The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 6

I jerked upright and straightened my position when I saw the Alpha—the same man that fucked the lights out of two nights ago. My insides clenched but the second I saw my Dad beside him, all the stir vanished into the thin air and I snapped my head towards the stage. Why did my Dad had to be chosen as the Beta?

He was among the cruelest people I had known but somehow, he got the title and misused it to the max. Along with all the things he had done, he also kept the fact hidden that he was still married with Mom and I was his daughter. A few people knew but the rest all didn’t.

A mistake—what he usually called me.

“Is Lucas back?” Hannah questioned me as if I knew the answer to that. “And boy, he has grown up.” She barely moved her head from him.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged, lost in my own thoughts. I clenched my hands into fists. I was enraged about seeing my Dad here. Couldn’t he stay out of one place that I go too? I couldn’t care less about his reasons for coming here but I knew he was going to say something to me once his act was over.

“What are you so upset about?”

I gave her an exasperated look, “Nothing.”

“Chill then.”

We had a special assembly today, hosted by our principal and one of the protectors of our pack. Every year, we had a tournament in our school, selecting out the best teen protectors for the pack. I went in last year, pissed my pants and backed out with Hannah as we didn’t knew what the tournament held for us.

No wonder the Alpha was here.

While the principal of our school went on about the usual things, I zoned out again. It wasn’t like I was going to participate anyways. I wasn’t intrigued in any kind of pack matters or even being a werewolf.

I didn’t take it as a gift. My wolf bore me, and tied me to this place where I could never run away without being killed by other’s. If I ever had the chance to get rid of it and be a human, I would’ve. Only if. Mom and I would’ve been far away from here, probably in another country, maybe Paris, enjoying our lives and not being shit scared of my Dad.

I sighed.

Just dreams.

Hannah poked my stomach hard and I groaned, “What do you want?”

“Didn’t you hear anything I told?”

“No, I was busy in my thoughts.” We both were quietly whispering now and since a lot of girls around us were as well, no one could hear a thing.

“Oh, really? Thinking about what? Lucas or getting fucked—” I shut her up before she continued.

“Shush. Don’t say that.” I hissed at her when I knew what exactly she was going to say. I was pretty sure the Alpha could hear us all whispering.


“Good. We’ll talk outside.” I fixated my attention on the principal and quieted down.

Even when I tried to focus, I couldn’t. A shiver ran through me when I replayed the events of that night—not the deadly last night but the night at the dungeon. My body tensed and prickled. I felt a pair of eyes upon me, waiting for me to turn my head.

I did.

I looked into his dark, steel eyes that were right on me. He was looking at me. The Alpha. My breath caught in my chest. I bit the inside of my cheeks and slowly turned my head away. My fingers tangled with each other over my lap. I almost smiled.

Getting up, I tapped on Hannah’s leg and she moved it away. “Where are you going?”

“The restroom.” I cleared my throat and said before making my way out of the hall and the assembly.

The closest restroom was a walk away from the hall. As soon as I got inside, I flickered my finger over the marble counter and waited. My eyes reflected back at me. A second passed by and then another.

I narrowed my head to the ground when the door opened and the Alpha walked in. Just sweet. His fingers weaved into my hair. I breathed sharply, almost letting out a moan in ecstasy. My body melted when he spun me around and pushed my ass to the wall.

I quaked before gasping as if I didn’t knew what I was inviting when I walked out of that hall.

The Alpha’s lips were inches away from mine, just close enough to make my core tremble and my body stiffen. His hand was around my neck, rough as a sandpaper.

“Give me a good reason why I’ve followed you here?” He whispered down my throat.

I sucked in a breath and pressed my palms against the cold, marble walls of the restroom.

“I’ve no idea but I guess you’ll figure it out.” I replied before my lips turned into a smile.

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