Shameless desires

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This is a one chapter story book From strangers to husband and wife. WARNING: This book contains graphic sexual scenes,rape, strong language and kidnapping. For 18+ only. Keep an open mind while reading this book.

Erotica / Romance
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Tina Ridgewood. My sexy as hell roommate. We have been roommates for three months now. I can still remember the first time we met. She has long chestnut brown hair that brushes just above her fine ass,she's about 5'6, has nice big sexy tits, nice curves,blue-green eyes,thick thighs and overall bstil.

Tina likes girl and almost everynight she's fucking one. They would fuck all night then sleep in cause she never has early classes.

I want Tina. I want her to fuck me. To eat my pussy. I want to taste her pussy. I want to suck those nipples.To use those toys one me. To make me cum all night long. I want her to make me her slut, her slave. I know I know why don't you just tell, see that's the problem I don't think she is interested in me. I walk around our room in barely any clothes but she barely notices me.

Right now I'm lying on her bed while she is still in class. She ussually comes back around five thirty and now its three. My right hand in my pussy while my left one is tugging my nipples. I'm playing with my clit thinking my hands would be Tina's. I want her so fucking bad. "Mmhhhmm yes Tina right there! Fuck me Tina. Make me cum."

I slide two fingers inside my dripping wet cunt and start finger fucking me fast while thinking of Tina. "Yes! Yes fucking yes! Fuck me Tina. Mmhhmm. Make me cum." It felt soo good. I need i realese. I was ssooo close. I remove my fingers and lick my juices of. I took one of the toys and continued fucking myself. With the last thrust i came. And i came hard.

I got of Tina's bed and went to my room. I took a long shower changed into one of my long shirt then went to qatch Netflix. It was just four. I was sitting on the couch one of the places where Tina fucked one of those sluts. I couldn't help but get wet just thinking if i was one of them. My hand slowly went in between my legs and started playing with my clit.

"Mmhhmmm. Fuck right there Tina. Uuhhh Tina fuck me." I was so busy moaning Tina's name that i didnt notice that Tina was home.

"So this is what you do when you're alone. You think of me fucking that pussy of yours. You're play with yourself while maoning my name. Fuck that's a fucking turn on." I heard Tina's voice behind me. I was so shocked that i didn't ever remove my hand.


I went home early today I was tired and was thinking of my sexy roommate Katy. She's a blonde with her shoulder long hair, about 5'6,blue eyes, big tits,round fine ass and beautiful curves.

I came home to the most sexiest scene every. Katy was rubing her pussy while moaning my name such a fucking turn on. "So this is what you do when youre alone. You think of my fucking that pussy of yours. You're playing with yourself while moaning my name. Fuck that's a fucking trun on."

She was shocked i caight her but still didn't remove her hand. I want to taste her and today I will. I walked over to her kneed right between her legs. "You wanted me to fuck you right. I'm going fuck you and when I'm done you are mine." And with that I pushed my fingers into her entrance.

"Fuck you're you're so wet for me baby." I pumped my finger slowly in and out.

"Please. Please fuck me Tina." I quickened the pace. Curling my fingers in her till i found her g-spot. "Uuhh yes right there. Fuck me Tina. Mmmhhmm."

"That's it baby scream my name." I continued finger fucking her. Harder and faster. I fell her walls sweezing my fingers. Hee hip were grinding against my fingers. "Ride my fingers. Cum on my finger. Let go. Give it to me. Use my fingers to make you cum. I want to taste that pussy." As if on cue she came hard.

I lowered my face to her pussy and started to lick and suck her honey. Fuck she's sweet. I moved my hand between my legs abd started playing with my pussy. I felt hands gripping my hair and she starting to ride my face. "Ride my -slurp- face -slurp- baby."

"Uuhhhh im going to cum. Ttinaa." I pulled away and removed her shirt. I striped and climbed on top of her. I spread her legs spread her pussy lips and mine and scissor her. My clit on hers and started to rub my self on her pussy.

"Uuhh Tina that feel ssoo good. Dont stop." I quickened my pace. I pulled her in for a kiss. Fuck she tasted soo good. "Im gonna cum."

"Fuck. Yes baby. Cum. Cum on my pussy. Fuck this feels so good. Pull my nipple baby. " She did as I said. I was going to cum all over her pussy and I'm going to make her mine. Mine to love and fuck.

"Im cumming. Tiinnnaaa. Uuhhhhh."

"Im cumming too. Kaatyyy."

I pulled her in for another kiss. We were slowly coming down from our high. Our chests rising and falling rapidly. We cuddle on the couch.

"You're mine now Katy."

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