Wedding Rendezvous

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Wedding flirtation. Can it go too far?

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

Shout out to the very talented Cutpurse who suggested this scenario.


Rachel had been my best friend for as long as I could remember. She lived next door when we were kids and we even roomed together in college. So it was no surprise when she asked me to be her bridesmaid. I was actually relieved to hear that it was some sort of a family tradition to have the sister be the maid of honor. A maid of honor was expected to give a speech and that was not my cup of tea, especially not in front of that many people. Her husband to be, John, was the son of an oil tycoon, which meant that this would be a very big and elaborate wedding.

They treated us to everything. Expensive meals, a spa day, the works. I felt like a princess and I wasn’t even the one getting married. Rachel chose beautiful silver sequined dresses that had a pale blue silk tulle outer layer for all the bridesmaids. Each one just a little different style but all matching in color. Mine was strapless with a sweetheart neckline that showed a little more of my breasts than I would have normally cared for. It was full length with a silky wrap that fit tightly around my waist. But the most beautiful thing of all was the rhinestone jewelry set that matched the dresses. Of course the jewelry was to be returned after the reception but it still made me feel very decadent.

As I stood at the front of the church, waiting for the ‘here comes the bride’ tune, I scanned the crowded pews. I was aquantented with a few but most of the people in attendance were strangers to me. One face in the crowd particularly caught my eye. A handsome man in a tux with a chiseled jawline. His dark eyes met with mine and a slight grin creased the corner of his mouth. I could tell I was starting to blush but our eyes were locked and I could not break away. My heart rate was increasing. It could have been nerves but I don’t think so. He had a strange hold on me. Suddenly everyone rose to their feet, turning to face the back of the church. I was snapped from my trance, losing sight of the man in the sea of people.

When the ceremony had ended, Dave, one of John’s best men, presented his arm and escorted me down the center aisle. Dave was an attractive man, he had been very polite and just a bit flirty, to which Rachel had warned me. Despite his charm, my eyes searched for the man that I had seen earlier to no avail. Not that it would have done me any good. Perhaps he would attend the reception, perhaps even ask me to dance. My heart fluttered a little just thinking about it.

“Ever been to a wedding this fancy?” Dave asked, once we were at the back of the church.

“Nothing quite like this,” I said laughing.

“I knew they were rich. But they really went all out.”

“It was beautiful,” I replied.

“Yea,” he said, glancing quickly at my chest. “For sure. I bet you were glad she didn’t have you wear some crazy neon orange dress or something?” He said, knowing that I had caught him looking.

I laughed, looking down at my dress with my hands on my hips.

“I am. She has good taste. I was never worried.”

“You look amazing by the way,” he said with his hands out, as if presenting me.

I think he was giving himself an excuse to look me up and down, which I actually didn’t mind him doing. It was a nice compliment coming from a man that I’m pretty sure was ten years younger than me. I twisted my hips back and forth, making the tulle float around me.

“Thank you. You look very handsome as well,” I said, tugging at his lapel as if to straighten it.

He smiled and was about to say something else but was cut off.

“Everyone in the wedding party, this way. Time for pictures.”

“That’s us,” Dave said, again offering his arm.

I took it, squeezing his large bicep before lacing my arm into his. He was trying hard and I was probably blushing. He was a full head taller than me, so I had to crane my neck to look into his lovely blue eyes.

“You’re such a gentleman,” I said bashfully.

He only smiled as he led me out to where there were limousines waiting to take us to the receptions venue. If it weren’t for the shofer, I’m sure he would have opened the door for me but he did offer his hand, which I took, to get in the car. We rode with the other bridesmaids and I could tell one of them had also peaked Dave’s interest. I could see why. She was built like a runway model, tall, thin and very beautiful. Where as I was an average height with more of an hourglass figure.

Once we arrived at our destination, Dave again took my hand to help me out of the car.

“Thank you, sir,” I said, giving him a cute grin.

I looked around and felt like I was in a fairy tale. We were in a large circle drive, paved in stone, with a fountain at the center. Perfectly manicured landscape sprawled as far as I could see. The building looked like an enormous old English mansion and there seemed to always be someone to open every door. Behind the mansion was an expansive garden and lush green lawn that led down to a large pond. I got a bit of tour since the photographer took us from one place to the next all around the grounds. It was a magical place, perfect for photos.

When the photographer was finished with us I went inside to find most of the guests had arrived and were mingling in the great hall. I scanned the room for the man from the church. Who would skip out on this? Surely he would show.

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