The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 8

I wiped the back of my hand across my lips to get rid of the lipstick stain and then flickered my finger underneath the eyes. If someone knew what went down in the restroom of the school I was studied in, I’d be dead. I pushed my hair into a tight ponytail while letting a few strands fall on my face.

“You should participate in the tournament,” The Alpha said, standing behind me as he watched me fix up myself. “The high pain tolerance can be a benefit in the game. Wouldn’t want to see such a precious casualty not join.”

My core shook again. Uh. “Oh, wow.” I turned around and murmured. Did the Alpha himself asked me to take part in the tournament? That was the first time I had ever heard someone appreciating me, of course for the wrong reasons.

He leapt forward, no longer leaning over the counter. “Goodbye, Marissa.” His eyes gazed into mine and I swallowed hard.


“I’ll see you around.”

The Alpha then walked out of the door, leaving me breathless. The energy in the room shifted and I was no longer hot and bothered.



I really had no idea on how many orgasms I had in just the few minutes he fucked me. A smile erupted on my face and I shook my head while my cheeks turned red. Grabbing my bag, I stepped out of the restroom, my eyes narrowed at the ground, shied of what had happened.

I took a large step forward and stumbled across the boy I hoped was long gone.

Holding my breath back, I said, “Lucas?”

“Marissa. How are you?” He asked, still standing tall in front of my tiny frame.

Suddenly, I grew scared. Did he hear me? How long was he here? Was he waiting for me? Fuck. I couldn’t even imagine.

“I—I’m fine. How are you? Long time no see.” I acted cool, tried too. I stirred back to life immediately and forgot everything that happened for a second.

“I’m good. I was just wandering around—”

“Oh, so you’re back?” I cut him off, rudely. “I mean, to the school? And the town?” I needed to hold myself together. Lucas didn’t hear or see anything and it showed. There was no reason to panic.

“Yeah, I came in last night.”

I just came now.

Focus, Marissa. I scolded myself.

“Last night?”


All I knew about last night that I was being consumed by a nightmare and Lucas’ sudden presence began getting suspicious. The nightmares and the writing’s did start two days ago and he just came into town.

It couldn’t be him.

“Yeah,” His muscled chest rose when he breathed. “I’ll be back at school tomorrow. It was hard getting back in but they managed to get me in for sixth form.”

“Oh, that’s cool.” I held the leather strand of my bag tighter while listening to him. It was just a few months ago that I last saw him and those memories flared again at his appearance.


Clearing my throat, I concluded the conversation, “Well, I hope you have a good time here. I’ll see you around.” What was I doing?

“You too, Marissa.”

As I walked past Lucas, I was a little nervous, maybe a lot. I had grown out from the terrible break up we had and while those days were hard, I never wanted to be in a relationship with him again, knowing it would hurt both us as we weren’t right for each other.

“Marissa?” He took my name and I froze on my steps.

Turning around, I raised my brow, “Yeah?”

“Are you taking part in the tournament?”

I bit my inner cheeks. “Maybe.”

When he nodded, I went away, this time for good. Lucas knew me for a year but we were friends before we dated. We both went in the tournament last year and while I pissed out, he stayed and won in the second position.

“Where were you?” Hannah slapped my shoulder before getting along with me.

“Is the assembly over?”

“It was over a century ago,” she spat out. “Were you having sex in the bathroom or what?”



“No.” I snapped, shaking my head.


“I was just—I just got occupied with Lucas. I found him nearby and we spoke for a little bit.” It was the best excuse I could come up with.

I couldn’t tell Hannah about it. What would she even think about me? And if I told of my friends, then the rest would know too and I didn’t want to everyone to know that I was being the Alpha’s whore.

“So, what happened between Lucas and you?” She nudged her elbow into my stomach and inquired, curiosity in her cat eyes while we walked down the hallways of the school.

There wasn’t much we had to do in sixth form except for appearing for tests and giving in assignments regularly. We had a classes, a couple of them only. The rest of the time, we were either found in library or a coffee shop.

“Nothing. We spoke, he’s back and that’s all.” I tried to be least interested about Lucas’ return.

Hannah gave me a short mhm before stopping in middle of a crowd where people were writing their names and signing up for the tournament.

“Ew. You won’t even pass the first round.” Hannah said to another girl from our form.

“Like you will.” Zara responded.

My friend scoffed, “We will see.” She snatched a paper from the box and grabbed a pen from the back of her jeans before handing it over to me. “Sign up.”

“What?” My eyes widened. “No, no, I’ve not thought about it yet.” And I really didn’t. I needed five business days to think about anything important and then make my decision while taking in all advantages and disadvantages of the task.

“You don’t have too. Just put your name, I’ll put mine too.” Hannah wrote down hers and filled her form. I stared at her bewildered and when she looked back at me, she exclaimed, “It’s just for fun, Marissa.”

“Yeah, Marissa, it’s just for fun.

“Piss off, Jeff.” I rolled my eyes at him and when he came closer to me, I shoved my elbow in his stomach and he backed right away. “Keep dreaming that you’ll ever get between my legs.”

“One day, baby, one day.” He laughed out wickedly and winked before sprinting away with his friends.

“Ugh, Jeff.” I gagged and leaned over the table to write my name on the form. The only way I could get out of this heinous crowd was to do whatever Hannah told.

“Why don’t you just tell him that you’re asexual?” Hannah asked, walking out of the crowd.

I went behind her, “Mhm, maybe because he doesn’t cares.”

Jeff was among on the boys in the school who couldn’t stop hitting on me. The few months I was in relationship, he stopped but right after the breakup, he began again.

“Are you?”

My face scrunched, “No, Hannah, I just got fucked, I’m pretty much very sexual.”

“Wait. What?”

I grabbed her arm and took her into our class. “Nothing, nothing at all.” I sighed at the wildness in our school. When was I ever going to get out?

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