The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 62

I stayed inside my room, pacing around with the collar in my hands and get my thoughts straight. I didn’t want to believe Artemis, for even for a second but I had to because of Hannah, she gave me no other option so I went along with everything.

If she hurt her, I would destroy her.

A crowd began arriving at the doorstep of my house after Mom made the call to everyone, announcing that I was alive and doing well. The news of mating with Xalorad still had to wait till he would return, even thought he gave me the permission to do whatever I wanted to do.

I brushed my hair hard, detangling it from the destruction of last night and almost ripping out a few locks. Once I was done taming it down, I took a quick cold shower, changed my clothes, dressed up and went back downstairs.

It was hard seeing Hannah with the bitch but I let it go. I never knew she was that dumb to make the decision of even being friends with Artemis. But again, Artemis had her own attraction, she could envelope anyone into her embrace with a single glance, the strength she had was all in her looks and her alluring words. When I met her for the first time, I was trapped as well.

Perks of being a Goddess.

I took the last step from the stairs. My eyes wandered around my house, finding a few familiar faces. Most of the people were either from my school, friends or Mom’s friends.

“You’re back! How did you cheat death?” Sophia asked, appearing in front of me. “I’ve heard some really vile rumors.”

Parting my lips, I chuckled, “Those are just rumors. Wait for the real thing. You’ll know.”

Her eyes were wide, her face filled with shock as she continued, “Wow. Let’s see what the real thing is. We are glad to have you back. Your funeral was terrifying.” She pressed her hand on my shoulder and then left me alone.

Once again, I found myself peering around to find Hannah who was with Artemis, just as I thought. They were talking to another girl at my school while touching each other. It made me want to gag—the act Artemis was putting out.

I really didn’t like her.

“Well, isn’t someone all fresh?” Mom said, offering me a celebratory drink. When I didn’t respond, she looked at the same direction I was looking. “Come on, Marissa, let go of old things. They look so happy together, don’t they?”

“Too much.” I mumbled, tearing my gaze away from them and finding something else to be bothered about. There wasn’t a single person around here that knew about Artemis. Everyone believed she was the new hot girl in town, even the boys were fanning over her.

Rather than the return from my death, this seemed like the party to introduce the new girl to everyone.


I rolled my eyes once more and took a big gulp of the drink before biting something down to full myself and get rid of the hunger clawing inside my stomach.

From the corner of my eyes, I saw Lucas at the entrance of the door, looking for me. My heart jumped. I went straight to him and we shared a small hug.

“I told you I would be back.” I grinned, standing at the porch outside Mom’s house as it was too crowded inside.

“I have lost my sleep since the second you were shot. This is nothing to joke about, Marissa. You nearly gave me a stroke,” Lucas whined, still moody, just as I left him at the police station. It was his fault for not believing me. “But, anyway, how are you? I can tell you got what you wanted.” His eyes trailed across my cheeks, slowly lowering to my neck where he spotted the mark of my mate.

I smiled, hard, “I did.” I pressed my hand against my neck, feeling the mark throbbing against my pulse. It was a good feeling and I wanted it to last forever.

Me and Xalorad.

I did miss him even though it had just been a few hours since I had left his place. I wondered if he had gone back by now or was he still sleeping.

“I’m curious. How did you return?”

“I had to end up in hell in order to return. When Xalorad marked me, it allowed me to shift through the worlds since he’s a demon.” I explained in small terms, enough to give something to Lucas.

It was all confusing at first but slowly, things were getting to me. I was now a part of two worlds, one was the mortal world and the other one was hell.

I raised my hand and showed the mark of hell to Lucas. “I can go back whenever I want too.”

“So, this means you cannot die ever again?”

I shrugged, not knowing the answer to his question as I never thought that deep. “I don’t know about that.”

He patted my back and give me a smile, finally getting rid of the gloom over his face. “Well, whatever it is, I’m happy you are here and doing well.”

“I am too.”

We walked around the block for another couple of minutes. I enjoyed the cold weather here. It was just beautiful. The air was fresh, not contained with screams of sinners or their ashes when they were burned repeatedly.

“I got the most unusual call from my Dad today, telling me I have to go guard you under your mate’s commands,” Lucas said, shaking his head and stopping me in the middle of the road. “As much as I would love to do that to gain a few more points in this pack, I want to know if you had your hand in this.”

“Not at all!” I exclaimed, slightly acting baffled. “But since you’re the closest warrior to me, I suppose that would be the reason why Xalorad choose you to be around when he’d be gone. You can keep me safe, can’t you?”

“Last time I tried that, you got yourself shot.” He joked as we returned back on our walk around the block.

I chuckled, “That had to be done.”

He gave me a look before shaking his head once more. A sigh escaped his lips. “Fine. I’ll keep you safe until your mate returns.”

I squealed in joy. At least it didn’t have to be any other stranger walking with me all the time. That would have been more awkward and scary.

“We are going to have a lot fun!”

“I doubt that.” He again hinted the scene at the police station and I nudged my elbow in his stomach.

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