Erotic short stories

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This is a bunch of erotic short stories. They will be detailed and very steamy. Enjoy :)

Elin Jakobsen
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I have never lusted for another person as much as I lust for you. Everything I do comes back to you.
On a daily basis I will find my biggest dildo and shove it up my pussy to get the relief I need. But I only long for you.
My orgasms are not enough, and I need more. I need you. I have men and women lining up for me wanting to ravish me and punish me and make me scream their names in ecstasy as I have orgasm after orgasm, but nothing compares to you.


I walk down the shortcut to the park. School is over for the summer, and I can’t wait to get off my uniform and search the web for someone to give me a good earth shuddering orgasm. I normally find someone right away, and now I’m searching for anything above 40 years of age, it doesn’t matter what you look like, but the bigger the cock, the better. If you have friends or neighbours wanting some fun, I can share. I type in my age, weight, height and phone number at the bottom of my ad, waiting in excitement for the phone to ring.

I watch some porn on my laptop. I find my bullet vibrator and sit down on my hard chair. It seems to make the vibrator go nuts, and I’m left gasping for air after the 2nd orgasm, but I tend to push my limits to see how many times I actually can cum. Right in the middle of an orgasm, my phone rings. I am flushed and I know my voice is shaky, but I answer nonetheless. “Hello?” I say in the phone with an obvious voice saying I am mid orgasm. I hear a small laughter in the other end. “I was going to ask if your name is Kate, but by your orgasm I say it is. Will you scream for me darling to see if my friends and I are interested in your offer?” I hear his smug words. I turn my vibrator as high as it goes, lift my legs on the desk and find another bullet they I place directly on my throbbing clit and turn my phone on speaker and FaceTime. The men in the other end tells me dirty things they are interested in while watching the neatly placed screen, and I am being pushed over the edge, screaming my pleasure out in the phone and put my legs down. “Keep the vibrators on darlin. I will give you my address. The vibrators stay on in you the entire time. If you take a cab or drive, it is important you keep the vibrators in. I close my eyes and agrees to the terms. I give myself a quick last orgasm before placing the vibrator from my clit, in my ass and turn the vibration on.
I get a text saying they will have to be on full speed, no underwear and a tight skirt, no bra and a white, see through tiny top.
I pick out my uniform skirt, a top I never wear, but that goes just below my CC cups, no bra and runs down the stairs in high heels calling an Uber on the way. I give the man my address and sit shotgun with him. I can notice that he turns the air con on cold, and I feel my nipples harden. I look at him and ask him to stop. It is not far, but I would like an orgasm or two extra. “I have a vibrator in my pussy, and a vibrator in my ass. I have the remote with me, but I need an orgasm. If you can make me cum by using either your fingers, your tongue or the vibrator, preferably more than one thing at the time, I will pay you double” I say with a devilish smile. He quickly opens his door, and runs around the car to my side, opens it up and yank me on my back, obviously not caring who sees. My pussy is completely bare, and he quickly moves the vibrator making my back curve up, and then he pushes me down, spread my legs and licks me into oblivion. My eyes are shut and I have to concentrate not to scream.
He lets go of the vibrator to lock my legs upward in his face and making me cum, but never letting me down from my height. It was a blissful torture, and when he was satisfied, we drive the last minutes to the mans home. I was almost jumping in ecsitement. This was my first gang bang.

I walked on wobbly legs to the door and rang the bell. A man in his 50s opening the door and looks at me with big eyes. “ Katy right?” He asks and look at me. I nod and lift my top, showing off my tan, perk tits. He smiles, and bends down to suck on my nipple just as the vibrator in my pussy gives me an orgasm. He smiles and lifts me effortlessly up and spread my legs outwards and walks in to the living room to his friends. They all smile as they se me shake in the mans arms. “Miss Kate is so ready to be stuffed boys” the man carrying me says to his buddies. I’m placed on the table where I’m quickly undressed, blindfolded and tied up with my hands pinned above my head and my legs on the table and tied to the sides making it impossible to close my legs.
A shiver runs down my spine in anticipation. I can hear a click from beneath me somewhere, and I hear a small vibration. Then i feel it. A magic wand is placed directly on my clitoris, and I can feel the cold gel that is being poured on me. It is so slick and so cold. I start to moan as the vibration increases, and I can feel an orgasm build up. The vibrator in my pussy is suddenly removed very slowly, and I feel my orgasm following close. Then, without warning, the vibrator is yanked out, and a giant dick is placed inside. I can feel it is a dildo due to its size and material. They use toys on me. The dildo is moved fast and hard in and out making me ache for another release. The wand never leaving my clit. I can feel the orgasm coming on strong and my breathing increases and I pant quickly. Just as I’m about to reach the edge, the dildo is removed and replaced my a mouth. The owner is very skilled with his tongue, and I feel the orgasm tipping over the edge and I scream an wiggle as best I can while I’m being licked. Then while the assault on my clit continues. The vibrator in my ass is removed, and a huge dick is pushed in without warning. I scream and try to move, but I’m immobilised and stuck. I scream as the pain goes to pleasure, and can feel the magnificent tongue on me. Then the dildo is removed and another man pushes his dick in my pussy, still while someone is licking me. I open my mouth to scream, but I suddenly get my mouth full of dick. Not so large as the two violating my ass and pussy, but it is really thick. Then my blindfold is removed. I open my eyes and see the man fucking my face. He is at least 50, but has really big muscles and is really fucking my throat making me gag. He smiled at me and hold my head still while he pushes fast and hard till he comes down my throat, making me swallow every last drop. Then the next guy lines up to get a good blow. The tongue is removed and I tremble for the need to release. The wand is placed back on my clit at full speed this time, while the two men scissor fast and hard in and out. I scream at the feeling and start to cum. I have never squirted before, but I spray down every last guy in the living room, and they smile and place the wand back, holding it in place. I have several orgasms, and lost count. We fucked for hours, and I was really sore after, but the men all looked at me and said that it was something they wanted to do every day.

I have never lusted for another person as much as I lust for you. Everything I do come back to you.
On a daily basis I will find my biggest dildo and shove it up my pussy to get the relief I need. But I only long for you.
My orgasms are not enough, and I need more. I need you. I have men and women lining up for me wanting to ravish me and punish me and make me scream their names in ecstasy as I have orgasm after orgasm, but nothing compares to you.

Your tongue was so skilled and good and it made me cum so fast and so much, but so far you didn’t do it again. It’s been weeks, and I more or less live with the old man, getting fucked or tortured with orgasms every day for several hours, but your tongue is way I really long for. Maybe will you wake me up someday with the skilled tongue and make me squirt again all over you.

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