The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 7

The thin thread of silence broke loose when the Alpha grabbed my arms and turned me around towards the marble wall. My heart pounded and my stomach clenched tight at the sudden shift of emotions in the air.

His closeness, the heavy breathing, the hot breaths and his touch burned within my nerves. I felt weak by the knees and all I desired to do was submit. He took a fistful of my hair and pulled it a little till the cold air of the restroom brushed against my neck.

“This has to be my first time fucking someone in a school.” When the Alpha spoke, it was rough and enough to my thighs quake with excitement.

I scoffed out of amusement, “First time for everything.” With that, I questioned my own sanity. What was I doing here, with the Alpha again? There was no part of me that wanted to leave from this.

He tightened his grasp around my neck and kept me at place. I felt his eyes upon my back and his hardness poking against my ass.

My sex clenched, “Oh God.”

The Alpha wasn’t predictable at all. His hand swept through my clothes, and he yanked down the buttons of my jeans. The scarf of my neck slipped off and it was almost a second later that I felt my hands being bound by the same piece of cloth I wore on my neck.

Dominant in private.

Dominant in public.

Mhm. I liked it.

There was a raw, fierce energy sifting through my veins, wanting to be explored.

My breasts pressed against the wall as the Alpha leveled his hand on my back. His cock grew excited behind me and I rocked against him, lightly testing the patience of the man that had ruined me two nights ago.

“You little whore.” I playfully wriggled my ass more and he tightened his hand around my hair, forcing a small purr out of me.

Whore. Interesting.

The Alpha breathed in my ear before pushing a rough hand into my jeans. My back arched and my heart thudded.

His warm lips touched my bare shoulder, leaving a tormenting trail of nibbles that left me begging for more. The hand inside my pants was warm and the fingers were crawling across my clit, slowly.

“Oh, please, have me.” I moaned, my eyes drifting shut.

His large fingers swirled around my wetness before moving inside my curious, slick hole where I immediately tightened around him. He swayed his fingers in and out of my whole while I made soft moans each time they filled me up.

It was gentle…somewhat soft…or I thought.

I felt myself lowering down, my legs weakening and my lips drawing across the wall when he began getting just a little harsh—wild.

“Oh fuck. Don’t stop!” I cried, sucking my bottom lip and holding myself from releasing right away.

The raw fingering continued for a couple seconds more before the Alpha tugged on my hair, dragged me away from the wall and pushed me down over the counter where the mirror was.

I saw myself in the reflection. My mascara smeared along with my lipstick and I still hadn’t been fucked yet. I was at the peak when he pulled down my pants and gave me a rough smack over my ass.

“Use your hands and spread your ass.” He ordered.

I did as he wanted me to—stretching my ass still my pussy was on full display for him. I could sense him smiling at my submission before I heard the sound of a zipper.

A part of me always knew that I was a whore for men who’d throw me around and fuck me as they pleased to do so. To my own luck, I didn’t have a hard time finding one. The rumours were right, he could please any woman.

The Alpha lifted my leg over the counter and rolled his finger across my clit. When he came in closer, I felt his bare cock at my entrance. So close yet so far.

The thick tip of his cock stimulated my clit, bringing me closer to an orgasm. His hand reached back to my hair and he grabbed it before splitting me in half with his quick, brutal thrust.

Inch by inch, I felt myself filling up, my hunger being fed.

The tingling rose, drifting through my body as he fucked me. I obeyed, keeping my hands over my ass cheeks and spreading myself wider for him.

His pace increased along with my loud moans and cries. He plunged himself deeper and leaned above me.

At that second, I felt his thumb gently pressed against the entrance of my asshole. My lower body convulsed again and I shut my eyes tight.

“Your ass is begging to get filled.” He whispered in my ears while pressing my face harder on the marble counter.

Oh fuck.

I lost sense of everything and only remembered one thing, “Can I come?”

“Mhm. I’ve to think about that.” He teased me.

Please.” I whimpered, digging my nails into my ass cheeks as I couldn’t hold it anymore. The molten inside me wanted to pour out.

“You can.”

He got back up and took my hair in a ponytail before fucking the life out of me. I lost count of how many times I came in just a few minutes. Each time I did, I jerked a little forward and clamped my mouth shut.

His cock spasmed inside me before his cum dripped down my pussy. It was then only he let me free from his hold and I finally got the chance to breathe.

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