The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 59

Moans and pleads rang through the sacred dungeon. I was in a trance of pain and pleasure that I couldn’t escape from—there was no escape to began with as my hands were bound along with my body. I was trapped. The hunger inside me began to grumble in frustration. When Xalorad came over, I found some relief but still not the kind of relief I was looking for.

“Yes...yes...” I breathed hard and loud while raising my legs and rubbing myself all over him. He was going to reek of me in no time and that was exactly what I wanted.

His fingers tanged in my locks and he lowered his mouth to set it against mine but before our lips met in a union, he stopped and set his steel-like eyes on me.

“I never want you to kiss another one—be it a man or a woman. I may not have many rules but among the few of them is that I don’t share what’s mine,” A strand of my hair landed on my lips and he paused before tucking it away. “Do you want to be mine or not?” He questioned, directly.

I couldn’t focus much on his demands and questions when the toy inside me was vibrating and his bare cock was only a couple inches away from ravishing and destroying my pussy.

“I am yours.” I replied, quickly. I never had to think about it—about Xalorad. My eyes were on him long before I ever became a legal teen. It was my luck and fate that bought us together.

“I want to hear you say it again.” He nibbled on my lower lip while still resisting to kiss or fuck me. How could a man control for so long?

I hurled at him, almost biting him but he moved back before I could. “I am yours. Please, just fucking kiss me.” I snapped and he grinned before his mouth was on mine, exploring it.

The kiss was gentle at first and then harder and rougher as he claimed all of my mouth and left his mark wherever he possibly could. I curled my legs around his hips in haste—incase he’d leave me again. While my hands were tied, my legs weren’t and I could do anything I wanted to do with them.

His mouth brushed across my neck, leaving a wet path of bites and kisses while I thrashed underneath him, waiting for him to impale the heat inside me and conquer my wolf with his knot.

“Xalorad, please, I need you.” I whimpered, closing my brows and looking at him.

He rose his head and his fiery eyes landed on me, “You want to loose?” He asked, regarding the game we were playing.

“I don’t mind loosing if it means getting the only thing I want. Mate with me, I can’t bear this any longer.” I said, pouting and pouring out everything. Every second that passed by, I wanted him more, it was obsessive—I could tell but what animals were we if we weren’t obsessive and cruel?

He moved back and spreader my legs across the ground. My body continued to writhe and I was almost going to die again but he didn’t let me. His cock tore through my sheath without a warning. I shivered, my body convulsed one more time before taking in his length inside my narrowed walls that clenched around him as he gave me a thrust.

My nipples rose and my back arched. I clawed the skin around my clams while my core trembled.

Xalorad’s breathing became fast and heavy. He landed his hands on either side of my head and asked, “Tell me, do you feel full?”

I gasped hard when his entire length and thickness was buried inside while there was a thick toy inside my asshole, buzzing like phone gone mad. I didn’t feel full—I felt complete, like my life was complete.

My body went taut and my insides went tighter and tighter around his cock. “Yes.” I cried, taking sharp, uneven breaths.

His movements intensified and soon his hand was around my neck, brining me to more pleasure. “Good girl.” He looked at my eyes while holding himself inside me. It was bone-tingling and I knew I was going to be more greedier for this pleasure after tonight.

My limbs were shaking at the force. I was at the peak, ready to blow all over his cock. With each thrust and every brutal stroke, I was crying out while my nails had tore through my skin. His body, his muscles were stiff and hard against my weak one’s.

He overpowered me.

Thrills ran up my spine—not the cold ones but rather the warm ones.

“I can’t,” I cried out, arching against his cock. I took a raspy breath as his hand uncovered my throat. “I can’t hold it anymore.”

His thrusting continued—it was an open invitation to orgasm and loose but it was the moment, the feeling I felt, so powerful and raw that I was scared to let it go, scared I would never feel it again once the mating would be completed.

He covered my face with his hands and said, “Cum for me.”

My body was tied with pleasure I never knew existed. The heat of my orgasm suddenly gushed out at his command as if my body only existed to obey him.

Like I was the scorching flame to his coal.

The savage climax I held onto with my life ripped through me. My head went back, loud screams went past my claimed lips and I went through waves of shudders before the numbness on my lower vanished and I felt my holes clenching and clamping onto whatever was inside me.

My nails raked across the ground and I took a large breath as Xalorad pulled out of me and leaned back.

“Such a mess you have created.” He sighed, holding my thighs apart so he could see what he had done to me. He truly destroyed me this once.

The vibrations in my ass came to a stop but the ball was still tightened inside me. Xalorad plunged his cock back into me, feeding any hunger that was left behind.

The tension coiled in his shaft after a couple of thrusts. My eyes strayed to his and our gazes locked. I moaned while squeezing myself around his cock as I still wanted his knot. He moved hard and fast while gritting his teeth to bring himself to a quick climax.

Suddenly, he knotted inside me, growing thicker than usual. I rocked against him and pumped him till his seed coated my wet cunt and it was only then that I felt full and satisfied.

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