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Malachi and Mikhail are twins. Complete opposites but inseparable nonetheless. They share everything. They do everything together. Their love is more than brotherly. All they wish is to have each other as mates. Alpha Ceolwulf King was expecting a shy omega wolf, who can be a perfect Luna. But fate has something else in store. Ceolwulf never expected to have two mates. He never expected that he would get a boisterous pair of brothers as his Mates. **** This is a short story. Contains INCEST, SMUT, GAY STUFF. So haters keep OUT.

Erotica / Fantasy
Ivy Yuri
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1. Insecurities.


"Fuck! We are going to be late Kai." I moaned. But my dearest twin was busy tongue-fucking me with his face buried between my asscheeks.

He growled warningly when I tried to get away but I decided to ignore him and get ready for the flight. I continued to squirm trying to escape his grasp.

"Kai!" I cried out in pain as his hand landed on my left asscheek leaving a delicious sting behind. I gasped when he raised my hips, leaving my ass in the air and tugged my cock enough for me to reach my climax. I panted hard, trying to catch my breath and fell onto my side on the soiled bed covers.

He leaned down with a cheeky grin and kissed my cheek.

"You're so delicious Mike baby" he said and I could feel my cheeks heating up in response to my comment. I stared at him, feeling his uneasiness through the bond. We have a special bond since we are twins. We could always feel each and read their thoughts. Feelings and emotions can't be hid but thoughts can be. He's pretty good at it since he doesn't want me to worry but I always know when something is wrong.

"What's wrong?" I asked him gently placing my hand on his cheek. Our eyes met and I noticed a mix of emotions swirling in his beautiful blue eyes.

"Leo.. he feels uneasy. His insecurities and nagging are making me worried." He sighed.

"Give him control" I ordered. Leo is his wolf. Our wolves are quite opposite. Leo is always insecure about our love. On the other hand, Cain - my wolf, is very confident. He is hundred percent sure that we would be mates. Kai thinks the same too. While I am unsure too. It's like our wolves got interchanged or something.

But they say opposites attract.

Kai's eyes opened again. They were Golden, telling me that Leo is in control. I cupped his cheek and kissed him hard, tasting myself on his tongue from the earlier activities. He groaned and pulled me closer by my waist so that our bodies were pressed together. I pulled away panting and gasping for air, yet again. He had a smile on his face but I could see the pain in his eyes.

"I know you're worried, Leo. But we love each other. You are my everything. You're my happiness. Our happiness. I love you Leo. So does Cain and Kai." I said softly.

"You and Cain love me. Until you meet your mate. Mate bonds are strong. Now that we will turn eighteen in a few hours today, we will most likely find our mates soon. And then? Then you will no longer love me like you do now. You will regret each and everything that happened between us, Mike." He said with a hoarse voice.

I thought the same too a few weeks ago and it was Kai who reassured me. But it's hard for him to make Leo understand. They have serious communication problems when it regarding me and Cain.

I decided that it will be a good idea to give Cain control since he is good at explaining and reassuring him.

"Leo. Nothing bad is going to happen. Whatever it is, it is good for both of us. Trust me and my skills please?"

"Of course. Love ya." He sighed closing his eyes and letting Kai take control.

Cain and Leo aren't normal wolves. Cain has the power to see glimpses of the future while Leo has a unique ability of not getting affected by any supernatural. No magic or witchcraft can affect him. His ability can be shared to two people. The one's whom he loves the most. I have this protective charm around making me unaffected too. Even a Alpha's command doesn't affect us.

Kai pulled me to his lap, peppering my face with licks and kisses. We were still naked from before making it easier for him to caress and grope my ass. He loves my ass and nipples way too much. Well, he likes my cock too. He literally loves every part of my body.. so whatever.

He smacked my ass hard while he fingered me with the other had and sucked on my nipple with his mouth swirling his tongue around the sensitive bud. And that was enough for me to come again. My nipples are so sensitive that I can come just from him playing with it. I don't know what is the reason behind this but I have a suspicion that Kai, Leo and Cain does.

"Time to go home." He sang childishly before picking me up and heading towards the bathroom while I clung onto him.

"What about you?" I asked him.

"Well?" He asked confused.

"You didn't get your release."I stated and grinned sheepishly.

"He came watching you cum. You were too absorbed to notice." Cain informed me. I smirked at him and he threw me a dirty grin.

We showered quickly and dressed up. Kai and I were only three colors of shirt or tshirt. Black, Olive Green or Grey. He usually wears black Jeans and I alternate between blue and black.

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