The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 65

Chapter 65



My chest was silently rumbling the entire time I was inside the jet—the jet. The stolen jet Artemis picked up from the airport. She claimed it to be Xalorad’s and since they were cousins, they could share everything.

I didn’t fight. I couldn’t. Not after Artemis showed me a video of someone being attacked by the border of Shadowfalls and swallowed up by lions that lived there with the werewolves.

It was troubling.

The video.

The information she gave me.


Even her.

I knew she was a Goddess but I didn’t know she had access to information like this. Her finding out my Dad’s real name was the thing that shook me to my core. How long did she know this for? She did see me drag Barry’s body across his lawn and to my truck so I doubted she knew it back then.

I didn’t want to question so I sat back, lips sealed, grunting and tapping my nails hand on the jet seat. Hannah was beside me, comforting me at last. I could hear my blood pumping in my ears as I waited for this flight to come to an end.

I didn’t trust Artemis in taking a jet in the car and I knew she was going to kill all of us.

“Aren’t you excited?” Hannah asked, speaking of meeting my long lost Dad after just learning about him.

“I was,” My eyes traced across Artemis who had her hand on the wheel. How was it even possible? “Until someone passed by.”

“She’s really trying to help. What were you planning on? Going to Shadowfalls alone? It’s where the Shadow Pack resides. Didn’t you know that?”

“I didn’t!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air. “I’m sorry. I just forgot about it. It happened all of sudden and I didn’t get a chance to think what pack my real Dad is leading.” It got worsen all together when Artemis told me about it.

The wolves of that pack were more wild than any other werewolves existing. They literally lived in the wild, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by forest and other animals. They were true to their wolf nature while keeping the balance to their human form. Rather than a pack, it was more of a cult, a small group who kept themselves hidden from the public.

That’s why they were called the Shadow Pack.

They weren’t always like this but this was the recent information we had learned in our werewolf classes at school.

Any stranger or foreigner stepping in their was ought to be dead.

Hannah warmed my shoulders, “It’s okay. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see him and he’s everything you wanted Mr. Barry to be.” She said.

I smiled at her, hard before encircling my arms around her. “Thank you for coming. I didn’t think you were going too.”

“I could never. This is important to you and whatever is important to you, it’s important to me. I got your message last night but I stayed back with Artemis and we made calls to arrange a few things in Shadowfalls. Don’t want to get murdered.” She laughed while tracing her fingernail across her neck and acting like as if she was being killed.

I held my giggle back but shared with her smile. “I’m just happy you’re.”

“Me too,” Her head spun back. “Should we make ourselves comfortable. We still have an hour before we land in the middle of a forest.”

“Yes, please.” I stretched my arms and prepared myself to go back in the jet and lay down for as long as this thing was in the air. At least I didn’t have to deal with Artemis for an hour.

It was peaceful not to hear her whine and blabber all the time nor see her kissing my friend and turning her mouth into a sloppy mess.

Maybe I could forgive her after all.

When the jet landed, it was in the middle of the forest but on a clear ground with other planes settled nearby. It was late in the morning and the views we got from the sky were beautiful. The moon was almost at its verge of rising.

I stepped out with Hannah while Artemis was ahead of us. She pushed her sunglasses over her face and reached a man standing beside a car. They had a small conversation.

“What is she talking about?” I lowered my head to Hannah and asked.

She shrugged, “Don’t know.”

“Are we getting killed?” Now I was panicking.

“We aren’t in the pack territory yet.” Hannah gave me an eye-roll as I finally realized the dangers.

A moment later, the man gave Artemis a key and she switched on the car before getting inside and igniting the engine. “Get in.”

After blowing out a breath, I reached the door of the passenger seat and before getting inside, I took a peek around, studying the unknown place we were in. My thoughts wandered away once more.

“We don’t have much time!” I heard Artemis shout. “When the sun goes down, the wolves come out with their pets.” She continued, her voice screeching in my ears.

I quietly hopped inside and she drove off from the small airport as quickly as she could. Artemis told Hannah to hide herself in the backseat for some absurd reason I couldn’t understand.

Five minutes later, we reached the Shadowfalls town gate where I gasped upon seeing lions, straight from the wild, lurking outside the car with leashes on them. Pets. These were the pets Artemis was talking about.

Actual wild animals.

I began shaking, my hair rose and a tremor crossed my body.

“Terrified?” Artemis teased me. “Don’t be. They are just lions. They won’t eat you and even if they do, you can get a new body in hell and return.” She slowed down the car near the gates, almost stopping.

“I’m going to piss myself if you don’t start driving.”

“Patience, sweetheart.” She rolled down the windows from her side and extended her hand out to the man who had the leashes in his hand. She showed her something, something I couldn’t see even though I tried too.

My heart was almost at my throat. I could hear it beat hard and fast while sweat of panic dripped down my back.

Artemis pulled her hand back in and snatched mine before showing the man the mark of hell which was on my wrist. He nodded before waving his hand and allowing us to go inside.

I was confused.

What was happening?

“Given we have the mark of hell on us, we are allowed to enter anywhere, anytime and without any harm.” Artemis gave me a long, wicked smile. “It’s the only reason I got this.” She winked at me before looking at the rear glass. “Come out, baby, it’s safe now.”

Hannah pulled the sheet away from her head and came out. “I heard lions.”

“Don’t worry, I’m there to protect you.”

I kept quiet, unable to say anything. Artemis proved herself as a smart bitch. I was taken back. She was changing after all.

My eyes were on the road, the narrow road that went inside the town. There were scents of wolves in the air, lingering around. It was warm, even with the sun at its lowest. The breeze felt like I was in summers once again.

Lions weren’t the only thing we saw. There were bears—violence and blood in their eyes as they crossed the fairly bustling streets of Shadowfalls.

Thankfully, no one looked at our way. We made across the town without a single problem and reached a strange house where Artemis parked the car and stepped out.

There was a group of men, walking, just as one would do when in a pack. And then I saw the leader among them. My lips parted, I heaved in a breath and went out of the car after I found him.

My Dad.

I had no idea what he looked like nor did Mom shared any pictures of him but when I saw him, I knew it instantly.

The group of men stopped walking on the driveway when Artemis interrupted them. The Alpha—my Dad, swept his gaze over her.

“Ah, Daddy Marco, if you are in need of another daughter, I sure can be one, a very good one.” Artemis blurted out while she ran her eyes all over him.

He looked at me, ignoring her. “Marissa?”

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