The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 64

Chapter 64

I thought long and hard to see if I wanted to find my real Dad and look for him, if I wanted to take that plane and fly to where he lived, if I wanted to enter his pack and his town and see him. I couldn’t even start with imagining how he looked like. How old was he? What kind of man was he? What kind of Alpha was he? Was he married? Did he have other children?

These were a few questions I couldn’t ask my own mother as she had clue about him. To her, he was her past, a drunken past as per she as recalled. They spoke through calls a couple of times and met once, mainly after I was given birth.

At the end of my bed, I continued tapping the plane ticket that was scheduled on Tomorrow afternoon. A night later. My eyes didn’t leave the ticket. I wanted to go but I was afraid, of way to many things.

I picked up my phone to call Hannah but then remembered Artemis was probably lingering around her. She was my friend first. I told her everything and we were so close together. A day back and I already felt like Hannah was taken away from me.

By that bitch.

I called it jealousy—and I didn’t care, I wanted my friend back.

So, I dropped her a message instead of calling her.

‘Hey, read this alone, please. I learned through Mom about my real Dad’s whereabouts and what do you think about flying with me tomorrow afternoon to Shadowfalls? I know this is abrupt but I really wish if you came with me. I really need you.’

She was the motivation I wanted. She always forced me to do things I didn’t want to do and at the end of the day, they were for my good and they were the things that made me happy.

I didn’t receive a response immediately so I tucked in the plane ticket and then tucked myself under the sheets. The lights from the porch shadowed on my face, a few cars passed by slowly from the road outside our house.

The second I stopped thinking about my Dad, my thoughts diverted to Xalorad. Where would he be right now? All I wanted to do was be in bed with him till the night passed by, maybe delve into the fantasies storming inside my head, maybe just be there, laying with him while we watched the sky turn colors. I didn’t want to sleep. I wanted to be with him, chained to his embrace, forever.

Why was he gone?

The night felt like forever itself. After my mind shut off, I finally felt asleep and woke up in the morning to the sounds of birds chirping on the roof of the house.

I had school. It was a weekday but yet I found myself in the kitchen, the plane ticked planted against the counter and a warm cup of coffee wrapped around my fingers while I paced back and forth, my over-working mind not taking a break.

Mom was gone while Lucas was by the other end of the street, looking out for me. I peeked from the window and called him in. He had arrived only a while earlier.

“Aren’t we supposed to be at school?” He yawned. “I was waiting for you to come out.”

“No, I’m not going to school.” I replied, dragging the ticket along with me. “I don’t think so I’ll be going for the next couple days.” I showed him the ticket.

“Shadowfalls? What do you have there?” His brows furrowed as I expected.

“My Dad—the real one.”

The tight expression dropped off his face, his mouth turned into an ‘o’ at the information I gave him. “Wow. That’s—”

"New? My Mom gave it to me last night. I’m still considering it. I don’t know if I want to go...” I trailed off. “What if he’s like Barry?”

“Of course not!” Lucas exclaimed, his eyes bugling at my stupidity. Who could blame me? “Why would you even think that? Whoever you real father is, is probably a hundred time better than Barry. Look at your own self. You have his blood running in you. Are you anything like that vicious Barry or even close to being an evil person?”

“I thought his blood was running inside me too,” I argued. “And for a fact, I did murder him, so that does makes me cruel in a form.” I no longer took myself as a saint, nothing even lose.

“Marissa,” Lucas shook his head and came closer. “Don’t say that. This is your only chance to see where you come from, to know your family truly. Don’t waste your chance. Go for it.”

“If he turns out to be anything like Barry, then?”

“Then you would know, for better or for worse, you would know.” He placed his hands over my shoulder and gave me a hard pat over them.

I shook a little and sighed, “Fine.”

“Do you want me to come with you?”

“No,” I paused. “I want to do this alone. And I don’t want you to tell Xalorad or any of his men that I have gone to Shadowfalls.”

“Yeah, can’t do that.”

“Lucas,” I pouted. “I’ll be safe. He’s an Alpha.”

“I can tell but I still have orders, sweetie, one from my own.” It was the first time Lucas was going to break his Alpha’s order. I’m sure he could do it again without any harm.

“Oh, come on, don’t be like this. I’ll be safe, I promise and I’m taking Hannah with me.” I replied in a shaky breath. She still hadn’t messaged me back, her silence told me that I had to go to her house and drag her along with me.

I didn’t give two-shits about Artemis.

Hannah was mine for tonight.

“Really?” He cocked a brow.

I nodded in response.

“Fine. I guess that will be okay. But, let me know when you reach there. I’ll cover up for you here. And if anything goes wrong, call me.” Lucas picked up his school bag and threw it back over his shoulder. “I’m going to head to class.”

“Bye!” I waved my hand in the air and found him fading away from the streets with his car.

Once he was gone, I ran upstairs, grabbed out a big bag and filled it up with necessities, not knowing how long I was going to stay in Shadowfalls. I didn’t know when Xalorad was going to return and I certainly had nothing more to do here without his presence. Once he’d be back, I would return.

Until then, I would be with my Dad.

I dared myself to go, even though I desperately didn’t want too. Lucas was right—this was my only chance. I learned about my Dad and it was time I went to see him, to find him after being in the dark for long.

I deserved to know who he was and whether I was wrong or right about him.

Before going to the airport, I wanted to make a stop at Hannah’s and pull her out from her beauty, Artemis-ridden sleep. I was furious over her for not texting me back and giving more time to faux-Goddess of virtue than me.

I wrote a note on the kitchen counter, thanking Mom for the ticket and telling her I was going to leave for Shadowfalls and had no idea when I would return. Once I was done writing it, I stamped it onto the fridge, switched off the lights, locked up the doors and went outside with my bags to only find a car racing to me.

I took a large step back and it stopped in front of me.

The window slid down. “I heard we are seeing Daddy Marco tonight.” Artemis said, her words harsh.

How did she even know his name? I didn’t tell Hannah anything about my Dad, nor his name.

My eyes fell on Hannah, “It’s okay, Marissa, she won’t trouble you.” She gave me a warm smile like everything was butterflies and unicorns for her.

“I’m not going with her!” I shouted, almost roaring. “I would rather go alone.”

And I was going too.

Until Artemis spoke again.

“Shadowfalls is a town full of wolves that attack and feed on other pack wolves. The second you step there, you’ll be ripped open and given to their pets, piece by piece before you can ever even see Daddy Marco. So, I’m offering my protection and you can even take it as an apology for being the bitch I was.”

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