The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 63

Chapter 63

After the small party was over, I found myself taking out the trash and cleaning the house since it was my idea and my Mom had nothing to do it. Dump, dump, dump. I got a little help with Lucas as he anyway had to be around me for the entire evening.

He picked up the last bag of trash and dumped it inside the bin, I took a breath of relief and cracked my neck. Small was a little word for the party we had. People that I didn’t even know were at my house, assuming it was a school party.

“That’s all. Never throwing another party again. Though it felt great celebrating Mr. Barry’s death without actually celebrating it.”

“You must be relieved.” Lucas said.

“More than you can think.” My life had just brightened up ever since he was gone and my future, it was safe now, along with Mom’s. The only person that ever tormented us was gone, forever.

When we reached the porch of my house, I stopped and huffed out another long breath. “That’s it. You should probably go home and get some rest. I’ve misused more than what you signed up for.”

He laughed, “Yes, you did.” He folded his arms across his chest and for a moment there, his eyes darkened. “Who was the woman with Hannah? I found them in a room, making out earlier.”

I groaned hard, “Fuck. Please, tell me it wasn’t my room.”

“No, no, it was the guest room.”

“Thank God. I would’ve killed her,” Not joking. If Hannah ever bought Artemis into my room, I would have killed them both without even thinking. It was already bad that I was seeing them together in the public that now I had to see this too. “She’s Artemis.” I continued.

“The Goddess of Virtue?”

I scoffed, “Yes but seems like she lost her own virtue.”

“You hate her...”

“She marked me when I was drunk.”


“And I had to go through all this trouble because of her. Her explanation—oh, I just didn’t want any innocent soul falling for Xalorad so I had to stop you and every other girl that slept with him.” I blabbered, loosing my breath.

“Wow. That’s my cue to leave.”


Lucas stepped forward and pulled me against him. He patted my back couple of things and those were aggressive pats. “I’ll be back by morning.” He wasn’t in night duty. There was another big, bulky man outside my house, staring at me with his bulging eyes.

“Goodnight.” I pulled back and he left.

I tracked my Mom inside her room, finishing her decaf while reading a book by the window. Pausing for a moment by the door, I looked at her and then smiled at the peace she was in. She was happy, blooming into a new person with a new life. She had the brightest smile on her face today and I could never forget it.

“Mom?” I pulled her out from her nighttime reading.

Tonight was her last off. She had to return back to her work before they fired her for mourning too much on her daughter’s death and since she the management learned I was alive, they wanted her to return to her duty as soon as possible.

A lot of people had many question to how I returned—especially the officer who rammed his bullet inside my wolf. I couldn’t answer any of them. They had to wait for the truth.

“Oh, you’re done?” She closed her book. “Is Lucas gone?”

“Yeah, and yeah, he’s gone.”

Uncertainty flew into her eyes and she said, “You two seem close.”

I shook my head in disbelief, “Mom, he’s just a friend and just because we used to date doesn’t means we can’t be friends. I have a mate and Lucas is way too engaged in serving the pack.” I quickly said before she thought of any worse.

Lucas’ return here was solely because he was getting offered to become a high-ranking warrior and it was something he couldn’t miss. He loved being himself, a werewolf and it was his childhood dream to reach somewhere without his Dad’s help.

And he was probably seeing someone.

Mom nodded in agreement. “Okay, I believe you.” Her hand stretched out to the couch in front of hers and she said, “Come, sit.”

I slipped my hands underneath my skirt and flattened them across my legs before sitting down. The way she gawked at me was questioning. I could tell she was going to say something, something surprising.

She was waiting for this moment. “I found your Father.”

I blinked. Once. Twice. “What?”

“I looked into him after you died. I wanted to find him and I did. He’s still where he was all those years ago.” Her voice lightly lifted. She was afraid, of me.

I wanted to reassure her that I wasn’t going to make her feel guilty about not telling me this earlier. I understood her and her decisions. It was hard itself to bear Mr. Barry’s presence and she had been through much.

“Who is he, Mom?” I asked, my tone soft.

“His name is Marco Weldon. After I finished my studies, I flew around and had some fun. It was then that I met him and the entire thing was a blur to me. One moment I was in another state and the next moment, I was here, pregnant with a baby of an Alpha. Back then, it was against the law to have a child from another pack wolf—” She sniffed hard while I grew more and more curious.

“I mated with Barry then. He believed you were his child but as you grew up, I couldn’t hide it from him anywhere so I told him the truth. He felt betrayed and it started from there. The rest, you know.”

“Does he knows—my Father?” I stuttered, my heart thumping hard inside my chest. Even thought I was a mistake, Mom never showed or told me that.

“Yes,” she nodded. “He knew. But because we had issues with their pack, I couldn’t allow him to come see you or it would’ve raised rumors and more problems.”

My gaze was on the other side of the room. I was trying hard to keep my thoughts straight on this. I had a Dad who wasn’t Mr. Barry and that itself was enough to make me happy.

Mom reached out and took my hand before kissing it. “I’m sorry, Marissa. The laws back then were strict and brutal. I didn’t know what to do. But even after everything, I love you and you were the most beautiful child that I was gifted with. I have no regrets—never.”

My eyes teared and I jumped forward and hugged her. “I love you, Mom.” I dragged a deep breath in my lips and slid back before wiping away the tears from my face and Mom’s.

“I want to give you something,” She reached down to the bag on the floor and pulled out a paper. My eyes scurried across it quickly as she gave it to me. It was a ticket. “This is where your Father lives. It’s been eighteen years. I know he would still want to see you.”

My face turned ugly once more with the crying. “How do I find him?” The plane ticket was to a town that was three hours away from here.

“You don’t, honey. He’ll know when you’re there and so will you.”

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