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(Available in WATTPAD aswell) ❨Sequel to Maya...The Illusion❩ Eighteen years old Aurora's life is about to change, when her family moves city and are invited to attend the grand wedding of famous fashion designer, Tia Osborne. Her life turns upside down when she starts getting attention from the infamous Osborne brothers. As in all Five. Aurora shuts all the advances from the iniquitous billionaire brothers because, they have a reputation that screams "bad news". Titus, Turner, Duke, Aryan and Rihan Osborne are children of The famous Osborne brothers, Xander, Roman and Greyson Osborne. Being born Rich and bought up in a luxurious life, the brothers are unaware of any kind of hardship. Men are mostly Jealous of their lifestyles and women wants to be a part of it. They are so spoiled that they can get just anything with a click of their fingers untill...Her. Aurora...a name that has suddenly given a new meaning to their lives. What happens when unknowingly they fell in love with THE ONE, but she doesn't want to do anything with them? Stay tuned and find out...

Erotica / Romance
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Hello my lovely Readers!

Those who have reached this book first, I suggest you to go back and read the prequel of this book, Maya...The Illusion,Just to avoid any confusion. Because, most of the characters will pop up from my first book.

Also, I would appreciate your effort to peep into my first book, which takes you to the journey of Maya and the Osborne brothers, the protagonist's parents.

And those who were with me throughout Maya's journey, thank-you so much for your love and support and hope to please you with Aurora's journey aswell.

Love you all❤️❤️❤️❤️

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