Wedding Rendezvous

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Chapter 3


He released my hand but I did not want him to let go. Our dance left me aroused and I wanted his body against mine again. He was like no other man I knew. Okay, so maybe weddings make me a little horny… and wine… and hot guys in tuxedos. But there was something about him, I couldn’t wait to see him again.

The rest of the evening flew by as I anticipated meeting with Emeric again. Bouquets and garters were thrown. I watched the bride and groom rub cake into one another’s face. Then, as I was enjoying my cake I saw Emeric exit the door that led out into the gardens. A grin rose at the corner of my mouth as I thought about his lips on mine. Hoping no one would notice my absence, I made my way to the back door.

Once outside, I saw that there were a few people outside. Mostly smokers, but no one seemed to have ventured too far from the door. I casually strode through the garden area that skirted the pond, hoping to not draw any unwanted attention. The sky was clear and my eyes were starting to adjust to the moon lit night.

“I was worried you wouldn’t come,” a voice said, making my heart race.

“Of course I came.”

He took me by the hands, pulling me into a more secluded area, where the plants hid us from everyone’s view. Pulling me in close, he held my waist firmly in his strong hands and I wrapped my arms around his neck. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moment before he leaned in, pressing his lips into mine. His hands came up my sides and ran along my arms. Lifting my arms into the air, he took both of my wrists into one of his hands.

“What are you doing?” I asked, as he tied my wrist and fastened them to a low hanging branch.

“Shh. I’m not going to hurt you,” he whispered into my ear.

My heart was racing as a blend of fear and arousal coursed through my body. His hands caressed my skin making me shiver with excitement. His hands made their way to my neck, wrapping all the way around them. Next thing I knew, I felt my necklace slide off my shoulders and he slipped it into his jacket.

“So, you are just going to rob me then?” I asked as I subtly worked at my bindings. That’s when I noticed he had already taken my bracelet.

“Perhaps,” he whispered.

Gently, and with skilled fingers he removed my earrings, brushing against my cheeks lightly as he did so. He kissed me again and my arousal snuffed out the fear.

“I could just scream you know,” I warned as he pulled away from our kiss.

“Why would you do that? You said it yourself. These do not belong to you. Besides, we are just getting to the fun part.”

“What fun would that be,” I said, hanging onto every word.

His nimble fingers traced my collarbones, slowly gliding down to the sides of my breasts. A moan involuntarily escaped my lips. He gave me an evil grin, knowing I was not going to try to stop him. I could feel the heat from his breath on my lips as his hands continued around me. Holding the back of my dress with one hand, I could hear him unzipping my dress with the other. Releasing his hands, my dress fell down around my feet.

He took a step back and looked me up and down hungrily. My breasts were fully exposed thanks to the inability to wear a bra with my dress. A thong was the only thing left between me and whatever else Emeric had planned.

His hands roamed my body as he circled around me.

“Ahh,” I moaned softly.

“Shh. We don’t want to attract any unwanted attention do we?”

I shook my head, biting my lip as his hands came around, squeezing my breast. He pushed himself firmly against me. I could feel the bulge in his pants press against my ass. His lips nipped down my spine while his hands made their way down my stomach, then into the waistband of my thong. Pulling them down, I felt his finger brush past my eager slit.

“Sorry. I have to be sure you aren’t hiding anything else,” he said.

Circling back in front of me he ran his hand across my thigh. I widened my stance to allow him to explore more and he did not hesitate. His fingers slid through my wet folds and he slipped two of them inside me. I exhaled heavily, trying not to make too much noise.

“Find anything you want in there?” I asked coyly. “Maybe you should untie me and I can give you something really special.”

He slowly removed his fingers and reached into his pants pocket, removing a knife and flicking it open. My heart pounded as he reached up and cut the bindings on my wrists, folding the knife back closed and returning it to his front pocket.

I stepped in close to him staring into his eyes as my hands began to undo his belt buckle. His cock twitched beneath the silky slacks as I unfastened them. With one fast tug, they were down around his ankles. He was so caught up in the moment that he did not realize I had his knife. I stood quickly, pushing the blade to his throat.

“I’ll take these back,” I said, pulling my jewels from his coat pocket. “Now strip. I think it’s only fair,” I said, pointing the knife at him and stepping back still completely naked.

He complied to my command, starting with his jacket, tossing it onto a nearby bench. Smiling, all while staring me in the eyes, he loosened his tie and removed his cufflinks.

“I’ll take those,” I said, holding my free hand out.

He placed the gold cufflinks in my palm, then continued by unbuttoning his vest and shirt. Those too were tossed to the bench. I bit my lip, looking over his chiseled body and dark tanned skin. My eyes lingered as he had done to me while he stood, waiting for my next demand.

“Those too,” I said, pointing with the knife.

Pulling his black boxer briefs down slowly, I watched mesmerized. The first thing I noticed was that he was well groomed. I liked that. Then his shaft came into view, inch by inch. I liked that even more. He paused before the tip came into view, then with a quick jerk, he pulled them down far enough for his thick cock to spring free.

I pulled my gaze away, staring up into his eyes. We both smiled, knowing what the other was thinking.

“That was so fucking hot,” I said, tossing the knife on the ground and walking to him.

He quickly kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants. I jumped into his arms, wrapping my legs around him and diving my tongue into his hot mouth. His strong hands grasped my round ass as he positioned my body until he was rubbing himself through my wet folds. Moments later, he had found his mark and he pushed himself inside me. Unable to stop myself, I moaned loudly as his cock filled me entirely.

“Shh,” he chuckled. “Someone will hear us babe.”

I doubted that, since the music was playing and we were pretty far away from the hall. I tried nonetheless, but he felt so good. His muscular body in a passionate embrace with mine. His hands strong arms, pulling and pushing my body back and forth, impaling me on his substantial rod.

He carried me a few feet and began to lower me to the ground. I clung to him tightly with my arms and legs, unwilling to not have him remain inside me. My bare back came into contact with the lush grass that was slightly wet from the dew that had started to form on it. He took me by the wrists again, pinning them on the ground above my head. With steady, hard thrusts, he plunged himself in and out of my throbbing pussy. My eyes rolled back and I exhaled a long moan as an intense orgasm washed over me. He continued pounding me hard as my walls clinched hard on his length. Moments later he let out a series of low grunts and I could feel his hot seed flood into me.

“We are so bad,” I said panting, as he pulled himself from my come soaked pussy.

“It was fun though,” he replied, digging through his jacket.

He gave me something to clean myself up with and started getting dressed again. I slipped my panties back on and stepped into my dress.

“Can you zip me up?” I asked, holding up the front of my dress.

I put my bracelet and earrings back on as he zipped me back up. Finally I put the necklace back on. Emeric pulled my hair to the side and fastened the clasp, then placed a gentle kiss on my neck.

“Mmm. More when we get home?”

“I knew I married you for a reason,” he said chuckling.

We returned the reception hand in hand and paused on the patio for one more kiss.

“Turn,” he said, making a twirling motion with his hand.

I turned around and he grabbed me by the shoulders.

“Just a piece of grass,” he said, plucking it out and brushing my hair with his hand.

“Ready to go back in?” I asked, smoothing out my dress.

“Think anyone noticed we were gone?”

“Let’s find out,” I said, as we stepped back inside.

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