The Alpha's Dungeon

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Chapter 9

“Here you go, Mrs. Carlence. Gerald was good today and he enjoyed walking a lot. We went to the woods.” I said, handing the old woman her dog back.

Mrs. Carlence was the neighbor next-door. She was old and she owned a beautiful husky. I usually took him to walks around the area, couple times a week, whenever Mrs. Carlence felt tired or sleepy, in return, I got a few bucks and a peace of mind.

“Thank you, Marissa.” She replied, taking her dog inside her house. “Do you want to come in?”

“No, not today, I’ve a few things to do.”

I intended to complete a couple things tonight but I knew the second I hit bed, I’d pass out. The entire day, I stayed away from my bed, too afraid to push myself into another awful nightmare from hell.

Mrs. Carlence peeked out of the door and into my house. “Felica is having night shifts again?”


“If you ever feel alone, you can always come and sleep here, I won’t question.” She placed her comforting hand over my shoulder and I nodded in return.

I had crashed at her house most of my childhood—or whenever Dad showed up and tried to fuck up our lives. Those days were terrible and they left a dark memory in my soul.

I shared a smile with Mrs. Carlence and just right she was about to the close the door, I stopped her.

“Oh, no!” I gasped.

“What?” She spun around and glared at her dog. “What happened?”

“Fu—shi—his collar is gone, it must’ve dropped somewhere on the way.” I didn’t really realize my mistake until I glanced at Gerald who had been barking around without a collar.

“Oh, that’s bad. Do you know where it could’ve dropped?” Mrs. Carlence wasn’t angry, instead, she spoke calmly with me.

“Maybe. I’ll check out the woods—“ My mind flashed to the trail I took. It was closeby, I could go there right now and find it before it got too late.

“Not right now, darling, it’s eight o’clock.” She argued.

I took a deep breath and backed away from the porch. “No, no, it’s fine. I’ll just check and be back!” I hurried out of the house and went on the same path I took with Gerald.

Pfft. It wasn’t late for me at all—just eight. The collar Gerald had was precious, it had ashes of Mrs. Carlence’s dead husband hanging from it and the last thing I wanted to do was loose it.

She’d hate me for the rest of her couple years.


I torched my phone light to the pavement as I walked by it. There were puddles of water collected around the area it had just rained but no glimpse of the collar.

Come on.

I clasped my phone tighter in my hand and went further, this time, into the woods nearby. The woods weren’t long, just a couple miles but the darkness was troubling for me. I couldn’t see well.

“Looking for this?” A voice erupted in the silence.

I gasped and looked up to see who it belonged to. I spun around in circles, trying to find the source of the voice but there was no one. My whole body went stiff and taut.

“Who’s there?” I took a careful step forward while my other hand wrapped around the umbrella I held in my beg. The clouds weren’t showering anymore but the edge of the umbrella could be helpful in smacking someone’s head off.

“Your worst nightmare.” A woman chuckled and drifted around me.

A woman.

A fucking woman.

My breathing dropped dead and unusual thoughts rupted in my head. No. Whichever direction I felt the wind gushing at, I turned to it but failed to spot a figure.

“Who are you?” I asked in a scared, trembling voice. My eyes ached with keeping them wide open and focusing hard.

The person—the woman continued to move around and play with me. She laughed each time. It was a different laugh, a demonic one, laced with evil and power. I tried to target her, get a glimpse of her but couldn’t.

When she stopped flying around, she came in front of me, in a dark black figure that showed nothing of her except a pair of pure red eyes.

“Didn’t mama tell you to not walk alone at night?” The voice, it came from the black figure but there was no face to it.

Just as my nightmare.

This couldn’t be real.

Was this real?

I began doubting everything single thing that happened since morning. I didn’t fall asleep so there was no way I could be in a nightmare.

Out of spite, I flashed the light over the figure and her eyes glowed brighter but the rest of her was still hidden.

“Who are you?” I drew out my umbrella this time, my heart shaking and my limbs weakening. “What are you?”

“Darling, I’m just here to take you to hell.” She stretched her hand out to me and I smacked it with my umbrella as hard I could. The first few seconds went by in horror, she pulled her hand back and I finally learned something was real.

Her hand. It was slender with thin fingers coming out from the palms and to my surprise, she had long nails, covered in nail paint.

The woman didn’t make a sound when I hit her.

Was this a joke? Because if it was, I was going to be pissed for the rest of my living life.

“Fuck off!

“You bitch.” The woman trudged forward while roaring out loud in anger.

This wasn’t a joke.

I sped out of the woods as soon as I could. Halloween happened just a few months ago and we didn’t have any other frightening day in our year so, this wasn’t a joke. It was real, everything.

The creature ran behind me, I sensed her or him, or whatever. She chased me down and curled her fingers around my hair before forcing me to stop.

“Please, please, don’t kill me. I don’t know you and I don’t know anything.” I whimpered, my knees meeting the ground as she pushed me down. “Please.” A tear or two fell from my cheeks.

She stood behind me, tracing her sharp nails across my neck and collarbone. It drew blood out of my skin and I felt the pain when she plunged them in.

“You’ve soft skin. Too bad, everything burns in hell.” She leaned over me and whispered in my ears. Her breath—it grew warm and hot in my ears, reminding me of what happened with the Alpha in the morning.

Somehow, something was similar.

I furrowed my brows together and killed the sob in my throat before asking, “Who are you?”

She didn’t respond.

“Please. What are you? Are you—are you from the nightmares?”

“That I am.”

“What do you want?” I didn’t look behind, too afraid to see her real face.

She wrapped her hand over my mouth and silenced my cries down. “Do you want to see me? Your worst nightmare?”

I let out a muffled no.

“Oh, come on, I’m not that ugly.”

When the woman came in front of me, I slammed my eyes shut and the rest of the tears went down my cheeks. Crawling myself back, I tried to move from her but she had a hold against me, something that was keeping me on my knees and onto the ground that even when I struggled, I couldn’t move.

“Please, let me go.” I begged.

“First, have a look at me.”


“Then, I’ll gauche your eyes out and even in hell, you won’t get them back so open your fucking eyes and look at me!” She threatened, holding my head up, close to her face.

I opened my eyes and suddenly my sore throat let out the loudest scream I had ever heard. My chest tightened and after taking a gulp off breath, I screamed again and slapped my hands over my ears.

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