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Simone's Conquest

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“You are so damn cool, you just lost your virginity to me last night” he suddenly made remarks. I choked, damn him! I never choke in my entire life, always on the guard.. no matter what twisted people said. He gave me water and patiently waiting for my reply. “I will lose it somehow, I was caught in a moment, and you were not bad.” He suddenly slid from the chair and all of a sudden smashed his lips to mine. “I want to rectify your perception towards me from not bad level to exceptional” he said in between kisses. He definitely is great. He rectified it clearly and I smiled thinking our latest rendezvous. What is your name? he asked while staring at the ceiling me in his arms. “Simone… my name is Simone." He smiles “Simone the beautiful and reserve, it suits you." I smirk at him and remember Jane Austen in her book "Emma" that there is safety in reserve but no attraction because one cannot love a reserved person, not till the reserve ceases towards oneself; and then the attraction may be the greater." Safety is my refuge. I will enjoy attraction till it last. (1st installment of Primestone stories, can be read as standalone)

Erotica / Action
Suzzane Belle
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The emptiness inside me is giving more space for unnecessary thoughts and vague feelings. It’s like those things shambled together creating a stench I must endure. The white sands of Boracay are like diamonds in a room full of lightnings, the brightness combined together make the diamond less intense yet still a diamond. The sand silvery light reflection is more admiring than the sunshine yet sand is still sand compared to the gigantic sun and its rays.

I have been to many places in the world, developed and developing countries. I don’t pay much attention to details of the places but I can give comparative analysis as palpable realities are abundant.

Sitting in a cozy bar with native accent and drinking beer in midday is calming. The bar has sturdy wooden tables and chairs overlooking the beach, it is 5-minute walk from my hotel. I prefer this place rather than the bar in the hotel because of the ambiance during the day, serene, fresh and vibrant though customers are drinking, they drink in silence. This time of the year is off-peak in many tourist destinations of tropical countries which added to my liking.

I scan the place and my eyes lands on the man drinking alone in one corner having deep thoughts. Tall, big, with long blond straight hair and blue penetrating eyes. Our eyes meet. I raise my eyebrow and frown as he continues to look at me. He has full lips and his hair was blown by the wind which covers part of his face but he sustains the gaze.

I never been so attracted to men, I consider them bothersome. I unwillingly remove myself from staring race, I smirk as I think of the stare as a race.

Well, few hours here are enough, time to do my physical routine. I walk to the counter swaying my hips and pay my bills. I wore spaghetti strap yellow and mini white summer floral dress I have long black wavy hair, almond gray eyes and pale complexion. The dress complemented my skin as most of my legs are vulnerable to his gaze.

My male colleagues always told me that I have this innocent look which I used to my full advantage. Seduction was part of my training, and at the corner of my eyes I can see that the man did not lift his gaze at me.

My suite room is nature inspired yet chic and modern I like this room but still… I want the most expensive one... I sighed, too bad someone got it before me. This hotel is the most expensive here.

I undress and stare at myself in the full-length mirror in my room. I am too pale, and big eyes played the big role in my innocent look but not my body. I love my body, it makes me proud, 24 DD breasts are uncomfortable sometimes yet have used them to my advantage so many times. With my height, five feet and six inches, which is average, I can move swiftly anytime.

After my physical routine, I made some phone calls and went outside. Wearing black shirt dress with Nirvana printed in gold at front, with beach sandals, I plan to roam around the walk street until I saw a signage of rooftop bar of my hotel. I decided to try the rooftop bar as I want to see the sunset there.

When the elevator opens, a man in a bow tie greets me. I ignore him, I walk to the bar with slow stride and told the bartender to give me margarita and settled in a table where I can see the sunset best.

Absorbed with my thoughts about many things, I hear someone clearing his throat. I look at my right side, I saw Orlando Bloom.. I smile because of it, this is the man I had stare-race a while ago.

“I didn’t I invite someone here” he said sarcastically. I raise my eyebrow but I didn’t speak.

“This place is private ..I’ve rented it exclusively for me and for my guests” he then added.

My mistake, I now notice that the person here are only us and the two guys I met an hour ago.. but I don’t want him to know that mistake…

“I’ll pay you for my stay here, your inconvenience as well and this – raising the margarita to my lips.

Is that your tactic?... he said frowning.

I lost it…what?

“Coming here to seduce me like any other girls, he stated.

Haha! I have heard this antique so many times with my flirt and egoistic colleagues. I decided to give him what he wants - feeding his ego…

“Yeah sure! sunset with a man beside you is a bit romantic” I said sarcastically.

We both become silent for a moment… just staring at the beautiful sunset. I am a woman with few words, I keep all my opinion to myself, the trainings made me. The man beside me is just like me. He ordered another margarita for me and Moscow Mule for him…hmmmn interesting.

We just drink in silence and this stare-race again… but this time more intense and his face is just inches from mine why is that?... His blue eyes are more captivating than the sunset.

"I wanted to do this, when I saw you today", he said gently and smashed his mouth to mine. We kiss slowly like we own all the time in the world. It's like my inner sex goddess awakens.

I can’t explain my feelings… this is nice… I never been kissed like this before.. as if I can make relative perusal as there is none. His hands traveled to the hem of my shirt dress cupping my large breasts inside. I feel so hot and sensitive, then all of a sudden he stops and smirks

“I can make an exception, you’re not bad” he whispers. I wink at him and give him my killer smile like I did many times during my mission. I am a tease, teasing men to get what I want but I never waiver in their charm and seduction. He stares at me penetratingly, trying to read me.

“So.. I’m your guest now…I must enjoy the benefit of being a guest here." I said playfully. I slid from the chair and walk to the wooden grills at the edge of the rooftop. I face him while standing, leaning and holding the grill. I raise my one foot to rest at the bottom grill, the sunset behind me reflecting my dark hair.

I can see that this is a pent house with rooftop bar and pool… he got this one, the suite I wanted. I need space to control these feelings and collect my thoughts. He too stands up and come to me closing the gap between us trapping me as he holds the grill. We stare at each other for a moment.

I can feel his minty breath and cologne, I inhale his scent, my action brought smile to his lips. “I like your audacity princess”…then kissed me again.. I can feel the need and urgency in his moves, I feel like an addict wanting more...

We kissed, our tongue dance in the same tune, I am a fast learner even to this. He lifts and carries me to the sunbathing chair near the pool, our lips still tangled and moving. I whimpered when he cups my breast inside my shirt dress as he rubs his thumbs to both of my nipple. The tingling sensations make me hungry but for something I can't pinpoint. He slid my boy shorts to my feet and remove it. I gasp when he lifts my shirt and sucks my breasts. My erect nipples are like snappy soldiers ready to submit to officer's command.

He suddenly reach for my mound between my thigh and his fingertips fondles, I sucked my breath to the sensation. The act of having sex was enigma to me, I experience the foreplay for the first time, it's like an exciting adventure for me that I want to explore and delve into the deep pleasure.

He give the sensitive bud a pinch which I cried. "Please" I said hoarsely. "Please what princess?," he suddenly stops.

"Please continue" I said clasping his shoulder hard. He smirks and delves his fingers inside while he rubs my clit.

Oh god!" I mewl softly. It's like all my senses awaken drastically making me high, and the sensation brings me to the peak, when I reach the summit I convulse.

Shit! Is this only the beginning? I feel like I tasted heaven already. I reach for his pants and we both fumbles to free his cock. It springs proudly, Damn! He enormous how could I survive this?. I didn't die in war, feud, conflict and combat, but am I going to die in his shaft?.

He leers at me, I look at him pathetically, a silence begging is shouting in my eyes and face. I open widely for him, my shirt was lifted up to my neck, breasts in full view. My position is arousing, he cups my breasts and plunged into powerful thrust. I squeak, Shit!, I look at him, his eyes in shock.

"Wait!... give me a minute here," I said in hoarse voice. He stops, making room to adjust for his huge shaft, then...slowly pumps me, the pain is fading, I grasp his bottom to make his pace faster.

I feel his fullness inside me, and it makes me wanting more. "You are so tight princess, and that feels so good."

I clasp his waist with my legs, he kissed me passionately while he pounds me. I holler like a crazy fan when he reaches my clit and rubs it in circles, his other hand cups my bottom and continue his thrust.

"I'm cumming" he said hoarsely. My sensitivity overloads my body, I began to jerk and shudder, his body become rigid. I visited heaven again.

When my sanity becomes full, I observe my surroundings, we are alone and already dark with only the lights from the entrance. He brought me to other dimension, like a parallel world as my latter memories become blurry. He then carries me inside.

"This is only the beginning, princess" his words full of meaning and promise.

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