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Love In An Elevator

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Sabrina was walking through her favorite mall when she is suddenly trapped in an elevator with a handsome man. They spend a few nights together but what happens​ on the second night?

Erotica / Romance
Ember Leigh Joy
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Chapter 1:

Sabrina was walking around her favorite mall. Her parents were out of town and she had saved up enough of her allowance to spend the entire day at the mall. She had already managed to get a few items of clothing, some jewelry, and a few snacks from the candy store. The eighteen-year-old walked to the elevator, pressing the button that had an arrow pointing up on it. The silver doors opened and the red haired girl slowly walked in while texting her parents. Without her knowing, someone else had entered the elevator as she texted to her parents, saying where she was and how she was doing as she promised. As the elevator doors closed, the bars on her phone disappeared and she put it back into her pocket.

After a few seconds, the elevator started to shake and the lights were flashing. Sabrina gasped and grasp the sides that elevator as it shook until it stopped. “Please forgive the interruption but our elevator seems to be having some difficulties. Please be patient and we will try to fix this problem as quick as we can.” Sabrina sighed at the microphone and held her chest scared. Turning around, Sabrina saw a man with black medium length locks of hair. He had ocean blue eyes that made her blush. He looked down to his phone sighing.

“No cell reception.” The redhead girl looked down to avoid his gaze and she sat down on the floor. He walked up to the metal door and banged against it, causing Sabrina to scream. “HEY! Hothead.” He looked down to her with anger in his eyes. “You're shaking the entire elevator. I want to live to see my twenties so please stop.” He gritted his teeth at her and sat on the ground away from her. She sighed and laid her head against the cold walls. She tried her best to stay calm despite her claustrophobia. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and pictured herself somewhere else.

The stranger started to crawl up to her and stare at her face. When Sabrina opened her eyes to squeak at his closeness. He chuckled at her reaction and said: “You’re really cute.” She blushed and looked away; scooting away from him. “I’m Abaddon but my friends call me Devil.” She nodded looking down at her watch to see how much time has passed. She looked up to see him close to her again. “It would be polite to tell me your name.” She sighed. “Sabrina.”

He smiled and took her hand. He kissed her hand saying “Pleasure to meet you.” He started to kiss up her arm and reached her elbow until Sabrina pushed him off with her sneaker. She blushed and looked down. Her heart was racing and she grabbed her gray sweater because of the cold, metal room. Wrapping it over her purple blouse, she felt her heart begin to return to her. She lost track of time and suddenly the intercom started to ring. “Attention all shoppers. The mall will be closing soon. And because tomorrow is a special holiday, the mall will be closed for the next three days.” Abaddon stood up and started to pound on the doors again.

Harder and louder, the elevator started to shake again. Sabrina sighed and her stomach started to growl. “There has to be a way out of here.” Sabrina looked in her shopping bags to see one from Taco Bell. As the impatient man searched the entire elevator, the young lady took out one of the meals she bought for the weekend. The elevator shook because Abaddon was walking around causing the redhead to groan. Taking out a pile of nachos, she slowly started to dig into the tasty Mexican treat. She heard a growl coming from the other side of the elevator. She offered him some nachos which he hesitantly part took. She savored the taste as he looked at the large size. “For such a skinny girl you eat a lot.” She rolled her eyes saying “It’s none of your business how I eat.” She continued eating and tried to ignore his words that pierced her heart like an arrow.

Continuing to eat, the atmosphere turned quiet and cold for the next few minutes. “Look. If we are gonna be stuck here for a few days, we might as well get along.” She looked over to Abaddon with a skeptical look then nodded in agreement as she swallowed her food. “Well let’s play questions.” She looked over confused by the game. “It’s a conversation game I learned. One person asks a question and we both answer.” Sabrina was interested. “Ok. You go first.” For the next several hours, they got to know about each other and started to warm up to one another. He chuckled. “You actually glued you're older sisters hair to a pillow?” She giggled and nodded. “Only because she coated me in syrup the night before.” He started to laugh harder as they continued to eat the nachos. “OK. You turn Sabrina.” She thought for a second. “What age was-” She was interrupted by something that scared the words out of her. The elevator began to shake again but, this time, more violently.

The red haired girl screamed as the lights flickered on and off. Sabrina started to cry in between her screams when the lights went off completely, filling the small metal room in darkness. The elevator stopped shaking after a few minutes and the lights turned back on. Abaddon sighed and said, “Looks like the lights are…” He stopped in the middle of his sentence when he saw the dark red haired girl holding the back of her head with her hands and tears down her eyes. She was trying to regain her composure but her fear got the best of her. She couldn’t hold back the tears as they left little streams down her red cheeks. “Back…” He finished as she started heaving in between her knees. She started to shake and shiver without any sign of stopping. “Whoa! What’s wrong?” He knelt down next to her as she panted. She couldn’t answer with her panic attack in the way.

He didn’t know what came over him but he started to lean down and hugged her. She gasped but his warmth started to calm her nerves. When the red haired girl's breathing returned to normal, he pulled back asking “What the hell was that about.” She shook her head trying to stay calm. “It’s nothing just…” She took a deep breath. “When I was ten, I fell in a well. I was trapped in there for days which gave me a severe case of claustrophobic PTSD. Whenever I am in a small, dark room, my lungs feel like they are filled with water and I get so scared that I can’t breathe.” He looked at her in shock at her story.

“The trauma gave me anorexia so it took me two years to get from that state. That’s why I eat so much.” He leaned back into the wall. “I feel like I can’t trust anyone because I was left for dead in a well till I almost starved to death. Search dogs found me and I was saved.” Sabrina hid her head in between her knees. “So… that’s why you are so shy around people.” She nodded and started eating again. She took out a surprisingly still warm taco and devoured it. She yawned and her eyes drooped. “We better get some sleep.”

Sabrina nodded and took out her sweater. Abaddon grasped her waist causing the girl to gasp lightly. He lied her down against his lap then took her sweater to lay it over her as a blanket. “Hey- What are you-” He leaned over her. “Shut up and get some sleep you annoying girl. We can talk again in the morning” She blushed then nodded; not wanting to argue. They closed their eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep. Sabrina woke up before Abaddon and slowly sat up, making sure not to wake him up. She placed her coat over him in order to keep him warm. She sighed and looked through her bags hoping to find something to eat. She sighed to find cold tacos, salads, burritos, and desserts. She sighed and looked through her shopping bags to try and find something to heat the food up. Hearing a groan, Sabrina turned around to see Abaddon was waking up.

She blushed and looked away when she found an inferno. Abaddon looked to see a stereo kit and Sabrina looking through her bags. “What are you looking for?” He asked in a slurred voice. He took out a pack of gum and placed a peppermint-colored stick into his mouth. “Something to light the gel. I bought this stereo kit and I need something to light it with.” Sabrina heard a click behind her and she saw that Abaddon had a lighter in his palm. “Thank you.” She reached out to grab it when he grasped her wrist and pulled her close to his face. “You know… You’re really cute.” She blushed and looked away from his glowing eyes. “No way in hell.” She pulled back and took out a folding table where she could reheat the tacos.

“You are so cute.” She rolled her eyes at his words, feeling like they are lies. As she cooked the insides of the tacos, she said sternly, “I am not cute.” Putting the insides of the tacos in the same plastic bowl they used for nachos yesterday, Sabrina took her coat back and wrapped it around her body. She took a bite of the taco insides as he asked: “Why don’t you think you’re cute?” She covered the flame and put it to the side saying “I have only been called cute by one person outside my family; my ex-boyfriend.” He had a confused look on his face.

“What’s so bad about that?” She sighed. “He cheated on me with petite, blonde bimbos who put out. Major league sluts.” He looked even more confused and scoffed. “What a pig.” She started to eat then said “That is why I think I’m not cute. If I can’t keep him then I don’t deserve a man.” She leaned in for another bite when Abaddon grasped her wrist tightly and pushed her to the ground. She gasped and he gazed into her eyes that were filled with confusion and fear. “I’ll show you just how cute you are… Right now.” He leaned down and stole her lips in for a kiss. She opened her eyes wide and tried to shake him off. He just pinned her down even harder but continued the steady pace of the kiss. She blushed but after a while melted into the kiss.

Blushing, she loosened the muscles in her limbs, becoming weak to his touch. Once he felt her arms become loose, he trailed his large hands down her thin triceps. She blushed as he moved his mouth away from hers. In a weak voice, she timidly asked “Wait. W-what are you-” She was interrupted by his warm lips pressed against her skin. She blushed, craning her neck to accommodate his head. He cupped her face with one hand while using the other to caress the curves of her sides. She blushed and moaned as he moved his hand up and down her side. He moved his lips up until they massaged against her earlobe.

Suddenly, she felt his hand travel up her purple blouse so that it was against her bare skin. She gasped and started to stutter a response. She gasps as his fingers made their way to the underwire of her bra. Sabrina gasped and tried to wiggle out of his grip but he held her tightly in place. He licked up her jaw line and nibbled on her earlobe; causing a loud moan to escape her lips. He licked down her jaw line and trailed his nails down her tender flesh. “No… wait…” She blushed trying to push him off but he held her in place. “I’ll be gentle.” She blushed deeper as he sat her up and started to slide her thin jacket down her shoulders, letting it fall around her waist.

She blushed as he stared at her skin. She blushed deeper as he leaned in and started to kiss her collarbone. Her body jolted at the way his lips massaged her shoulder. She couldn’t help but arch her head from the sensation. He smiled at her reaction and pulled her up to his lap. She towered over him in this position. Feeling her body lose control, Sabrina lazily sunk down to his face. She pulled back for a second feeling fear and hesitation but she leaned in until she could taste the mint on his breath from the gum.

He delicately trailed his hand up her shirt, tracing it along her spine. She blushed feeling her skin pringle at Abandon’s touches. The black haired man pulled back from the kiss to stare into her blue eyes. He took his thumb along with his pointer finger to grab her chin and tilt it up till she was looking at the ceiling. He leaned in then licked up her neck to her chin, causing her to shiver. Sabrina bit back a moan as he tenderly licked her skin tenderly. She dug her long nails into the soft fabric of his black t-shirt, trying to keep her composer. He started to lift up the fabric of her shirt, causing her to gasp and reach out to stop him. He looked into her eyes with his ocean blue ones. “Trust me.” She didn’t know why but Sabrina went limp in his arms, letting herself fall into his embrace.

She felt him pull her shirt higher until it reached up her midnight color bra. She blushed and her body quakes at how much of her skin is revealed. He reached over to the back of her shirt and pulled it up more. Abaddon pulled her blouse over her head which made her hair fall in front of her face. She blushed as her shirt was removed from her arms. He tossed it to the corner of the elevator as he took in every inch of her skin. Abaddon ghosted his fingers over her pastel skin, sending goose bumps up and down her body.

He then leaned down and traced little circles on the skin of her breastbone, making her blush harder and moan. She couldn’t help but blush as he suddenly forced her against the cold wall. Her spine shivered at the metal wall and he kissed her breastbone harder. She moaned, trying to grip the wall for support. She tried to hold back her moans by biting her lip. He slid his hands up the curves on her body until they reached the thin straps of her black bra. She looked at him with concern then closed her eyes to prepare herself. Gently, he pushed the straps off of Sabrina's shoulders. He lightly pulled her bra off of her chest but she managed to cover up her breast before he could see them. Her face was as red as a tomato when he did this.

Abaddon smoothly rubbed his hands up her arms until they reached her wrist; causing her to twitch. He lightly started to pull when she breathed out “No… Wait....” He ignored her request and pulled her arms away. He stared at her perfectly rounded breast. She couldn’t stop shaking as he gazed at her half naked body. He reached down and started to lick her firm but soft, full breast. She arched her head back when his warm lips made contact with her tender flesh. As Abaddon sucked her bare breast, he moved his hands to her legs. She then panted as he started to massage her inner thigh. She blushed as his hand made its way up her black skirt. She gasped, arching her body to press against his chest. He pulled back for a mere few seconds and stared into her eyes.

He reached his hand over his head and started to pull his shirt over his head. Once his t-shirt was off, it revealed an evenly toned chest. Sabrina didn’t know what had come over her but she reached her hand out and flattens it against his toned chest. She blushed as he stood up on his knees tower over her. She looked up, feeling herself go weak. Her breathing was so thick and hard that it fogged up the metal walls. He leaned down to steal her lips for a deep and passionate kiss. Slowly sliding his tongue into her mouth, She moaned as he swirled his tongue around hers, making her insides swirl.

Behind the two of them, Abaddon was laying their shirts down much like a sheet. He pulled away from the kiss and laid her down. He used one hand to pin her wrists above her head. He licked the bridge between her breasts, making her body shiver. He trailed his fingers down her soft skin until it reached her inner thigh. Her body twitched as he massaged up her thigh until he reached her damp undergarments. Gasping, she arched her body farther. He reached his fingers into the rim of her skirt and panties. Her body couldn’t stay still as he pulled the bottom half of her clothes off. “No… Wait…” Without listening to her request, he pulled off her skirt and panties. Her face was a bright red as it was exposed to him. He leaned down and placed little kisses down her body, making her skin prickle where he touched. He slid his fingers to her womanhood, gently rubbing it. She gasped arching her back. ‘He knows what turns me on… How can he do this..?” She thought to herself as he touched her. His wet mouth surrounded her nipple, making him dance little circles around it until it felt hard on his lips.

He pulled away to show it was pink and wrinkled and he blew on it; making her gasp hard. She arched her head back from the passion that he is giving her. He started to rub her entrance harder, making her gasp for more. She let out long moans as he moved his fingers harder. He thrusted his fingers roughly into her making Sabrina gasped throwing her head back. “AHHH! Wait!!! AHHH! Not there! Wait…” She screamed trying to make him stop. She pulled on the gauze that bounded her harder. Every once in awhile, he would go weaker then went straight back to hard. “STOP… Please!!! If you keep doing that… I-I’m gonna go to pieces!” He just smirked at her.

“You like that huh… How about this?!” He moved his fingers faster and stretched them apart. He lost control of his instincts and forcibly took her lips for himself. She used her bare leg to rub against his base, making him groan in pleasure. Abaddon looked down to her and saw into her eyes what she wanted to do. They shared a romantic kiss with her trailing her hands down his chest to the base of his black pants. She blushed as she pulled them down exposing his hard member. After seeing that innocent gleam in her eyes, he had enough. She moans and wrapped one of her arms around his back while the other one was gripping his arm. She gently but forcefully pushed him onto the floor.

She placed her legs in his sides and lifted the covers over them. Sabrina kissed down his chest, never separating her lips from his skin and trailed her tongue down the lines of his stomach. He groaned and she felt her heart about to burst. He lightly trailed his lips down her breastbone, teasing her by leaving kisses on the side of her breast. He glided his tongue up her skin to her nipple. Sharpening his tongue, he trailed little circles around her bud as he massaged the other one. She couldn’t help but pull on the rope that bound her.

He pulled on the tit then let it go, making it wiggle. He blew against her wet area making her gasp at the sudden chill. She panted feeling herself lose control. She managed to pull her tail away and pull him down closer to her body. She kissed him passionately and he started to pull on her skin. Abaddon trailed his hand down the curves of her body and lifted her leg up, massaging her inner thigh. Sweat was already dripping off his brow from holding back his instincts.

He lost it. He turned her body over and started to lift her hips. “Abaddon… What are you…?” She was interrupted by feeling him rub against her moist area wantonly. She blushed deeply as he bent her down lightly. “Just trust me.” He whispered against the skin of her back. She nodded at his words and he gently kissed her skin. He then slowly began to push himself inside of her. She choked out a moan as she grasped the shirts for some kind of stability. As he pushed, her head curved down till it hit the floor. They both panted after he stopped moving. She felt like her inner walls were shattering and blood lightly dripped from her. He gently nipped at her skin and lightly began to thrust himself into her.

She felt him gently graze his fingers down her stomach and down to her swollen bundle of nerves. She threw her head back, wanting to gasp but is unable to make a sound. Abaddon smirked against her skin and trailed his tongue on the back of her neck. She panted at the way he touched her. She wanted more than anything in the world was to be closer to him. She leaned forward, gripping the ground with him lying on top of her. Sweat made their skin glisten and shine against the moonlight. The floor began to shake as he thrust into her.

She gripped the floor as an attempt to keep steady but her body was trembling from passion and joy. His eyes were filled with feral passion and primal instinct. He pushed her against the metal wall then lifted her leg onto his shoulder. Her body was turned to the side and her free leg latched around Abaddon's waist. He wantonly thrust his hips against hers; causing Sabrina to pull on gasp and moan. She wanted to wrap her arms around his body and claw at his back.

He took one of his free hands and massaged her breast; using his last hand to wrap around her waist. He nipped at every inch of free skin he could find, causing her to squeak and quack. She couldn’t open her eyes from the passion she had building up. A knot was building fast in her stomach and it was getting tighter by the second. He thrust his hips harder and in a wanton fashion. “Ngh, Ngh… Ahh! Hyuuu… Mmmmm…” She couldn’t form any words. She felt the knot in her stomach get even tighter as he moved so smoothly inside of her. “Abaddon… I’m… Gonna…” She shook her head wantonly as if she was losing control of her body.

“…Not yet… Don’t do it yet. Wait for me.” He could feel himself getting closer and closer to his climax. When he saw that Sabrina was trying to regain control, he lean down and whispered “You’re such an obedient girl… that makes my heart pound… so hard…” while panting hard. She blushed at his passionate words. The more he talked to her like that, the less control she had on her body and the harder it was to take control again. “Abaddon… Stop… if you keep… talking… like that…” She said in between pants of lust and exhaustion. He smirked against her soft, porcelain skin. Abaddon licked up her chest to her throat then took her lips for himself.

She moaned against his lips, taking in his taste and wanting to wrap her arms around his body. Her whole body exploded with a fiery passion that sent her into an instant release. The screams echoed against the walls of the elevator. Abaddon came seconds later but their moans and screams were poured into their passionate kiss. He pulled back and fell next to her panting hard. “Holy shit…” Sabrina panted trying to regain her composure. Her body felt like it was throbbing from the inside out. “Are you OK?” She looked over to him weakly and nodded. “Just a little sore.” He smiled and pulled her close, covering their bodies with his discarded clothes. She blushed as she cuddled up to him for warmth. With that, they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

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