Forbidden Mansion

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WARNING this book is VERY EXPLICIT, with very explicit sex scenes and vulgar language, and it is not a book for the innocent. This is Book 2 of the Lockwood Mansion Series. Book 1 is complete and is called Lockwood Mansion. It’s been two years since Ian’s heart was broken. He is now preparing himself for a successful future, while still training at the mansion. He didn’t plan to start looking for a relationship, but when a beautiful blonde came into the picture, he knew he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about her, especially since she worked at the mansion too. The only problem, someone else has their eye on her too. Jordyn is 19 and is working at Lockwood Mansion as a maid. She meets Ian, and now he is all she thinks about. But now someone else is drawn to her, and she must do as he tells her to, because he knows her secret.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

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I close my laptop, and a huge sense of relief leaves my body. I just finished my second year of business school.

Straight A’s! “Fuck yeah!” I yell out as I fall backward on my bed. I stare at the ceiling with a smile on my face, thinking about the past couple years.

I still live and work at Lockwood Mansion, but I’ve been going to school as well. After Rhaya left with Gareth two years ago, it really hit me hard that I didn’t have much of a future. So that’s when I decided to do something with my life.

I signed up for classes a month later and have been in school, simultaneously while working at the mansion. I thought about just leaving Lockwood, but then I’d have to find a regular job, and let’s face it- this job pays fucking great!

Working here for the past- almost 10 years, I have a few hundred thousand dollars in my bank and savings accounts.

So why eventually leave? Because this job is a dead end. I can’t imagine myself being here 20 or 30 years later, because let’s face it, you need one hell of a sex drive to do this job. And what 18 year old girl wants to fuck a 50 year old man? I’m sure there’s not many.

It’s not just the job aspect of it either. It’s the thought of being here and looking back 20 years later and nothing changing. I want to grow and eventually find someone.

Rhaya did leave my heart in pieces, so for two years I’ve been slowly picking them back up. Or maybe that’s why I started school, to keep my mind occupied. Either way it’s been working.

Damien actually ran into Rhaya a few months back. I guess Rhaya and Gareth are engaged to be married in a couple months.

I’m happy for them. Truly. I’m glad Rhaya is living a happy life, I wish her nothing but the best.

As for me? Fuck, between work at the mansion and school, I barely have had enough time to breathe, let alone think about a relationship.

I do miss that closeness with a woman. And I’m not talking about physical closeness, because having the job I do, I’m inside a woman more days than not. I miss the emotional connection.

I have a couple more years in business school then I plan to leave this place and who knows what will happen. I’ll be in a better position where I can put relationships on the top of my priority list. But as for right now, I’ll finish my education, and hell… I don’t hate my job.

What straight man would hate a job where they teach beautiful women to have sex? And not just sex. Mind blowing sex. I am fucking good at my job.

Over the past couple years I’ve actually been good at compartmentalizing my emotions and work. I haven’t even tempted to get emotionally attached to the girls I train. Because fuck, look where that’s gotten me.

Right now, my trainee’s name is Kelsey. We started training about three weeks ago. She’s a pretty girl. Her hair is dark brown and the length is to her collarbone. She has brown eyes and porcelain skin.

She wasn’t a virgin coming here, but she still has a lot to learn. She’s definitely more of a shy type in the sheets. But after I’m done training her she won’t be.

Kelsey is on her period, so we haven’t had any training for the past three days. Now that my finals are over and I can stop stressing, I definitely need a good fucking release. It’s a good thing there’s a fuck party tonight at the mansion.

Mr. Lockwood was diagnosed with colon cancer a couple of months ago, so his eldest son Aidan has started taking over the mansion. He is definitely a fan of extra curricular activities. Last month he threw a party in the Lockwood residence part of the mansion. It was a sex party.

As I lay there continuing to stare at the ceiling, my door opens and Damien comes in. He shuts the door behind him and goes to sit in the chair in my room.

“Nice of you to knock dickhead.” I laugh as I sit up.

“Su casa me casa.” Damien says as he grins, and throws an envelope at me. “You…. Are not the father!” He bursts out laughing. I can’t help it, I start laughing at his Maury joke.

“It’s your STD results. You’re clean mother fucker!”

I was never worried about my results. Everyone going to the party tonight had to get tested. Just like every girl who works here or comes in to train has to get an IUD.

We get tested so often here in the mansion it doesn’t even phase me anymore. Not to mention we all have to sign contracts every time we train someone new, or in between trainees. We have to state if we’re in an a relationship with anyone outside the mansion, and if so they must come in and sign contracts too. It legally binds us to those documents. If we catch an STD, we will be held responsible. I guess it makes sense, because it is a sex mansion, and they’re being very cautious.

“You’re in a good mood.” I say to Damien.

“Yes I am,” he beams as he rests back into the chair and then his face becomes more serious. “Dealing with this cancer shit with my dad, has taken its toll.” He looks lost in thought, but then a second later he smiles again, “I haven’t had any pussy since my brother’s party last month.” I can tell he’s thinking back.

“Fuck it was good. There are some sexy women that work in this mansion.” What he said was the truth. Everyone that worked here was young and hot, besides Butler Walter.

Damien stood up and cracked his knuckles. “Well man, I’ll see ya on the other side of the mansion.” He smiled, put two fingers on his lips and then parted them with his tongue, they were in the shape of a ‘V’.

“Fucking perv.” I muttered as he left my room laughing.

I’ve tried talking with Damien about his dad and his cancer, but he says very little. I know he’s trying to hide his emotions, he’s always been good at that.

It was time to get in the shower and get ready for the party. With the pressure of school lifted off my chest, I knew it was going to be a good fucking night.

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