The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 61

“Mom, get ready, we are going to have a party at home. Invite whoever you want too. It’s time for celebration.” I dropped a voice note to her beforehand. I knew she had been taking a couple off’s from the hospital since she had been feeling a little down after my death. I couldn’t blame her, it was heartbreaking.

But now that everything was over and my life was finally back in my control, I wanted to celebrate—the death of the lovely Mr. Barry, the only death that ever mattered to me, the only death I would ever be happy for and Mom needed to be happy for it as well.

We both were tormented, for years and now that he was gone, we had to do some kind of party.

I stopped by a local bakery. My hair still looking like trash. I had yet to take a shower but before that, I wanted to pick up a cake and flowers for my Mom. Her horrible days were over. She was going to be happy and free for the rest of her life and this was just the beginning.

As I threw my hair into a bun, I looked around and found a cap at the back seat of the car I had just borrowed from Xalorad. I still couldn’t believe he had just allowed me to drive it. Holding the steering wheel made me nervous.

After throwing a cap onto my head, I went out and picked up a cake that spelt new beginnings. I wasn’t sure whether this was for myself or Mom, but there was no problem celebrating it together. Once I picked up the necessary things, I drove back home in the daylight while humming to a song on the radio. It was a new day, a new start and I was all for it.

Maybe it was really the sex.

I pushed the door open with my arms and went in while my eyes that were attached to the back of my head were peering at the familiar car in the driveway.

My jaw dropped at seeing Artemis, sitting inside my house, talking to my Mom while Hannah was beside her. “What is she doing here, Mom?” I yelled, my face turning red as a flame.

“You told me I could invite whoever I wanted too,” She started, reminding me of the voice message I had sent. I wasn’t even sure if my Mom was awake at this time of the morning. “And I invited Hannah and she bought her friend.”

“No, Mom,” I cried, throwing my hands in the air and slapping my head. Didn’t she know? “I told you yesterday. She’s a bitch.” I pointed my finger at Artemis who was swooning all over my friend and giggling at me like the fake bitch she was.

“Marissa,” Mom stared at me like I was the bitch in the room. “Don’t disrespect someone like that.”

“Let it go, Marissa.” Hannah spoke up from her silence, her tone completely different. It was almost a few hours ago I heard her VN’s stating she was sad and depressed over the fact her new girlfriend was thrown out of town by my mate.

My blood boiled as my gaze landed on Artemis. Why was she here again? I thought she went away for good after Xalorad almost burned her to death but I assumed she recieived the information that he had left town and was at hell for a couple of days.

Artemis leaned forward and placed her saucer on the table before she got up. “Let me talk with her alone. Maybe we can make things up. I’ll be back in a moment, sweetie.” She slipped her other hand away from Hannah’s and walked over to me.

I followed her and right before entering another room, I grabbed a sharp souvenir resting inside the cabinet and held it tight in my hands, just incase I wanted to slam it on her head.

I closed the door behind and Artemis turned around. “Look—” The souvenir was literally in the air, ready to be thrown. “No offense, Marissa, but you’re dumb.”

“Get out of my house.”

“I want to make things right.” She interrupted me, sounding a tad-bit sincere.

Why was I ever going to believe her? I reminded myself that she was the bitch here, the one who gave me nightmares and fucked up my nights—double-faced bitch. Where did her other face go anyway? Why wasn’t she showing it to Hannah?

“No, nothing is going to be right.” I growled, tightening my hand.

“I’m sorry,” She blurted out. “I know I have done wrong with you and Xalorad and I’m really sorry for it. I didn’t know how far I went until you killed your Father.” She changed up her act real quick and I was surprised for a fact.

“Yeah and then you came and told me that Xalorad would never mark a woman like me.” I recalled her words, the ones that exited her mouth when I was inside the tournament zone. That was much more painful than anything else and for a second there, I thought it was true.

“I’m sorry. I was jealous—I have always been of my cousin. He gets everything easily and he destroys anyone at anytime. I thought I was saving you,” Her eyes traced down my body and then landed back on mine. “But you don’t need to be saved.”

I lowered the weapon in my hand and took her words in. “Still not believable. Why would you force me to have nightmares when I didn’t even know him? Why did you torture me for those days?” Just the night after having sex with him, she fucked my nights up and drew horrible things with blood on my washroom mirrors.

How could I ever forget that?

“It’s what I do, preserve virtue. Whenever anyone goes in his dungeon, I do it so the girl never returns—and they usually don’t but you kept going back to him even when I tried to stop you.” She explained, her expression turning soft. “And then I learned you were his mate and I grew more jealous about it so I marked you.”

“And now you’re fucking my friend?” I spat out, still angry.

“I am not. I really like Hannah, she amazing and beautiful. I never thought I’d ever see myself with a mortal but since I met her, my views have changed.” Her face glowed at the mention of my friend.

Blah. Blah. Blah.

“How do I know you’re telling the truth?” I squinted a little in disbelief. Was Hannah the only girl left in this world? Couldn’t she find someone else? Someone that wasn’t my friend. I rolled my eyes at that thought.

“Because Xalorad is the King of Hell and you two have mated...from what I can tell,” Her gaze swept through my weak, bruised body again. “It’s over. I will not trouble you or him, as long as you two aren’t troubling me.”

“How do I know you won’t hurt Hannah?” I was slowly beginning to understand and take the fact in that Artemis may had changed.

“I won’t. She marked me, I didn’t and I’m a Goddess. My life is sealed to hers, only her death will part us.” She replied, softly.

“Okay...” I wasn’t going to come in my friend’s way of finding her happiness and if Artemis had changed, I couldn’t be the one interrupting her and Hannah’s love life. “But if I see you hurt Hannah in anyway, I will destroy you.”

“I won’t.” She gave me her word. “All is forgiven?” Artemis looked at me with her puppy eyes.

My face twisted with disgust and I turned around to the door before I could throw up for thinking that I could be friends with my enemy. “In your dreams.”

“Wait,” She ran to me, took my hand and quickly placed something inside my palm. I almost choked out a scream in fear but when my eyes landed on Gerald’s collar, I stopped and took a quick breath. “I picked it up that day and kept it. I’m really sorry, Marissa.”

Mrs. Carlence’s dead husband’s ashes were finally found.

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