The First Hybrid Alpha

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Astrid is a witch living in the small town of Townsend, Tennessee. Her 3 daughters need to decide if they are going to support their mother with her new crazy life. Her husband loves her no matter what the world throws at him, it could mean his demise. After her soul being reincarnated over the last 3000 years with her mate Alexander, they are finally reunited and ready to fulfill their destiny. So much death surrounds her otherwise wonderful life. Will she succeed or give up? Running away with the two men that share her is more than appealing at times.

Erotica / Fantasy
Lagetha Miller
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Chapter 1

October in Tennessee is beautiful, the colors of Autumn, the cool breeze, football, bonfires, what is not to love? Astrid had moved to the beautiful small town of Townsend, Tennessee when she was 25, about 10 years ago, with her family and childhood best friend. She Has a husband (Kilian) and her three daughters, Helga (17), Ingrid (15), and Freya (14).

Gunther (Gunny) made the decision in 5th grade to never leave Astrid’s side. He and Astrid had been best friends since kindergarten. She lived a quiet life, Kilian a contractor and Astrid owned a metaphysical store.

Astrid POV

I laid on my back staring at the stars for a moment before closing my eyes. I was feeling overwhelmed lately, hoping to have a chat with the goddess, I went outside to meditate. I could feel my body relaxing as the cool breeze floated through the air. I closed my eyes and began to take a few deep breaths. After my third breath, my nose was filled with cedar.

Most of the trees nearby were oak, the scent didn’t concern me though, there was a calming effect to it. I took another breath; I was let down when it wasn’t as strong. I felt an ache in my chest.

Suddenly, my body began to tingle. My skin was covered in goosebumps, singing. I liked the feeling, so I tried to focus more on it. I felt it getting warmer. I lifted my hands applying slight pressure to my stomach filled with butterflies. The contact felt good. Realizing that I was now aroused past the point of return, I let my hands drift.

I grabbed my breasts with both hands, massaging them slowly. I thought about my god-like lover that was desperate to please me. I had no idea what had come over me, but I couldn’t hold back; I needed release.

My hand was sliding into my pants when I heard a twig snap and a huff. I shot upright looking around. I was really hoping to see a fox or bear, not a person. My eyes finally fell on a pair of eyes surrounded by a large group of bushes.

“Oh hey,” I said softly, relieved.

“I’m Astrid, what’s your name?” I said with a smile and small laugh. “Want to make the first move?” I said to what seemed to be a large dog.

He stepped backwards into the bush; I could no longer see his eyes. I pushed myself into a better position on one knee, just incase this went sideways. After a moment nothing happened.

“Did you leave me?” I asked into the darkness.

The random animal’s rejection stung at my heart. I sat back down on the blanket and sighed. As I leaned back, I heard someone clear their throat as they approached. With stealth, I grabbed my knife from my boot and hid it in my hand. We didn’t usually have to many problems with strangers around here, but I wasn’t taking any chances.

“Pretty sure that is far enough, you’re on private property.” I warned. “You missin a dog?” I said immediately.

“No, no dog.” The expanding shadow said in a deep voice.

A warm wave covered my body as goosebumps appeared. My ears perked up wanting to hear his voice again. When my mind finally processed his voice, I grew concerned.

“What the hell are you doing out here then?” I demanded, forcing the truth from him with my abilities.

When he didn’t answer I grew angry. I used my abilities to search his emotions, his intent was pure. I haven’t met many people that could deflect my powers, though I tried not to use them frequently.

“Listen buddy, I don’t know what you think your doing here, but do yourself a favor, rethink it.” I said sternly.

“I am not going to hurt you.” His beautiful voice sang my goosebumps reappeared.

I grunted, “I know you won’t, that doesn’t mean you won’t try.”

The 6’5 man stepped into my view, the shadows still lightly covering him. He reminded me of a Roman god, I wanted to see him in a toga. My eyes darting across his entire body trying to see as much as possible. His hazel eyes almost glowing, the center a beautiful gold. His shoulders were broad, his shirt… was missing?

“Um… Where is your shirt?” I said trying not to blush.

The heat coursing through my body was unique. My body never reacted this way to anyone I laid eyes on. I found myself staring at his chest trying to make out the tattoos. I diverted my eyes quickly.

“Hello?” I said impatiently.

“You don’t know me in this life, but I have been searching for you.” He said sweetly. “For 10 years.”

I took a step backwards trying to decide what to do. I could run, but my body didn’t want to comply. If this guy is looking for me, better not to lead him back to the house, I thought. If you’re going to kill me, please, just please, let me ride you like a cowgirl first. The thought making my cheeks heat up as I blushed. I felt my center begin to soak my panties.

The tall man gorgeous man cleared his throat.

“If you’re going to kill me, we might as well sit.” I replied defeated.

“I would never hurt you; I am here to protect you.” He said offended.

“Pretty sure that is what most crazy serial rapist/ killers say.” I said bluntly.

He didn’t respond. I thought I heard some type of growl come from his chest, but it was faint. The wind had picked up slightly with my apprehension rising. My affinity beginning to protect me.

I was a rare witch that had an affinity for every element. I was told there was only 1 every couple hundred years or so. Air and fire were my strongest. Water was close to being the most enjoyed.

As I centered myself, I could sense his emotions rolling off him. There was no dishonesty, or any murderous feelings, at least towards me. The wind died down slightly as I gained composure.

“Okay, that last one was uncalled for, but let’s be frank, this has horror movie written all over it.” I pointed out calmly.

“It does.” He shrugged taking a seat.

I kept the knife hidden as we sat a few feet from each other. I was feeling calm, not stupid. He picked up a crystal with runes on it. He must have dropped it. His emotions dimmed away. I was chewing on my lip as questions flooded my mind.

“Want to tell me why you are searching for me?” I finally asked.

“Because you are the part that makes me whole.” He said purely.

“My name is Alexander. My family calls me Lex, you, Astrid, are my mate.”

The questions I had before didn’t compare to the amount now. I believed in souls; I know we can recognize each other’s souls based on past lives. But he didn’t say soulmate. Maybe he is from Australia…

“Oh, you mean like family?” I asked full of tension.

“You’ve been my partner, mate, love, wife in every lifetime, for over 3000 years.” He slowly said the words.

“I guess that would make us family.” I mumbled. “Can you just explain? I really don’t like games.” I said irritated.

“We were created by the gods to fulfill our destiny.” He said softly shifting towards me.

I flinched backwards at the sudden movement. He refrained from moving further. He continued slowly, “I have been watching you for over a year. Finding you this time was…a challenge.

“You created this crystal 1000 years ago. It acts as a shield or a cloak against anyone with physic abilities.”

He tossed me the crystal and I snatched it out of the air. My vision suddenly changed as if my spirit was pulled from my body into a memory… I was standing over the cauldron with the crystal. I just finished the ruins. The potion dipping from the crystal into the cauldron.

My surroundings reminded me of the 1600s. There was no sign of any current tools or electricity. There was a howl outside the door in warning before I was pulled back.

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