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When a longtime marriage is the best that happened to you but you still seem to miss something... Discovering new Sensations and creating new bonds are the answers to your needs.... !! This story contents same sex interaction if you don't like that be warned!! My first ever short story so please be patient... I apologize for grammar issues If you don't like it you don't have to read it but if you do please like, comment and share😊

Erotica / Romance
Sina Karkowski
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We just got back from the club and my girl was on fire... While sitting in the back of our ordered Uber her hands were all over me. Not that I complained but she was driving me more and more crazy every minute we got closer to our apartment. She knew I didn't want to explode in my trousers ever... She would pay for that later.

"Luena your killing me here..." I brought out between panting hard whilst she was rubbing my noticeable bulge in my pants. She smirked at me and buried her face in the crook of my neck and started kissing and sucking. If she would keep going like that I surely wouldn't last any longer and she knew it.

We've been together for over 10 years and married for 8 and she still drove me crazy. With her brown long wavy hair, her piercing green eyes, lips to dye for, beautiful big breast and her nice ass she was drop dead gorgeous. She was small and a little curvier but that made her even better. My mates often stated they were jealous because she was also caring, funny and understanding in any way. We hardly fight and if we do we can't stay mad because we miss each other even after just a couple of hours.

After what felt like an eternity the driver announced we arrived at our destination and I couldn't be happier to get my girl inside. I paid and got out before rounding the car and open the door for Luena.
"Well thx honey still the sexy gentleman I fell in love with." she got out and stumbled a bit caused by her consume of a little too much alcohol. "Whoa babe careful!", I chuckled by gripping her wrist and pulling her close to me. I shut the door of the car and we walked, well I walked Lu stumbled, towards the apartment building. I got her on the elevator car and waited for it to arrive at the fifth floor. Luena sighed and grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me in for a kiss. I slightly bent down since I towered her a bit and caught her lips on mine.

"Babe... We're there", I pushed her softly backwards and she started walking not parting our lips. Luckily I was sober enough to reach in my pocket for the key and managed to open the door and get inside our three room apartment without having to part our lips once. Luena kicked of her heels and swung her arms around my neck. "Honey I'm so hot for you right now." she said with a smirk and attacked my lips again. I smirked into the kiss and lifted her up. Her legs instinktively rounded my hips and I grabbed her ass keeping her secure just above my waistline my throbbing member slightly pinching her juicy ass.

I entered our bedroom and threw her on the bed which made her gasp before giggling "If the drive would have taken any longer I would have cum right there with your hands all over me babe that was rude!", I could hear her gulp since she realized my voice got slightly deeper and I bet my eyes were dark with desire.

"And what are you going to do about it honey?", she tried to sound seductive but I could hear her nervousness.

"Take your clothes off Luena!", I smirked while stepping closer to her and reaching for the small side table with our special drawer. I opened it and got a blindfold and handcuffs out. I let it open so I could take out some more when my beautiful wife wouldn't be able to see it. Luena shifted on the bed taking of her sexy blue dress and exposed her beautiful curves only covered by a set of black lace underware.
If I wasn't already hard for her now I defenetly would have been. "God babe you are so sexy but u still wear clothes... Don't make ur punishment longer than nessesary." I bend over her an bit into her earlobe. She winced a bit and quickly unclapsed her bra and got rid of it before pulling her panties down and kicking them off the bed. Her eyes never leaving me and trying to read my intentions.

I nodded "Good girl. Now turn around you have seen enough! " she sat in front of me her back towards me and I put the blindfold on. I helped her lay down and cuffed her wrists with my metal cuffs and secured them on our bed. I got up and looked down at her "You are so beautiful now spread those legs of yours and don't move afterwards." she did as she was told and I stepped at the end of the bed to be able to fully view my masterpiece of a wife. The next few hours would be fun. And my hard member couldn't wait.

" Good now tell me Luena... Why do you think I will punish you? ", she gulped again and bit on her lower lip. "Because I tried to drive you crazy in the Uber and tried to make you cum without you beeing inside of me." I started to go back to the drawer and answered "That's right. Because I don't want to cum if I'm not inside your sweet pussy or between your juicy lips or have your soft hands around my cock." I let my hand slide up her belly and she jumped a little by the sudden touch and I chuckled. "So nervous! Well you should be!", I smirked and she again bid down on her lower lip making my cock twitch inside my pants. I quickly unzipped my jeans and let them fall to the floor immediately feeling better just covered by my boxers. She shifted her head by the sound of my jeans falling down.

I searched the inside of our drawer looking for my favorite toy and found it. I grabbed a small vibrator along with a whip with feather ends. It doesn't really hurt that bad but it still stings a bit when used correctly. We've been playing this Dom and Sub game for a couple of years now and we both loved it.

I placed the vibrator on the table and laid the whip next to her leg. I climbed on the bed and straddled her waist. I bend down and kissed her lips pulling her lower lip away with my teeth. She moaned a little bit and I slid my tounge inside her mouth. My hands laid on her waist slowly sliding up her sides towards her breasts. She was ticklish and started to wiggle and giggle into my mouth. I grabbed one nipple between my fingers and pinched it hard "Be quiet" she winced and I sat next to her gliding my hand down towards her sex. My other hand still playing with her nipple. Once my fingers were close enough to her sex I slowed my movement. Each tapped one by one closer to her waiting pussy and my touch stayed featherlight to tease her. Once I reached her folds I used one finger to slide up and down her slid.
Her breathing increased and I knew she struggled keeping her moanes inside. I smirked while placing kisses, starting from her neck, down her collarbone towards her other nippel before claiming it with my lips and let my tounge flick over it making it harder then it already was. She gasped and bit down on her lip again.
She started to buckle her hips to convince me to touch her harder. I started to trace small circles around her clit, her back arched and she pressed her lips together to keep the moans away. My good girl trying to please my orders. Her juices slowly started to cover her sweet pussy and I could smell her arousal she moved her hips in sync with my circling finger and I knew she was about to get close so I decided to stop my movements. She let a small wince escape and immediately gasped after realizing she made a sound. "Oh baby so ready! But still you made a sound darling... Not so clever!", I chuckled and got up while grabbing the whip. I let the ends of it glide across her belly towards her breasts and circled them. I saw goosebumps form on her skin and she again arched her back. I smiled to myself and lifted my hand to place my first strike on her breasts.
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