When Cherry Blossoms Bloom

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Activities Abound

Iruko and Ruth had been up for some time when Hirosaki walked into the kitchen. Ruth put her hand up to hide a smile. Iruko shook his head. “You look like shit.” He says being sure to keep his voice low for his friends sake. Hirozaki’s hair was ratted something awful, standing up in multiple places, his eyes bloodshot. He glared at Iruko and began digging into different cabinets and pulling ingredients out of the refrigerator. After a moment, he sat down holding a glass of a foul smelling concoction. With the best smile he could manage directed at Ruth, he chugged it down as quickly as he could before making a mad dash for the bathroom. Ruth grimaced when she heard him throw up again. Her stomach churning in empathy. “I’m guessing whatever activity he had planned today is cancelled?” Iruko smiled and shrugged. “No, maam.” Was Hirozaki’s response as he walked back into the kitchen and grabbed a cup of green tea. Ruth raised an eyebrow. Iruko shook his head. “Hiro, you are in no shape to go anywhere.” “True.” He responded taking a sip of his tea. “Did you have something in mind?” Ruth asked him. Hirozaki nodded and picked up the laptop. After a few minutes, he motioned to Ruth to check her email on her phone. She smirked and opened the letter he had just sent.

Activity 3: Anime and Relaxation

Due to unforeseen circumstances caused by Activity 2, this activity is to begin immediately and last throughout the rest of the day. The day will be spent watching anime of the Lady’s choice. The gentleman will provide all snacks and any meals during this activity. All made authentically. Discussion of said Anime will occur at the Lady’s convenience with the gentleman giving her his undivided attention as well as meaningful responses to all topics. Transportation home will be provided at the Lady’s request.

Iruko rolled his eyes. Wow. Ruth was very amused. “You find the positive even in this situation?” She asked. He only smiled. Thankfully Iruko had a healthy love of anime himself so he decided he would join in on the fun. At least until Hirozaki signaled to him that a convincing reason for him to leave would be most appreciated. When Ruth stood up to go and sit in the living room, Hirozaki noticed she was wearing one of his yakata. He looked at Ikuro and glared playfully. “She needed clean clothes so she could take a shower.” He whispered in Japanese. His friend blushed. It was big on her somewhat, so the bottom of the robe brushed the floor. Ruth sat down and made herself comfortable. “I’ll join you in a moment.” Hirozaki tells them and leaves to take a shower and make himself more presentable. Iruko and Ruth set up the tv so that they could begin to watch the anime as soon a Hirozaki returned. Feeling refreshed and more like himself, he returned to the kitchen and did some prep work for the meals he planned to make for them later. Once finished, he sat next to Ruth. She saw the brush in his hand. “May I brush your hair for you?” He nodded blushing some and handed it to her. She sat behind him with her legs crossed and began brushing his hair. Very gently as though she was afraid to hurt him while doing so. “Ruth,” He says, making her stop for a moment. “You’re not going to hurt me, and it will take more than that to brush my hair thoroughly.” He smirked at her then. Ruth sighed and begin brushing his hair with much more insistence. She pulled enough to make him flinch then. Teasing him. “Just checking.” She tells him with a smile. Iruko began the anime that Ruth had chosen. After his hair had been brushed and had dried, Ruth braided it for him. Once finished, she kissed him on the cheek before taking her place beside him. When lunchtime came around, they ate and continued to watch the anime. Hirozaki found her taste in anime to be eclectic. She enjoyed many different types. Action, romance, even horror. Before long it was getting dark. Iruko was so transfixed by what they were watching that he missed the subtle signal from Hirozaki. So Hirozaki stepped on his bare foot, just enough to get his attention. He grimaced and glared at his friend. “Oh excuse me,” Iruko said then standing up. “I forgot that I had a previous engagement.” With that he bowed. “Good evening, Ruth.” She nodded and offered a smile. Once Iruko had left, Ruth began to blush. Hirozaki’s hand had found its way to her leg beneath his yakata. And was slowly making its way up. Ruth lay back and relaxed. Closing her eyes. His hand stopped then when he noticed that she was wearing no underclothes. She opened one eye and looked at him with a sly smile. He raised an eyebrow, but his eyes sparkled. He continued which resulted in a gasp from Ruth as he found her clit first. He began working it watching Ruth’s expression with great interest. He could feel the heat rising off of her as she began to get close. He could see her tense up. Then he stopped. She looked at him again. Her eyes glazed over in near orgasm. He leaned in and began kissing her before shoving four fingers into her pussy, deep. He worked them hitting her g spot expertly. He was rewarded with a gush of her fluids running over his fingers. He continued pumping his fingers causing her to cum multiple times. With the last orgasm, she breathed his name and covered him in the last of her juices. He kissed her again, removed his fingers, and promptly left to wash his hands. Ruth was stuck on stupid. Unable to move. She closed her eyes and simply allowed her body to work its way through all that he had done to her. When he returned, he was holding the clothes she had come in, clean and folded. He handed them to her. He kissed her again before whispering in her ear. “To be continued at a later time.” He smiled and winked at her. She went to the bathroom and got dressed. When she returned to the living room, he was holding the door open for her. And an Uber was waiting. Hirozaki followed her outside and opened the door for her and took her hand so that she could sit down. Rather than just kiss her hand, he proceeded to take a finger into his mouth and work on it. Ruth blushed. He smiled then before kissing her again. She could feel his kiss in every nerve ending in her body. “Till we meet again.” He tells her as he steps back. He shut the door and watched the car leave. Iruko stood next to him with crossed arms. “You’ve really taken a liking to her.” He tells his friend simply. “That I have.” He agrees as they return to the apartment. Hirozaki decided to take a shower before bed. This time, he felt a great need to relieve himself. As he stood in the shower letting the hot water run over him. He took his throbbing cock in his hand and began to work his hand over his shaft. Squeezing it as he pumped harder. He thought of Ruth cumming all over his fingers, the heat of her womanhood. As he thought of how the inside of her pussy tightened around his fingers and began throbbing. He came. The orgasm so intense he had to put his hand up on the wall to steady himself. He closed his eyes, waiting for his body to stop shuddering. He sighed and began washing himself and finishing his shower. He went to bed. Feeling more relaxed than he had in years. He found sleep easily and drifted into contentment.

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