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The Twins Obsession

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She was like a little sister to them. Until she grew up and hit puberty and until she saw somethings...that she probably shouldn’t have seen. The Reed brothers are so attractive, you can’t just have one, you need both of them. And they needed her, more than anything in the world...like a drug. Like an obsession. *Sneak peek* “Just take it, Gio. I want you to take it.” He looked at me for a second and he started to speak. “Do you really want this, me. Do you really want me to take your virginity?” I looked at him for a moment then at Greyson who was in the room with us. And I answered with all honesty. “I want both of you to take my virginity, I want both of you in me at the same time or not. I want you both. Truly .” Next thing I knew, Giovanni was kissing me and Greyson was taking off my clothes. I wanted this, all of this and all of them. And they wanted all of me.

Erotica / Romance
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Meeting the Reed Brothers.


-----6 years ago-----

“Val, the new neighbors are here. Come on, I already made the casserole.” that’s my mother Josie. She is the sweetest, kindest, most loving person...but her casserole sucks. And I’m really gonna hate when the new neighbors taste the food. I was upstairs in my bedroom on my bed putting on my white tennis shoes when my mom was calling my name, I got up and looked at myself in the mirror, I had on some blue skinny jeans, with a black long hoodie that went to my mid-thigh, and I had a ponytail in my hair that wasn’t very neat. I then walked out of my room and went downstairs and I saw my mother downstairs wearing her favorite floral dress with her hair in a bun with a clip.

“ Sweetie...why didn’t you put on the blue dress I got you?” my mother bought me a dress just for this occasion, it wasn’t like the dress was ugly it’s just...I’m not comfortable wearing a dress.

“M-mom, I-I’m not c-c-comfort-able with w-w-wearing a dress.” if you’re wondering what’s wrong and why I’m stuttering it’s because I have a stutter and I don’t like meeting new people so I’m actually scared.

“Ok, come on I already told the neighbors that we will stop by. But they look like the type of people who are very busy.” I nodded my head and continued walking downstairs to follow my mother outside. When I walked outside I saw some movers going in and out of the house with boxes in their hands and furniture. Then I saw someone come out of the house with sweats and a white undershirt on. He was tall with a sharp jawline, a little stubble, and amazing muscles that would go on for years, not days but years and he had pitch-black hair.

“You know if you keep staring sweetie, they're gonna think that you’re a stalker.” my mother started teasing me and I would tease myself too. Then out of nowhere another hot ass man came out of the house that looked very similar that had black/brown hair and had on jeans and a black fitted t-shirt. Then my mother started to speak.

“Hello, gentlemen.” my mom said as she started to walk some moreover to their yard.

Both of them then turned their heads and walked over towards us, then and there I felt like running away, but I couldn’t because I knew my mother wouldn’t let me.

“Hello again Ms. Turner, It’s nice to see you again.” the man with the stubble said as he looked at my mother but the man with the black t-shirt was looking at me very intensely, and I was getting really uncomfortable.

“This is my 16-year-old daughter Valery, say hi Val.” I looked up at the two men whom I’m guessing are twins, I then looked at the hem of my hoodie like it was the most interesting thing in the world and tried to speak.

“H-hi, my n-n-name is Valery w-with a “y”. Y-you c-c-can call me Val.” I was literally trembling in place, then I heard a chuckle and lifted my head slightly.

“My name is Greyson, this here is my twin brother Giovanni, but everyone calls him Gio.” I saw Greyson lift his hand for me to shake it...but I didn’t take it and I could still see Giovanni out of the corner of my eye staring at me. And I was getting uncomfortable, I was about to leave but Giovanni started to talk to me.

“You have a stutter?” and I replied to what he said.

“Y-yes, w-why do y-you ask?” my attention still on the hem of my hoodie. He then cleared his throat, me guessing he wanted my undivided attention...I slowly did so. Slowly lifted my head...slowly.

“I was just wondering, nice to meet you Valery with a “y”.” when he said that for some odd reason I knew I was blushing, hard. I then elbowed my mom and looked at her to say something, anything. Luckily she did.

“So, I made this casserole and I hope you guys like it.” then I giggled a little then stopped quickly because my mother was looking at me and Giovanni was still looking at me.

“Is something funny Val?” my mother asked me and I shook my head no. Then Greyson started to speak.

“You can put it in our kitchen, please follow me.” Greyson then motioned my mother to follow him and my mom motioned her head for me to go home. I nodded my head and I saw them walk away, I was about to leave but I was then pulled by my arm and I yelped.

“Why did you laugh when your mother said “I hope you like it”.” I was shocked at the action that just happened.

“G-Giovanni w-w-what?” I was confused because this was the first time a guy touched me...and I’m being dead ass serious.

“Why did you laugh when your mother said “I hope you like it”.” And I then answered his question.

“ B-because h-her ca-casserole isn’t g-g-good.” I felt as though I was going to pee my pants but luckily I didn’t...luckily.

“ It was nice meeting you, Valery.” Giovanni sound so...so sinister when he said my name, and guess what, I was blushing again.

“Is that a blush I see?” I was not going to admit it, even if you can see it on my face. Nope not gonna...so I lied but whenever I lie I bit my lip...I know weird.

“N-no.” he was looking in my eyes then at my lips...I was biting them, pretty hard.

“You’re lying.” my eyes widen, then I started to speak.

“I-I gotta go.” I ran over to our house closed the front door, then ran upstairs and slammed my room door, and jumped in my bed face first. I started to scream...and I’m pretty sure Giovanni heard me.

(Would it be wrong to be attracted to him?)


“Ohhhhh. My sweet sweet baby is finally here. I missed you so much.” my mother looked like she’s been standing out here for days...because it was pouring outside.

“Mom, excuse my language but...get your ass in the house it’s raining. You can get sick.” my mom didn’t care at all, all she did was still stand there. I rolled my eyes and started walking to her. She then looked at me and gave me a hug...a very wet hug.

“Ok now let’s get inside, I won’t stay young forever.” I laugh at what my mom said and started to walk into the house. My mom then went straight to the kitchen and started making hot chocolate...my fav.

“So, how was college and where is that boy of yours and why is there no ring.” my mother is a sweet person but she gets on my ass about wanting grandchildren before she passes away and she wants me to be married also...I’m only 22 years old. But my smile then went away when she reminded me I had a boyfriend...had.

“We broke-up...we wanted different things.” More like he wanted 20 different girlfriends...but still different things.

“Awww, so sorry sweetie. I’m sure you’ll find someone...soon.” of course soon. I then looked at my watch to see what time it was, it was only 10:30 p.m...which is good.

“ Mom…” I looked at her and she nodded her head already knowing what I was going to say.

“ Are you sure it’s fine that I go see the twins, you don’t need me for anything?” she looked at me with a face of “Bitch Leave” and so I kissed her on her cheek, grabbed my umbrella, and went next door. I rang the doorbell 4 times only because when I was younger they could know who it was. I then waited and waited, a total of 10 whole minutes, I was just about to leave when I saw a girl in a short red dress with her heels in her hand and messy hair come out of the front door. She then turned her head and stared at me. I don’t like it when people stare.

“Yes?” I said looking at her in her eyes. She then had the nerve to be rude.

“ What the fuck are you doing here?” her voice sounded like a screaming Chihuahua. My ears are now bleeding.

“You know I could ask you the same question.” I was being dead ass serious...though I have a hunch.

“ Gio there’s a rat on your porch.” I was pissed and hella pissed.

“ Gio, there’s a screaming Chihuahua on your porch whose gonna get her ass beat. Dead ass.” I then heard both of the twin’s chuckle and come out of the house only wearing sweats.

“ Aren’t you gonna tell her to leave Gio?” the girl said, for some odd reason I started to laugh my ass off then Greyson joined me...but Gio kept his poker face like always.

“I think I wanna get rid of the screaming Chihuahua...you were already leaving.” Greyson and I still on a roll. As you can see Greyson is the more fun twin rather than Gio being the uptight and boring one.

She looked at all of us and started to leave but I was going to be nice.

“Hey wait, let me at least call you an Uber...it’s pouring down out there.” She looked at me for a minute and rolled her eyes and continued to walk away.

“Well, she’s gonna get wet. Very wet.” Then Greyson chuckled and I started to walk into their house, straight towards the living room.

“So you're finally home, what has it been 5, 6 years?” I rolled my eyes at Gio’s comment and replied.

“3 it’s been 3-ish years since I’ve seen and talked to you Gio. But it’s been approximately 10 hours 13 minutes and about 3...37 seconds since I’ve talked to you Greyson.” Greyson laughed at my comment and sat down by me on the couch.

“So where is that boyfriend of yours?” Greyson asked, before I could say something Gio started to talk.

“ You have a boyfriend?” Giovanni sounded upset and concerned.

“Had. We broke-up.” Greyson then gave me a hug and cradled.

“What happened sweetie?” I cringed at the fact that Greyson just called me that because my mother does that.

“ He...We wanted different things.” I began biting my lip, something I used to do as a little girl. Luckily I don’t stutter anymore. But still something I happen to do when I get nervous.

“ Greyson, can you get me some scotch from the kitchen.” Greyson nodded his head and got up to go to the kitchen. Gio walked over to me.

“What happened between you and him?” Gio sounding concerned.

“...I caught him cheating on me with two girls, fucking them. And he said he was doing this with other people.” I had tears in my eyes wanting to come out but I wouldn’t let.

“So you're upset with him having an orgy. Are you disgusted with people who do that?” I looked at him for a moment then replied.

“What...no. I know a few people who have done a threesome or a foursome...to sum it up an orgy. It was just the fact that he cheated, he lied, he hurt me. I don’t care if he likes orgy’s, it was just that he cheated.” Then and there I let out my tears.

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