The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

The sun was gleaming on my skin, warming me. I tried avoiding the light but I couldn’t, not for long. Completely irritated with the sun, I opened my eyes and sat up. It was the morning sun that had woken me up. I had been sleeping for more than ten hours straight.

My tangled hair fell over my bare chest as I yawned. That was a night I couldn’t forget. I clearly remembered entering second round but after that, I was blacked out with alcohol and so was Xalorad.

Lowering my head, I found my hand against his chest while he was sleeping on a bed we landed on after the last round, something I couldn’t well remember but I didn’t remember arguing about being on the bed than the grounds of the dungeon.

We were still here. I was sore and I didn’t know much about him as he was still asleep. Lifting my leg off the bed, it landed straight on one of the bottles we emptied last night and the glass hit the floor straight, waking Xalorad.

He let out a stiff groan at the light that blinded him. It came straight from one of the windows near the ceiling that met with the abandoned warehouse.

“How much did I drink?” I gasped at the bottles scattered on the floor. It wasn’t easy for us wolves to get drunk but once we did, it was almost the end of time.

He snaked his hand around my naked waist as I pulled my both legs onto the ground. “Why are you leaving?”

“I want to take a shower. My hair—it’s a mess.” I replied, picking out the knots that were created in my hair. After last night, I really needed some kind of hair treatment.

“You look exquisite.”

I laughed, freeing myself off him. “And you’re still drunk.” I picked up the sheet dangling from the bed and threw it back on him before my search for clothes began.

With the light of dawn, I could see everything inside the dungeon. It had it’s own lights but I had no idea where the switches were. I managed to find my clothes at the end and when I found them, I wore them as quickly as I could before I was back on the bed, getting pounded for another century.

I knew me.

Xalorad knew me.

My stomach rumbled with hunger as I pulled out my phone from my bag to see if I got anything from Hannah. She was still depressed and ranting about Artemis and how badly she wanted to see her again. I couldn’t let it happen but it was too hard. Hannah was my closest friend and this wasn’t any boy I could get her over from.

This was Artemis.

“Aren’t you going to change?” I asked Xalorad as I returned to the bed and found him still on the same spot but his eyes open and directed at me.


I looked at him curiously. “I have to go home.”

“You should.”

“But—aren’t you going to leave as well?” I rose my brows, all confused to why he still wanted to stay inside the dungeon after a whole day had passed by. Didn’t he have things to do? Like things Alpha’s do?

“I’m going to hell straight.”

My mouth dropped, “Oh, why?”

He sighed and got up straight to take my hands and pull me to the bed. “I have to take care of things there since I have marked my mate.”

My hungry stomach rumbled once more, this time with his words instead of the thought of food or sex. We had done it. He had marked and mated with me. We were tied together now, as mates.

“Wh—what things?” I was a tad-bit curious about where he was heading too, especially now that I had the right to be worried, to feel anything I wanted. He was no longer my Alpha but only my mate.

“My Father. Let’s hope he doesn’t reigns hell upon here after learning his time on the throne is over, forever.” Xalorad responded, his voice a bit gloomy.

Hades. The King of Hell was no longer the King.

“How long will you be gone for?” I wondered, hoping to see him soon. I could go to hell easily and along with him but I doubted he wanted that since he had to deal with his Father first and I was still terrified of going back into hell alone.

“A couple days. My Father’s going to be enraged and unless I want to be an orphan, I’ve to take care of his anger,” He joked and I laughed. When things fell back to being serious, he continued, “He still holds more power than I do and only one King can teach another. But if anything goes here, I want you to contact me.”


Leaving my hands, he turned around and gave me a number, a number that wasn’t his. “It’s Alexander’s. He’s a loyal to me. Give him a call if something is wrong.”

I nodded, noting the number down on my phone. At least it wasn’t that other demon’s number. Never in a thousand years I wanted to see that wicked man ever again. He almost burned me to death.

“What about Artemis? I know she’s a bitch but can you look for her and bring her here? I promised Hannah.” I whispered. It was a big, threatening request but there was nothing else I could do.

“I’ll try. Let me see if she’s in hell.”

“Thank you,” I mumbled and then realized that there were so many other things I needed to be thankful for. “—for everything.”

He smiled and grabbed me in his arms. “You don’t have to thank me for anything,” His hand drifted behind my neck and he pulled me down to kiss me quickly. “Don’t forget, you lost.”

“I did,” I agreed, murmuring against his lips. “Have me whenever and where you wish.” It was what he wanted and since I lost, he could get me.

“I will.” His replied, his voice nearly an intimidating whisper that bought memories of last night to reappear.

I sat in his embrace for a couple of minutes before the naughty feelings began rising. As soon as they did, I got up and got off the bed while he laid back down with his arms crossed over his head. He really had no intentions of leaving this place or the bed we fucked in, a couple times.

“There’ll be a few of my men around your house, keeping you safe from a distance.” Xalorad said. There was no danger over me anymore but since he had marked me, I could understand where the hesitation was coming from.

The thousand girls that would want to kill me.

While wearing my shoes, a thought rang in my head and I suggested, “Since you’re Beta is dead, I’ve an idea on who should be next.”

His eyes opened for a second and then they closed again. “Choose whoever you wish. Everything that’s mine is yours.” He didn’t think, just spoke, randomly.

The shock on my face was clear and I wished he didn’t see me. I blinked a couple of times. Everything? I never even thought about it, about being an Alpha’s mate and the wonders of it. I only believed the wonders were in the bedroom and nowhere else.

Clearing my throat, I asked, “Including the ride outside?” It was a pretty car and I really wanted to get my hands on the steering wheel of it, for once and race through the town like a mad woman.

“As long as you know how to drive, have it.”

I slammed my teeth together in joy and let out a small squeal before grabbing my bag and heading out to grab the car and hit some curb randomly. However, Xalorad stopped me right before I ran out.

“Come here.” He rose his hand and motioned me to come to the bed.

Pushing away the excitement for a second, I loosened the bag in my hand and got on the bed. He placed a hand against my face and bought me to down so he could kiss me once more, right before I left. It was a soft, gentle kiss after one brutal night and it made my heart throb instead of my pussy.

“Take care of yourself,” He tucked my hair behind my ear and reached up to kiss my forehead. “And don’t get yourself shot again because then, I won’t let you leave hell.”

“I will.” I nodded, giving him my promise to not do anything life-threatening.


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