THE CLAIMING (The Chosen Series #1)

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{MATURE +18} "I am not like your other partners Ava." "Why me?" I groan, attempting to wriggle my way out from under his massive body. Pausing, I look into his steely blue eyes and am captured by their intensity. "You were made for beasts like me." ************************************************************************** My trip to Black Mountain was supposed to be relaxing, allowing me to heal and finally move on. But this once-majestic place from my childhood is quickly becoming a nightmare. How can I ever be free when I am claimed? [WARNING BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT AND DARK THEMES]

Erotica / Fantasy
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“Hey man, are you sure you haven’t seen my lighter?”

Jase’s eyes follow Evan, chuckling to himself, watching his tall frame bent over as he searches the tent for the second time. Flicking the lid of the missing zippo open and closed and lighting his joint, he inhales, “nope, maybe recheck your bag.”

Jase’s mind starts to drift into a euphoric haze. Taking another long drag of his joint, the sweet smoke relaxing his muscles, His thoughts slowing as he leans back, admiring the night sky. So fucking gullible.

“You sure, man, I am positive that you had it last, didn’t you use it just,” pausing, Evan’s eyes focus on the lit joint dangling from Jase’s lips. “FUCK man,” he spits, fists balling at his sides, “why are you always such a complete ass?”

Smirking to himself, Jase continues to stare at the stars, smoke pluming from his nostrils as he takes another drag.

“Seriously, Jase, you are a fucking dick,” Evan growls, making his way over to the fire, boots sticking in the mud and snatching the lighter out of Jase’s outstretched palm.

“Maybe it’s because you are such a fucking gullible pussy.” Jase drawls, lowering his head and blowing smoke in Evan’s face.

“Can you not be a jerk for 5 seconds. Seriously Jase, we have three more nights of laying low out here before our guy is ready to move us. I would appreciate you not fucking this up as well.” Evan sneers, running a hand through his dirt-tangled hair.

The night chill settling in, Jase zips up his red ski jacket and rolls his eyes, a lazy smile forming on his cracked lips. “Ev, man, I swear to you, it was not my fault. She wanted it.” Stretching out his long legs, his cock beginning to swell at the memory of that night, he sighs, “how was I supposed to know that she claimed. I mean, there was no mark on her. To me, she was free game, and FUCK! You saw her, the way she danced, that body. Fuck I didn’t even know she was one of us. I had never seen her before.”

Glaring, Evan scoffs, “Jase, you can’t be that stupid. If you had taken a second to smell her, you would have known she was one of the claimed. You just let your dick do the talking as usual. Now we are both out here, hiding until we can get the Hell out of this fucking place.”

Jase runs a dirty hand over his pants, taking another drag, his clothes beginning to smell from overuse. “Ev man, even you didn’t know that she was who she is. I mean, fuck! We hadn’t seen her since she was a fucking kid. How was I supposed to know who she was.”

“Maybe you should have asked her that before you tried to stick your dick in her,” Evan retorts, anger showing on his face as he glares into the fire.

“Well, no one told YOU to come with me,” Jase groans, frustrated at Evan and his constant whining. His attitude is threatening to dampen his buzz.

“No, but I was WITH you when it happened, and in their eyes, I am just as bad.” Evan lights a smoke, scratching his face, a frown forming, “I am going to take a leak. Try not to fuck anything else up while I’m gone.”

“Whatever, man,” Jase sighs again, watching as Evan disappears into the surrounding woods, thick with blue spruce and eastern white pine trees. Turning back to the flames, he grabs a stick and pokes the fire, trying to increase the warmth coming from their small campfire.

Mind drifting back to that night, her body, her stormy eyes, the way she felt when she squirmed underneath him. He groans.

It has been two weeks since HIS fuckup, and they have been laying low ever since. The girl was not supposed to get hurt. It was just supposed to be a little fun, but now because she went into her cycle, they are stuck out here, hiding from the others, until they can meet up with their transport and get the fuck out of Dodge.

One false move right now could alert the ranch of their location, and that would be not good. And that would be very BAD.

Jase takes a can from the ice chest and opens another beer, taking a long swig, the slightly warm liquid soothing his throat. Having exhausted their supplies to keep their food and drink cool, they have been relying on nature to get by. Checking his watch and seeing the time, he notices that Ev has been gone for 10 minutes now. It should not take that long to take a leak.

Standing up, and stretching, using his hand to adjust his semi-hard cock. Jase grunts before heading in the same direction.

Boots getting stuck in the mud, Jase slides on the wet ground, cursing as he straightens. “Ev, how long does it take to piss? Are you playing with it or something?” His voice projected, trying to avoid having to move further out and stumble across Ev, mid-pump.

Hearing a groan, Jase hesitates, craning his neck, ears pierced. “Seriously, Ev, you better not be jacking off.”

Taking a few more steps, he sees movement in the distance, another groan filling the night. Inching closer, looking down, he sees Evan crawling on the ground, his mouth open, dark liquid pooling out, and a massive dark shape straddling his back.

“Jase!” Evan gasps, more fluid pouring out as he speaks, “run!”

FUCK, FUCK, they’ve found us!

Heart pounding furiously in his chest, the fear killing his buzz. Jase bolts, running back towards the camp and heading for the tent where he knows his gun is stored. FUCK! Not enough time to shift.

Breaking through the foliage and reaching their small campsite, Jase moves towards the tent. The green and grey fabric is glowing in the firelight, stopping at the canvas flap and going for the zip; his body jolts when a sharp sensation pierces his flesh, the shock causing his body to lock. Swallowing deep and trying to breathe, Jase opens his mouth, blood bubbling up from his throat. Eyes beginning to blur from the pain, he looks down and sees his jacket, the fabric torn, and a red claw-tipped hand coming out of his chest, right where his heart should be.


“Is it done?”

Raising the phone to his mouth, he replies, “It’s done!”

“Clean up?”


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