.

It was an odd yet surprising.

Once the ball was resting inside my asshole, it felt a lot better and the tingling in my stomach began growing. Gasps and moans left my parted lips. I felt a tear fall down my cheek while my insides adjusted to the ball. It felt different and everything I moved, the ball interested itself deeper. I had never experienced something like this before and the feeling at the pit of my stomach was just overwhelming.

Xalorad turned me over my back and hovered over me. “I warned you.”

I squirmed underneath him knowing the loss of this game was just in the corner as I was already nearing to a climax. He pushed my legs apart and traced his finger across my inner thighs while I whimpered quietly, still slithering on the ground.

“Hold it. I know you can do that.” He said, giving me a little encouragement while parting the folds of my pussy at the same time.

“I can’t.” I cried, grinding my clit against his fingers that were to close to began with. The sensation was bubbling up in my stomach, forming a climax.

He moved his hand away and my body moved a little aside from the climax. Xalorad came above me, his muscular body inches away from touching mine. God. I was so close. The only thing I wanted right now was this mind—shattering orgasm.

“You can and you will.” He placed a small peck over his mark on my neck, triggering the heat inside my body, the one that belonged to the female wolf inside me. I looked down at my body that was slick with sweat, shaking to be satisfied.

Taking deep breaths, I tried hard to control myself for a second but that was until the toy inside my asshole began vibrating. My breathing grew violent and I moaned while twisting my body around and tightening my legs together. My arousal dripped down and I let out a few helpless screams while tugging on the ropes and bruising my own skin.

I couldn’t bear it.

It was too much.

The vibrations sent me off to another universe and to climax, I needed someone to touch or fuck me but the only man inside the room was inches away from me.

“No, no, please, touch me.” I begged as my pussy contracted. “Please, please, Xalorad.” He stood above me, watching me cry and wither for his touch.

I needed it.

“Hold it.” He gave me a grin. This wasn’t a game, it was a punishment and I knew exactly what it was for.

“Please, I would never kiss her or anyone ever again!” My jaw clenched and I gritted my teeth against each other. “Never!”

“I know you wouldn’t.” He bent down and sat calmly beside me. The amusement in his eyes told me he was enjoying this, more than anything else.

The vibrations continued and I threw my head back while screaming and begging loudly. What I felt from the inside was a kind of pleasure I could never explain—it was beautiful torture.

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