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Contains completely random erotic one shots.

Erotica / Romance
Vera Gogh
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Jacob and Niki

I | 1412 words

“Great,” I grumbled as raindrops splattered on me. My pace speed up, wanting to get home before it started really pouring. But that happened in like two minutes. My clothes became plastered to my body.

My hair clumped together and it wasn't long before I became soaked to the bone. My house was another ten minutes away and I really don’t wanna walk all the way there in this. But my friend’s apartment complex was right down the street.

I bursted into a sprint, aiming for his apartment. I burst into the lobby, earning a warning stare from the old woman behind the counter. I rolled my eyes and waltzed into the elevator, smashing his floor number. I tapped my freezing leg. Finally, the doors opened. I burst into a run, and then skidding to a stop.

“Jacob? Jacob!”



A few seconds I heard footsteps running towards the door. The door burst open and Jacob stood behind it, alarm very apparent in his gorgeous brown eyes.

“Huh, about damn time.” I sighed.

“Oh, Niki? What the heck are you doing? You look soaked! Come in!” he gasped, motioning you to come in.

“Go, you must be frozen!” I nodded and muttered thanks and stepped in, shivering uncontrollably.

“C’mere. I have some dry clothes you can wear. Follow me,” he says grabbing my arm. A faint blush spreads on my cheeks, but I let him lead me to his room.

I watched him grab a shirt and shorts. “Here...” he says, whirling around. His eyes widen when sets eyes on me.

I frown wondering what he’s gawking at, but then I remember. My shirt is plastered to me and it’s thin, my bra’s visible. “Thanks,” I force out, grabbing the clothes. He nods and darts out, but I don’t miss the slight tent in his shorts. I shut the door mostly, leaving a small crack but not thinking much about it. I peel the clothes off me, letting them smack on the floor. The cold air makes goosebumps appear on my arms and I shiver, running my hands up and down myself.

I grab his shirt to throw over my head but something, someone grabs it. “Nu-uh. I much prefer you like this,” Jacob coos in my ear. I gasp and try to whirl around but his strong hands press against my waist, pinning me against him and keeping me from turning. He presses a kiss to my neck and I shudder.

“Jacob! What the hell are you doing?” I gasp. He smirks against my skin.

“What do you think?” I quiver as heat pools between my legs.

‘When the hell did you become confident, Jacob? Especially when it comes to sex?’

“J-Jacob. Stop,” I moan as his finger graze very close to my most sensitive spot. He nips lightly at my jaw. “Jacob.” His fingers skim across my inner thigh. My hand grabs at his, but my abdomen quivers in want.

“You are telling me to stop,” he pauses and presses his thumb against my clit. My hips buck and my head slams against his chest, wetness starting to drip down my thighs. This was definitely a side of him that I never would’ve thought existed. “but the way you are reacting,” he runs a finger through my dripping slits, “says otherwise, Niki.”

I bit my lip and wrap an arm around the back of his neck, pressing us even closer. I’m well aware of his member pressing tightly against my ass.

I gasped.

As if I hit a button, he flips me around so our chest collide. He smashes his lips against mine, backing me up. He grabs my ass, stopping me right before I hit his bed. He slaps it slightly.

“Jump,” he growls. I shudder and do as he says, jumping and wrapping my legs around his torso. He connects our lips again before smashing my back against a wall. I moan into the kiss and wrap my arms around his neck. He unwraps his arms from my waist, ripping his shirt off.

My eyes widen at his shockingly toned abs and he winks at me. His hand grip my hips and reconnects our lips. My hands fly to his waist, working on undoing his shorts. They snap off and I use my feet to kick them off his waist. I palm him through his boxers and he groans, deep and husky into the kiss.

I bit into his lower lip, pulling on it. He pushes down his boxers and I feel his member spring free. It pushes into my stomach lightly. His hand trail up and down my body, occasionally pinching a nipple. I break the kiss to suck on his neck My teeth grazed the nape of itand he growls, his throat vibrating against my chest. My hand trails down his abs, to his v-line, stopping at his shockingly large length. I grab the base of it, pumping him a few times. My thumb presses into his slit and his hips buck into mine.

His lower half begins to grind into me, the tip of his member sliding up and down my dripping folds. My hands grip onto his shoulders and I squeeze my legs harder, yearning for more friction.

He chuckles, gently grabbing my throat. He forces me to look at him in the eyes before smirking.

“Does baby girl want me to fuck her now?” he mockingly pouts. I chewed my lips and nodded hastily. “Use your words, baby.” he murmurs. I try to form words but I can only focus on his tip relentlessly teasing me. “Hmm, baby?” he warns, pulling away. I whimper and grip tightly into his shoulders.

“Y-Yes...” I gasped. He smirks and bends down.

“Yes, what?” my wetness starts to soak his member’s tip and he smirks down at me.

“I want you to p-pound, fuck m-me into this wall— OH MY GOD, JACOB!” I gasped as he shoves roughly into me. He freezes, raising a brow.

“What was that, baby?” my lips parted and my eyes widen as he starts to thrust into me, painfully slow but still stretching me quite a lot.

“I-I want you to fuck me until I o-only know your name! I want y-you to fuck me until I can’t walk straight— FUCK, JACOB!” I scream as he smashes into my throbbing cervix.

“What’s my name?” he growls.

“Jacob!” I moaned as he deepened his thrusts.

“Say it again.”


“You are so fucking beautiful.”

With that, his pace increases, his hips slamming repeatedly into mine. His fingers dig into my hips and he bites down the base of my throat while fucking me senseless.

His thumb circles my clit and his groans are so goddamn sexy. All this stimulation makes a knot form in my stomach, tightening with every thrust he makes. Every groan, growl, hitch of his breath, every circle on my clit, it’s overwhelming.

He repeatedly buried himself into my spot, as if he knew my body like the back of his hand. He knew every place to place his hand and everywhere to suck and bite. I feel him start to twitch, close as well.

“Oh, f-fuck...” I clenched around him. “You know how to drive me insane, baby.” he groans. My head tilts back onto the wall, toes curling. He nips the middle of my throat, again soothing it with his tongue. This does it in for me.

“Oh, Jake!”



With a cry, the hardest orgasm I’ve ever had crashes into me. Wave after wave of immense, overstimulating pleasure courses through my body. “You look so d-damn good writhing and c-coming undone beneath me, baby...”

Jacob’s hips slow and becomes sloppy, signaling he’s very close. My high ends and I planted a heated kiss on his lips, my legs shaking against his waist. I bite down hard on his lip.

This seems to tip him over. “N-Niki... b-baby....” he groans into my ear, barely managing to pull out. Hot strings fly onto my stomach and his eyes screw shut. His abs flex and unflex and it’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

He drops me down onto my shaking legs. He laughs as I grip him to keep myself from falling. I glare at him as I walk like a newborn deer to his bed, flopping down.

“Fuck, that was amazing.”

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