His Beautiful Savage

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She came to my pretty mundane life like a feast bringing colorful dances and good music. I love the way her full breasts swell under my touch, her moans and whimpers are like soft music to my ears. I had the surprise of my life when I shattered the barrier of her virgin cunt. Her tight walls brought so much sensation, my fullness inside her took my breath away. Her intoxicating scent is like an addictive weed with mind altering chemicals. Her every move is very sensual, she rode me deep with consistent rhythm, her lips were open and her eyes were closed. I found out that she mastered the life of a savage. She dwell in a world of assassins for too long. She was trained to kill and was ruthless in focus. She moves in incredible speed and agility that left me breathless. She was calm in chaos yet stayed sharp and prepared. I embraced her oddities as I joined her peculiarity. My resolve is not to conquer her by fleeing but to gain my strength by being patient and loving.. This is my reality and it will not be over. I crave for her, for her soul, for her trust, and for her affection. Her smile and touch ignite the emotions buried in my deepest being. My lust for her inflames my heart more than any passion. (2nd installment of Primestone stories, can be read as standalone)

Erotica / Romance
Suzzane Belle
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Chapter 1 RUPTURE

Simone… her name is so sweet yet mysterious like her. I can’t get enough of her, she came to my pretty mundane life like a feast bringing colorful dances and good music.

I remember her full lips and her beautiful innocent eyes looking at me passively. Her goddess like body imprinted in my memories, whenever I remembered her, my body instantly reacts in full.

I love the way her full breasts swell under my touch, her moans and whimpers are like soft music to my ears. I had the surprise of my life when, I shattered the barrier of her virgin cunt. Her tight walls brought so much sensation, my fullness inside her took my breath away.

When she was lying in that sunbathing chair with her shirt lifted up to her neck, making her full breasts and pink nipple hard under my gaze, and she opened her legs to make her cunt in full view, all I want was to fuck her hard and fast. Her eyes were begging to take her, looking into her eyes with full of passion makes my blood runs into my head.

Fuck! Just thinking of her was extremely arousing.

Her intoxicating scent is like an addictive weed with mind altering chemicals that affect my cognitive functioning as I suffered sensational hallucination brought by my memories of her.

She looked fragile but she was strong in a true sense, from her personality to her physical agility. Her every move was very sensual, she rode me deep with consistent rhythm, her lips were open and her eyes were closed.

Her breasts were bouncing in unison when she pumped in and out my shaft. I love the smoothness of her breasts under my callous hands. Her flawless porcelain skin is pleasing to the eyes, I memorized her moles in her skin, in her left inner thigh, right arm and left breasts as it easy to see in her evenly-toned skin.

I was so mad, when I came back from my shower and she was gone. I called John, my security to get the whereabouts of the girl ASAP. John called me after an hour and gave me her room number. I own this hotel, my security has access to all the CCTVs.

I finished all my engagements first before I came to her room. When she opened the door, my eyes traveled to her form, her sweat was like a morning dew in her skin.

Fuck! I want to lick her sweat and fuck her in the lobby. I looked at her, she has this audacity to look at me daringly which made her even more hot.

I invited myself in, she has gym equipment in her room, it means she is a fitness enthusiast. I pulled her panty from my pocket, trying to see the gleam of outburst. She just hissed but did not try to get it from me.

Her independence and passiveness were challenging. I invited her to dinner but she declined. I wanted to be with her, I implanted myself in her room to her annoyance. She was definitely different from other women I met, she ate with enthusiasm. She moaned with pleasure when she tasted something delicious. I feel like an idiot looking at the movement of her lips like it was more delectable than the dessert in her mouth.

Her answer to my question about her virginity and why she decided to give it to me was interesting. She said she was caught in the moment with me, that somehow the rupture of her hymen will come anyway, like she planned to eradicate it to a random man.

Damn! She even called my sex performance good when she had nothing to compare to.

I wanted to rectify her perception. I grabbed her face and kissed her hungrily.

I wanted to lick her skin, sucked the dried sweat in her skin pores. She returned the kiss passionately, my cock is aching to be inside her but I wanted to taste her first. I licked her neck while kneading her breast through her sports bra. I ached to touch and taste her bare breasts, I slid her bra and sucked her tits, my other hands kneading her now hard nipple. I alternately sucked them, she moaned softly. I inserted my hands inside her shorts and rubbed her pussy, she instinctively opened her legs.

Damn she was responsive!. I removed her shorts and carried her to her bed. She was now naked in bed, I undressed and opened her legs wide. I inhaled her scent and delve into her wetness.

Fuck! Her juice was so sweet, I laid my tongue flat and licked her pussy upward, flicked and licked her clit. Her whimpers became loud, she grabbed my hair while she shook her head. I inserted my middle finger and applied pressure, ramped things up and increased the rate. She convulsed in my mouth, I found myself athrilled with her orgasm.

I pulled her hands and I made her sit with me at the edge of the bed facing away. I can see her in the full length mirror facing her bed. I opened her legs and shoved my cock inside her. Her reaction was stimulating, I can see her pussy and my shaft in the mirror. She pushed her cunt up and down while her legs were open wide. She has elasticity in her, I mushed her breasts flicking her nipple as she moaned loudly.

I love her voice when she made pleasurable sounds. I put my other hands to her clit, clasping her pussy to open wide while rubbing her clit with my point finger. She made loud sounds, she bounced up and down in my shaft, the friction was so good., her other tit is bouncing too. My body is shaking with too much sensation, her every move were summing up the sensation I felt.

She screamed when we both reached the peak.

When we lay in bed both panting, she mentioned birth control, telling me we were reckless. For the first time in my life I was reckless, but then fate rewarded me with skin to skin virgin pussy. I told her I am clean to erase her worries.

She informed me that she had birth control implant. Good, I can enjoy her tight cunt to my heart's content without any barrier. Her phone rang but she ignored it, it keeps ringing, when she looked at me, I raised my brow at her. She answered it, I was wondering if she was married or has boyfriend. Thinking about it makes my blood boil, I asked if the caller was her boyfriend, she just shrugged

I want to make her mine and my possessiveness kicked in. I invited her to stay with me. She was surprised and annoyed at the same time, she slid in the bed and walked to the bathroom naked. Shit! my member instantly reacted at the sight of her nakedness.

I joined her in the bathroom, I grabbed her breasts from behind. I can see the pleasure in her eyes, her lust intensified when my hands rubbed her mound. I inserted my middle finger while rubbing her clit with my thumb, her voice croaked as my point finger joined. I kissed and licked her neck leaving my mark. I rapidly increased my movements in her pussy and nipple, she shivered and cried. Her cries echoed in the four corner of the bathroom. Her body shook when she climaxed, I didn’t wait for her to subside, I drove my cock to her wet pussy and made a fast thrust. I can feel her wall grazing the skin of my cock, so damn good! I cum like a strong thunder.

Thinking about her and our rendezvous, made my dick sprang to life. The phone rang, and I was surprised when John told me that my wanton princess was in the lobby, I told him to deliver her to me.

I was sitting in the balcony, when I heard the door opened and there was my beautiful princess, the woman in my mind every minute of the day standing before me. With her beautiful smile, she asked if my offer still stands. Of course, it still stands as well as my cock. I carried her to the bed and we made delightful moments together.

She stayed with me, never leaves our room to my liking. We workout together, swim together, watch movies together and eat together. I cooked for her many times, she never went to the kitchen and made herself food. I smiled when I realized she never cooks or can’t cook. I thought she was not human like she was a goddess of temptation but my princess has flaws too. Her taste in books was peculiar, she has few astrophysics, aeronautic engineering and robotics.

She didn’t have any jewelry aside from her wristwatch which cost few million dollars. It made of platinum with built-in sophisticated technology and intricate yet minimalist craftsmanship.

She was interesting, mysterious, fascinating and mind blowing.

My security informed me that two people were asking about her. I informed immediately the hotel personnel not to give any information to anyone who asked about her. I think it’s time to fly, I want her to be with me all the time. If she wants to escape from her past and her reality, I'll help her escape as long as she is with me.

I woke her up, she was so beautiful even in her sleep. My heart aches for her. She bolted from the bed, damn! that was so fast. I asked her if she wants to come with me, we will be heading to Thailand. I felt nervous, what if she doesn't want to go?. My heart skipped few beats when she said she will come with me.

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