Into the Wild

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Tati is a young girl that arrives in Boston to get her life on track. But after a month of searching and no job, she does the unthinkable to survive, use her body to pay rent.

Erotica / Romance
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New Beginnings

Boston, city of Sam Adams and his revolutionary buddies. It's much weirder that I thought. Like all big cities, I thought it would just be skyscrapers galore but in between the tall buildings, you find these smaller halls from the colonial period that no-one has had the heart to destroy. Seeing them makes me feel more comfortable. I come from a small town, Concord, you may have heard of it because of the ride of Paul Revere. It is quite different from Boston. It has wide open fields and the houses all have big yards. I loved going into the forest around the town to think and sing. I love to sing. I'm not confident with my signing, I've only been in a choir and not had professional training. To add to that, the kids at school would exclude me from all activities because they called me the singing cow. I was a little chubby as a kids, I guess I got it from my parents that got really big after my sister was born.

I got an a flat in the lower priced neighborhoods. I can't afford much but at least there aren't any rats. You don't need as much money to live when you aren't near a big city but in it, everything is so expensive! Thankfully I brought some good clothes for my interviews in the next few days. I've been asked to come in for an interview as the secretary of a pharmaceutical company first. I don't know who I'm going to be the secretary of, maybe a higher up or just a lab technician. "Going to be", I don't even know if I'll be taken yet but I still think I'll get the job. The big city is harder than that. I don't think my first job application will be the job I get. That would be insane luck! Thankfully, I have a few interviews lined up so that should up my odds of getting a job. I just wish there was a wood near here I could go to to do all this thinking instead of my bed before going to sleep. Oh well, I have to move on in life. My mom doesn't want her "burden" anymore. I just wish she would love me.

I start to tear up as I fall asleep. The next morning I get ready for my pharmaceutical interview. I take the bus to the place. I sit and have the interview but I really don't know enough medical vocabulary to be able to fit in. I'm not really surprised. But it stings nonetheless.

It's been three and a half weeks since my arrival. I'm really worried because I don't have money for rent and I'm going to be kicked out if I don't find an option. I'm starting to think that I should be thankful that I rented off a sleazy guy that's been eyeing my tits since I met him. They still store most of the fat on my body and I often get the remark of having silicon breasts. I don't have plastic, just an ex-fat girl.

I'm going to my last interview before I have no more before rent. I really go my best to impress but I'm not taken. The words: "Sorry but we're not sure you'll fit. Thank you." resonate in my head a few seconds before I get up and go home. Once I'm in my tiny apartment, I just fall on my bed and cry. Time to go find that owner of mine.

I call him and ask to see him. I tell him it's about rent and he says he'll be there tomorrow noon. I dread tomorrow with all my being. But I have no choice. It's either I let him use me or I'm on the streets where I'm sure worst would happen to me. Better wash up for the pig tomorrow, then sleep.

I awake at 9 the next morning feeling a lump in my throat but needs must. I showered last night so I just get ready in a short black sun dress that I've had for a few years and put on light makeup. At 11:30 I hear a knock on the door. I open to see the slime ball at the door.

"You wanted to see me about rent?"

"Yes, please come in."

He walks in and sits on the made bed.

"What is the problem?"

"I can't pay this month. I haven't been able to get a job and I really don't want to live on the streets. Is there anything I can do to be able to stay here another month?"

I already know his answer but I dread it.

"Yes there is something you can do for me actually. I need to rent this place but that doesn't mean I'll kick you out on the streets. You can live in my apartment, the rent would be just to clean the place from time to time and your body whenever I please. What do you say?"

I can't believe it. It's so much worse than I thought. But the streets are more dangerous and deadly than this.

"Ok, let me pack my things and I'll move them to your place."

He gets up and moves towards me

"Before we do, start paying your rent by getting on your knees."

I comply. He undoes his pants and takes his half erect cock out. Opening my moth I take it. He fucks my mouth then throat before telling me to get up and turn around.

"Show me that pussy of yours bitch."

I bend forward to show him my snatch. He lifts my dress and lowers my panties.

"Are you wet? Never thought you'd be so happy to be my personal whore. But it seems you were made to be a fucktoy."

As he says that, he spanks me hard which makes me yell in pain. He puts his hand on my mouth.

"Don't you fucking say a word. I'm saving you. Show some gratitude cunt."

He walks back a little

"Just for that, I'll punish you. Better not scream or I'll go harder."
I hear him spit and am anxious to what will happen. Will he fuck me roughly. I don't have time to think of more possibilities before knowing the answer. A sharp pain from my anus makes me start to cry.
"Don't say a word or I'll go deeper."
He starts to move back and forth, going a little deeper each time. This hurts so much I'm full on sobbing now. That seems to get him off. Soon he's fully in my butt and enjoying it. The more I get used to his cock in my ass the less it hurts. I actually start to enjoy it. The thought is awful. I shouldn't be liking it but I guess that I like that the pain isn't there anymore. He touches my pussy that has gotten wet trying to lubricated my violated asshole.
"You filthy whore, you like this. You want my cock in you pussy? Be careful what you say."
"Yes, please put your cock in my cunt." I say sobbing
"It would be my pleasure"
He rames into my pussy pounding me before exploding inside me. I am freaking out. He didn't wear a condom and felt fine releasing his spawn inside me! What if he stops me from taking my birth control. I could bear his child. Oh my God this is getting worse by the minute.
After my initial shock of him finishing in me, he tells me to get my stuff together and take it to his place. He gives me the keys, tells me to clean his apartment and get diner ready. He has meeting today. Before he's about to leave I say.
"I want to continue looking for a job. So I'll be out of the house sometimes. Can I keep this key?"
"Sure, I have two. Just remember where you live."
He smirks as he leave. I hope I can get a job soon. I don't know how long my ass can handle his attacks. What have I put myself into. No, what has my mom put me into. She kicked me out after all. I wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for her. Fuck
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